Friday, February 3, 2012

Creative/Paper/ChristmasWorld in Germany

I thought that it would be fun to share some of the photos from my trip that might give you an impression of the size of the trade show and also some of the interesting things I noticed around the buildings of the "Messe" or fair.

Only a scrapbooker would have the nerve to ask a total stranger to take her photo in front of the sign for her destination!  It was interesting to see that Madrid (where we went a couple of months ago) was right next to Frankfurt on the sign and that Frankfurt is even farther away - 265 more miles.  If I had gone to CHA in California I would have been "only" 2975 miles from home.


When we lived overseas (from 1992 to 2000), I learned that only about 10% of Americans had passports.  This has changed somewhat now that passports are required for travels to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean and the latest figures I could find show that about a third of all US citizens now hold passports.  If you don't have a passport, think about getting one.  You never know when a chance to travel to another country might come up and it's always best to "be prepared" (as the Scouts say).

I left on Thursday afternoon on an overnight flight with Lufthansa.  The plane was not full and I was lucky to have an empty seat next to me.  We arrived in Frankfurt in the wee hours of the morning and I was quite proud that I managed to find my way to the hotel using public transportation (the S-bahn line went from the airport to a few blocks from our hotel).  It was dark and snowy when I arrived at the hotel and met Mandy.  She had arrived the day before me from the intense summer heat in Australia (over 40 Celcius which is about 104 degrees Fahrenheit!) and was excited to see a bit of snow.  This was the view from our hotel window - you can see some white on the rooftops.  We wanted to see the antique store (Antik Bodenheimer) but never made it over there (isn't that a great font they used on the wall!).

The UBahn (underground train) stop was just a few blocks from the hotel.  The environmentally conscious German fair organizers included free public transportation in the cost of our tickets so we were happy to make good use of the passes.  The funny thing was that we were never asked to show our tickets during our time there.  There are no gates to pass through and people just hop on and off the trains.  If an inspector did check and you were without a ticket the fine is 40 Euros (about $52). 

 Here are Mandy and Enfys outside our hotel on the second day (Enfys arrived Friday afternoon and didn't come to the first day of the show).

Messe Frankfurt organizes large trade fairs in a huge complex of buildings.  This is the plaza near the entrance to the main section with flags of many countries.

I was fascinated by this enormous sculpture of a man with an ax - it actually moved.

Here he has raised the ax, ready to chop.

The people and bikes in this photo give you a sense of the size of the sculpture.  I think that these bikes are another free service that you can use like a zip car to get around in the city.

The fairgrounds are huge and it took about ten minutes to get from the entrance to the hall where we spent most of our time.  Buildings are connected by enclosed walkways with moving sidewalks.


 These escalators brought us up to the level of the entry for the shows we were attending.

The figures reminded me of Legos!

After checking our coats in one of the many cloakrooms, we started the trek to the halls.  This moving sidewalk took us beside an older style building with interesting windows.

The halls for the Christmas fair were very far away.  Mandy and I went there the first day and it took about twenty minutes to get to the actual show after we got off the train.

Each of the three fairs had banners listing the halls to visit.  The CreativeWorld was the most relevant to us and occupied only one (very large) hall.

Each show had a special a special lanyard color but our tickets were good for all three - so I alternated lanyards using the one that looked best with my clothing each day!

The connecting hallways were extremely long and it was great to have the moving sidewalks to help get us around a little faster.

There were large open halls and places that served coffee and snacks at the intersections of the connecting hallways.

This is just one of the halls for the PaperWorld show - I think there were six or seven all together.  These sections were primarily office supply paper, pens, notebooks, backpacks - all of the things that you would find at an office supply store or stationer's.

On the first day (before we discovered the short-cut) we walked through the large PaperWorld hall to get to CreativeWorld.  I thought this pencil car, driven by a stuffed bear was very cute!

The teddy bear driving seemed so odd with the formal and serious atmosphere of this section.

Some of the displays of writing implements looked like fancy jewelry stores.

Finally, we made it to CreativeWorld.  This section included all sorts of hobby and craft materials.

You could tell that you were in CreativeWorld by the brightly colored carpet throughout the hall.

There were 87,000 buyers at the combined fairs and it never felt very crowded - there were so many spaces to see.  We did visit ChristmasWorld on the first day (before the other shows opened) and next time I will share some of those photos.  The rules for photography were much stricter than at CHA so I don't have an overwhelming amount to show (but I probably took more photos than the average person would take!).

The next items have been added to the Blogoversary gift boxes - be sure to check the post on Saturday morning and leave your comments for a chance to win.

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  1. When I started to papercraft, I did cards and now after a few years, I am starting to do some scrapbook layouts. Love how your blog is always such an inspiration.

  2. Wow! Sounds like lots of fun!!! I can see why the sculpture drew you to him - fascinating... you are so LUCKY!!!!! Glad you got the chance to go and had friends to enjoy it with!
    Hugs, antonella :-)

  3. I do more card making than anything else, purely because it's fast. My real love is scrapbooking but I never have enough time to get much done

  4. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to hear more about your trip! :-)

  5. I do mostly cards. I do love seeing all your projects. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I think I would have worn out my shoes (and energy!!) seeing all there was at Frankfurt's shows. I admire your ability to see and do it all, and also to meet up with fellow crafty gals from around the world. How very fun!!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  7. what an incredible opportunity! I'm so glad you guys took advantage of it! (and even more so that you are sharing it with us!)

  8. Oh how lucky you are to have gone there, I would love to, but I am sure my body would not have let me walk soooo much. Anxious to see your other pictures. I love card making and scrapbooking. Crafting is my happy place.

  9. Thanks again for sharing your beautiful pics of your trip....I have a friend who moved back to Germany and would love love to go visit her and her son...Cant wait to see other pictures and here more about your trip...I'm so glad to have found your blog...:) Mary Ann

  10. I love your pictures, but mostly I love your descriptions and observations. You are so detailed!
    Can't wait to see more!

    rissaflor atyahoo dotcom

  11. This looks amazing! I would love to visit other countries. But I don't have a passport!!

  12. Good morning world traveler! Love the ribbon. I started out scrapbooking and added cards. I would like to do more vinyl and I am also dabbling in copic markers. Thanks for the chance to win. Pam

  13. Wow! Think I would have been overwhelmed, but how fun. I'm so glad you share with us. Thanks, Jane

  14. I love all the pictures. It's almost like being with you. :) Well, almost. I am very new to scrapbooking and mainly do home dec and crafty kinds of things with my grandkids. I still have a lot to learn, but I am getting there, slow but sure. Deb

  15. That is an amazing sculpture. Thanks for giving us a lay of the land. I love the look around the area ;- ) Enjoy your weekend, Diane.

  16. I'm a scrapbooker but I've recently decided to work on cards (inspired by not getting out during a snow storm to purchase a birthday card). I'm about to try a Valentine. Thanks for sharing your Germany pictures. I love following your blog.

  17. Did you get your good camera fixed before you went? Either way the pictures are great.

  18. I would have been in heaven in Christmas world. Looking forward to seeing your pics from there.

  19. I love to make cards. I have lots of grandchildren and kids to make cards for, so there is always a list of cards to make. What I am hesitant about is scrapbooking. I have never done any except when I was in an SU group. I need to get moving on this tho, because I need to get my kids scrapbooks made. carjo40@gmail.

  20. I am a subscriber.

  21. When you said Paperworld I was expecting 12 x 12 cardstock and papers. It never occurred to me that it would be office supplies. Now, I'm so disappointed.

  22. Jeepers Diane WOW-Za. It's too bad our Convention centers have only just started to also put-in the Eschi-walkers, like @ O'Hare airpt
    chgo/ORD.It was nice to see Mindy
    & Esty were w/You.I never thoughtU
    were all together,SURPISE2Me,LOL

  23. Wow, that looks like it would have been a great show to go to! never been to Europe, but hopefully someday. Looks like you all had full and fun days!

  24. Really enjoyed the photo display. So many beautiful items, colors and displays. Loved the blog. Cannot wiat to see more.

    Dianne Bell -

  25. I am green with envy. This is a dream of mine to travel and see all the wonders of the world. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm glad you had such an amazing time.

  26. I am a faithful follower of your blog.

  27. I love my Cricut. I would love to try a Silouhette (sp?). Thank you so much.

  28. I get your emails everyday. Thank you so much.

  29. Hi Diane, I forgot to post on the first question; hope its not too late.
    My favorite paper is DCWV paper stacks. I love it that all the paper matches. I have a hard time matching paper, so the stacks are much better for me. I see so many other beautiful papers but I have so many stacks right now. I will never use it all.
    Thanks for all you do.
    Carol, jones61405atcomcastdotcom

  30. It looks like you had a lot of fun in Germany! TFS your pictures with us,
    Have a great day!

  31. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I really liked the sculpture man, the pencil car and all the bright colors. Also I wonder how many miles you and your friends walked during the fair?


  32. What an amazing experience. Thanks so much for sharing your pics and your adventure.


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