Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some Eye Candy from CreativeWorld


Many of you have asked for more photos from the trade shows in Germany.  I was saving CreativeWorld for last since we spent nearly all of our time in this hall once it opened.  I have some of my photos edited to share today.   I hope you find them interesting and that they give you some inspiration for future projects.

The tiny flowers on this egg were made with a special tool and punch set that I think Mandy will be carrying at Scrappy-go-Lucky.  The glue that you use with this system is specially formulated and can be applied to styrofoam.

"Smash" type books and systems were popular and these tiny stickers (with adhesive on only part of the back) would be fun to add to your journal.

Valentine's Day has come and gone but this very large teacup full of hearts would be cute all through the year.

In one of the "trend" areas there were lots of lampshades made by simply winding ribbon around the frames.

You might be able to see the wrapping a bit more clearly in this photo.

There were also square and rectangular light shades covered with natural style printed papers.

Here is a closer view of the simple geometric patterns.

Lots of different styles of balls and stars were on display.

This style is made from foiled paper squares and uses origami techniques.

Strips of paper in alternating colors connected with string and beads for spacing.

These could be made for any holiday or just general decoration.

The layered paper flowers also use beads as separators.

Many of these shapes were cut with Spellbinders dies.

They look very sweet "growing" in a little garden in a wooden tray.

I am not generally fond of owls but I thought this one was rather cute.

We saw lots of decorated bags.

The giraffe and the striped bag were adorable.  These bags are so simple to put together and make any little gift seem extra special.

The more elaborate folded flower balls were also popular.  I have seen something similar done with fabric and I am looking for good directions for making these folds.

There was a lot of jewelry making included in the show.  I thought this array of beads was pretty - it goes on for several table tops in both directions.

Washi tape (Japanese tissue paper tape) was everywhere.  There are so many patterns and colors.  I have been using this tape for a while and the possibilities are endless.

These hearts were die cut from a piece of cardstock covered with strips of tape.

The same technique was used for these Christmas trees.  Washi tape is often used for clean and simple projects in bright colors but it is very versatile.

Can you see the tape on this card - it has a totally different look.

Pete, who came from the UK to demonstrate for Sizzix, made these flags with washi tape.  Do you recognize all of them?

There were many creative displays that were also practical for order taking.  I particularly liked this rainbow wall of ribbon, that was a treat for the eyes.

These sorts of displays are great to photograph and can be used for interesting page backgrounds in a digital project or printed and used as paper.

That's probably enough photos for one day.  I'll have another installment or two to show you some more of the things that I found interesting at the show.

I hope you had a great Valentine's Day.  I made dinner at home and we had a quiet evening.  I got some good news - my camera lens is ready to be picked up.  After all of that searching for the original receipt, Nikon didn't end up covering the damage under warranty - oh well!  I missed having my good camera on this trip to Germany and I am happy that I'll have it when I go away again next week.

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  1. i didn't know they had so much cool stuff in germany. I better look better next time i'm there :)

    love the pictures

  2. So much beautiful stuff! I really love the egg. It is gorgeous.

  3. such stunning looking projects.
    Thank U 4 sharing your pictures with us

  4. You take great pictures! I'm specially enchanted with all those ribbon and washi tape designs!

  5. Great pics. That flower ball you were wishing you had a tutorial for...I made one a year or so ago. It's called kusudama ball. Here is the link to my post. In the post is a link for the tutorial. Fun to make, takes a bit of time.

  6. Oh WOW I think that egg is BEAUTIFUL!!! I have been looking at it and I think that I know how it is made. They sell wooden eggs that could be used, painted and then glittered.(that would be better than a real egg) I have the punch for the flower. It is a McGill punch and is call Mini Petals. Ultra flower soft in the center or a dot of glitter would have really set the little flowers off. I love making flowers.

    This egg would make a lovely Christmas gift for someone's Christmas tree or with a stand it could be displayed all year. I do believe that I am being inspired.

    Marjorie from TX
    m.brundagetx at yahoo dot com

  7. here is an excellent tutorial on that flower ball, hope it helps

  8. Wow, love this kind of post! My eyes are so happy. Thanks for reporting for us- I never in a million years would have thought of going to Europe for a trade show. Thanks for expanding my boundaries!

  9. Wow! This is Eye Candy! Love all of the pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

  10. Thank you Diane for sharing your pictures of these beautiful projects! In addition, I would like to thank your subscribers for providing the information on making the elaborate flowers and info on the Mini flower punch. Can't wait to try them! Sandra Joy

  11. Love all your pictures! Where can I get the Washi tape here in the USA? The wall of ribbon certainly makes you feel cheery right away, TFS as I said before your pictures transport me and I feel like I was there!
    Have a wonderful day!

  12. Your photos are beautiful an I just love looking at all of the ideas. Keep posting more please. They are really interesting to lookat. Thank you veryy much.


  13. HI Diane
    You may already know this, but in case you don't... I've seen a tutorial for the folded paper flowers on the foldingtrees website. They're called Kusudama. I checked and it's still there. Hope this is what you're looking for.

  14. Thank you for posting all of these pictures from when you were at Creative World. I love seeing all of the beautiful, imaginative items that people have made!

    Here are a couple of url's for how to make what you called "flower balls." I believe they're called Kusudama, and are a form of origami. I had bookmarked them awhile ago, with the intention of making them. Still haven't made any, though....

  15. I really love and appreciate that you take the time to share all these photos with us. They are so interesting and inspiring!

  16. Wow, Lot's of great eye candy, Diane. Thanks for all the great photos and ideas ;- )

  17. Great pictures!! There is a book about kusudama. It is called "Kusudama Ball Origami" by Makoto Yamaguchi. Very easy instructions (mostly diagrams). It has a lot of designs, too.


  18. Hi Diane,
    I am a paper nut (origami and cardmaking)who follows your blog religiously. The paper flower balls are called kusudama. They are Japanese in origin and the word kusudama translates to medicine ball. Originally (ages ago) they were not made from paper, but with herbs and grasses and plants thought to bring medicinal healing. For a really eye poping look at some with directions on how to make them click here

  19. Creative World sure looks like it was a fun show. What a great variety of inspiration! I was going to give you the name of a book with directions for the folded flower but I see that you can get them from foldingtrees. com. I have made quite a few of these individual flowers but have not put them together into a kusudama ball. I put each one on a wire stem and make bouquets. I have a couple of suggestions for when you make them. Once each petal is folded, the papers are very springy. I found that I had to use a strong adhesive and clip them until the glue dried or they would pop open. When I assembled the petals into flowers, I did the same. They do take a bit of time to make. Each flower (the 5 petals and assembly) took about 1/2 hour for me but I don't work very fast.
    Have fun with them!

  20. love the photos, they are GREAT! I saw a demo of the purple flowers, I think on My Craft Channel. The woman has a book out. It is a form of oragami and starts with a square of any size. Sorry I don't remember more.
    I am sure you will be able to find some demos.
    sharonyoung6987 at att dot net

  21. Gosh Di, these pictures are really nice. I think I did see a blog who actually teaches how to make these folded flowers it;s either The Fruglar Crafter, or The Scrappy Messy Inker. here at these sites they do alot of crafts w/foldeing papers and making flowers such as these. Say has Every-one hearg @ GOING BUGGY Your Friend Enfys has a MAJOR Give-AWAY going on of 90
    Pro-Markers. They're much like Copic's. Thnak You for the Pictures. I wonder if the egg is Wood, wouldn't that make it kinda heavy to hang!??

  22. I always look forward to seeing your photos. So bright and cheery.

  23. Wow, such beauty and creativity. Thanks for sharing with us.

  24. gorgeous array of colors....I'm behind on my posting...again I remember making the stripes of balls.stars and the round shape of balls, when I was a kid..are they coming back??


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