Friday, February 24, 2012

Artist Trading Cards - Love

The February theme for my Artist Trading Card (ATC) group was "Love."  Sometimes when the theme is very broad it takes me longer to decide what to do - there are so many possibilities!   (Remember, the only rule for ATCs is that they must be 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches - the rest is up to you).

I decided I wanted to use some washi tape on my ATCs.  The hearts were an obvious choice and I added the red with the rows of dots and some elegant black and white damask tape.  This black and white tape was a gift from Tatum, who is a friend of Mandy at Scrappy-go-Lucky.  Tatum has started designing washi tape and selling it on her website Sawyer's Place (  I'll be sharing more projects using her custom tape designs soon.

I added the three tapes to the base card with a ragged edge at the bottom - I tried to line up the torn edges to look like the tapes had been torn together (some worked out better than others!).

I knew that I wanted to use the idea of "falling" in love so I added three white hearts, which were actually the "leftovers" from this card design (click the image if you missed the post with these cards).

I wanted to add some texture to the card, so I punched some small hearts with a Martha Stewart border punch and cut the word "you" with the die from the Cuttlebug "Love Language" combo set.

I added the red heart and the fuzzy "you" in the white area at the bottom of the card.  Now all I needed to do was to add my phrase.

I typed the words "falling in love with" and printed them out on white paper.  I capitalized "LOVE" and made it red.  It is quite a challenge to keep track of the tiny bits of paper until they are adhered to the cards!

Here is my finished ATC.  They each look a little different since the pieces are so fiddly to work with - but that's fine.

I added one more tiny little red heart in the center of the back where all of the information identifying the card is added.

Here are all seven cards, just before I mailed six of them off to be swapped.

Today is the first full day of the conference and I expect it will be non-stop activity. 

I remember asking if some of you would like to participate in a "virtual" ATC swap - where you create an ATC based on a theme and upload your finished card to share with other blog readers.  I think I'll post the challenge shortly after I return from Nashville.  It will be fun to see what everyone creates (and much easier to do only one for the challenge instead of mailing out groups of cards).

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  1. I am looking forward to a virtual ATC challenge. I love making them, but have stopped doing swaps because of time involved.

  2. I would luv to join in on your virtual ATC challenge... when you have recoup from your trip that is

  3. The virtual ATC challenge seems interesting. I would love to join but I still have to check my sched. I'm a busy bee these past few weeks. Sniff.


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