Saturday, February 25, 2012

Something Silly for Saturday

We have been taking care of a very cute cat while our oldest son and his new wife are in Spain this year.  Jelly has become a member of the family.  We had dogs when I was young and lots of cats that stayed in the barn (I lived on a dairy farm).  I always thought we'd have a pet while our children were young.  However, we were living overseas for eight years and this made it too difficult to keep a pet with the quarantine rules and travels between countries.

Jelly has been the subject of close to half of the photos I take on my iPhone these days.  She is always doing something amusing and it has been great to have a little companion in the house. 

Despite our new status as besotted pet lovers, when I saw this book at Barnes and Noble I had a little trouble believing it was real.  But it is in fact a book that explains how to make crafts using cat hair that accumulates in your house.  As one of the reviews pointed out - it's not any weirder than sheep hair...or is it?

I hope you are having a nice weekend.  We'll have another busy day at the conference and I am sure I'll have lots of stories to tell when I get home.  Sunday will be a full day of travel - it isn't convenient to fly between Boston and Nashville and I have a longish layover in New York.

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  1. Just there a book for dog hair? I could use that one! lol

  2. Have a wonderful time at your conference. Are there lots of cute shoes running around. I bet you are a lot more comfortable than the "cutsies".

    Dianne Bell -

  3. Oh boy I REALLY need that book. Max has enough hair around the house that I could weave a big rug. LOL
    Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a hoot! Every time I clean out the lint screen on the dryer I wonder if there is possibly a market for laundered cat hair. I should have known!

  5. I have a Terrier that sheds worse than any cat. I really could use that book! Love it. :)

  6. There use to be a woman at one of the zoos in Chicago (I can't remember now if it was Brookfield Zoo or Lincoln Park, but I think it was Brookfield, anyway) she use to spin dog hair into yarn. I have always thought that was weird, though with a Norwegian Elkhound I have plenty of hair to spare, LOL ;- ) Hope you are having a fun and safe trip, Diane.

  7. Diane:

    can you share any crafts that can be made with cat hair? I have 2

  8. I visited an artsy craftsy place once and there was a woman there weaving on a fairly large loom. She said she used cat hair, dog hair, llama hair,rabbit hair, anything she had on their farm place. Interesting but odd :)

  9. Jelly is a sweetheart! At times I've been known as "the crazy cat lady," but crafting with their hair is a little too much for even me! lol. Our little fur babies are wonderful companions.

  10. I had to laugh at the book. I have 3 indoor cats so cat hair is what I clean up daily but they are my babies. Hope you learn lots at your confernce. Too bad this was my weekend to work. I would have been interested in this conference. I am slowly learning my way around the computer and need all the help I can get. I only live about 2 hours from Nashville.

  11. oh boy..really??? I thought you were trying to get rid of it....LOL

    how you holding up with all the "cute shoes"

  12. Yes, it is weirder than sheep hair. Why? Er...hey, look over there! [runs away]

  13. Wow, who could have tought of crafting with cat hair! I am glad you share this with us, Jelly is too cute, I am a cat person myself, but have not have a furry friend for over 13 yrs, my hubby is kind of allergic to them :(, but I sure enjoy looking at pics that remind me of my beloved "creamy shadow" my first pet a beautiful siamese cat when I was 12yo, my uncle had rescued her from a shelter and we cat sitted for him a wknd and that was enough to make me begged my mother will let us keep her... I wish I had pictures of her she was so spoiled it was cute, if it makes any sense :)
    Have a great day!


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