Monday, February 20, 2012

More design possibilities from one image...

We had a weekend full of activity and visits with family and friends.  It was nice to have some time to relax.  Now I have a million and two things to do before I leave for Nashville very early Thursday morning.

Thanks for all of the kind comments about the weathervane transformation that I posted yesterday.  Once you start playing around with the Silhouette Studio software you can quickly learn to transform shapes into patterns with just a few clicks.  I wish some of the features that are basic parts of this software were included in the Cricut Design Studio, Gypsy or CraftRoom.  I still use those programs on occasion but I can make my lace designs much more quickly and accurately using the Silhouette software.  The results are also unique since I don't have to work from stock images to create the designs.

Here are a few more variations that all started from the single image of the weathervane.  To answer the question about dragging in the image to trace - I just made the Silhouette software window smaller so I could see my desktop and then clicked on the photo and dragged it over to the mat in the software.  Then I made the window full screen again.  I did this on a Windows Vista 64 bit laptop with the basic (free) version of the Silhouette software.

Here is another design - a frame - that started from the same image.  The possibilities are truly endless and you can create whatever you imagine!

Here is an even more complex doily - once again based on the weathervane image.

I added the photo here to make it easier for you to see the original weathervane so you wouldn't need to click back to yesterday's post.  I know that a lot of you want me to do some videos showing the process I use to make these designs.  I will try to get started on those very soon, but I probably won't have time to post any until after my trip.

There are a few more things I want to mention.  

1.  Several of you have commented that the word verification for comments now has two words and it is much more difficult to read than it used to be.  I put the verification on when I got tired of screening and rejecting spam comment messages (some of them were really offensive and I didn't want my readers to see these).  The word verification codes seemed to work very well to keep the spam out but I don't want you to be frustrated when trying to comment.  It took me a while to see how to get the word verification turned off but I think I finally got it done!  Let's see how it goes with the updated Blogger spam blocker.  I'll expect to see lots more comments with the "squiggly word problem" solved!


2.  You may have noticed that I haven't been posting any design team projects for Creative Charms lately.  They are going to be moving in a new direction and I'll have some more information to share about the changes later today (I hope).  In the short term, there will be a good opportunity for you to replenish your stash of Creative Charms goodies.

3.  I'll be away in Nashville at the end of this week attending a blogging conference.  I hope to learn a lot from the programs offered.  I have a sneaking suspicion that I may be one of the "more mature" attendees.  In the materials the organizers sent ahead of time, they mentioned wearing flats to walk through the hotel and changing into your "cute shoes" for the sessions.  Unless I can find some "cute shoes" like the ones in the photo above (my little neighbor was wearing these on Saturday), I think I'll just be one of the boring (but comfortable) people!

I am very happy to have my camera back to normal since there are all sorts of great photo opportunities in the hotel complex.  I hope you aren't getting tired of photos!

Have a great Monday - Happy President's Day!

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  1. I never tire of your photos, Diane, or learning how to manipulate them into images for our projects. Keep 'em coming -- these snowflakes in particular are awe inspiring!!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  2. P.S. - BLESS YOU for turning off the word verification!! I hope you don't get too many spam comments. I don't use word verification at all, and I still do get a few random spammers who are trying to sell stuff or put up bum links, perhaps to viruses. I've not seen any that leaked through the Blogger spam filter, though, and I'm able to delete them easily. The most important thing for your readers to note is NEVER to click on a link you aren't sure of. Just as you wouldn't open your door to a stranger, don't open your computer to strangers either.

  3. Another great post and can't wait to see more. Wow, love these Kings Lane products that are showing. Have a great time in Nashville.

  4. Is the conference in the Opryland Hotel? If so, I recommend the restaurant in the plantation house in the middle of the hotel. I think it is called Beauregaurd's. Anyway, for many years we would eat there for a family dinner during our Christmas festivities. They blocked a room off for us so the little ones could run around while the rest of us ate and didn't need to worry about the other diners.

    I hope you have a wonderful trip and I'm loving the Silhouette activities. Mine should arrive sometime this week. I think I'll spend a little time watching the tutorials instead of just "jumping right in". I also need to double check how to use it with my SCAL.

  5. I love seeing pictures. Please keep sharing them. I would love to see videos for the silhouette. Enjoy your Blogger conference. Never heard of this before.

  6. Don't feel bad about wearing the "cute shoes". I wear sneakers all the time, but I do try and find "cute" ones. At least we are comfortable all the time.

    Dianne Bell -

  7. Love the Silhouette. Love the shoes.

  8. I always love your designs and photos. You inspire me so. Have fun in Nashville and if you are going to be at The Opryland you are in for a treat indeed. I haven't been to Nashville since the floods of 2010 when it too was flooded but I have seen news articles of how they had repaired it. I live about 2 hours away in West Tennessee and love to go there at Christmas as there are light desplays everywhere inside and out.

  9. I love the shoes. Have fun in Nashville.

  10. More amazing designs. Wow a blogging convention. That sound very interesting. It seems there is so much to learn and so little time.
    I am sure you can bling out some shoes by Thursday to look like these little cuties.

  11. ?Cute Shoes? My orthotic filled, flat soled, lace up shoes need help I guess. I'm old.

    I sometimes wish I had a silhouette instead of an Expression.

  12. Your photos are the such inspiration,please never stop posting them. This post is the perfect example of photo inspiration, love the "kaleidoscope" look of some of the designs you have accomplished with the weathervane. Have fun at the conference and stay comfy, I believe that is better to go against fashion than against nature :) -eventhough sometimes I refuse to listen to my inner voice ;) and have paid for it! Also, thank you for the word verification removal, this makes it easier to post comments.
    Have a lovely Monday

  13. Have a great trip Thursday! and thanks again for sharing all your photos and projects. I am so thankful to you for including info on Silhouette Studio - I'm just getting started with it and have so much to learn!


  14. Have a good and safe trip to Nashville on Thursday! Had no idea there were such things as blogging conferences.....

  15. BTW, your attempt to turn off the word verification on your blog worked.....

  16. Love the designs, Diane. LOL, I'm right there with you in the comfortable shoes ;- ) We get wiser as we get older!

  17. I never tire of your photos, keep them coming. I was at a conference at the Opreyland Hotel once and was in awe at its beauty and grandeur. I was always lost which wasn't fun when I was in a bathing suit trying to find my room! Thank you so much for removing the word verification. That is so frustating trying to figure out those letters.

  18. your work is awesome and your mind is AMAZING!!!! Thanks for fixing the word problem,but if the spam comes back, we understand if you have to put it back on...
    put a big colorful silk flower on your cute shoes and your styling LOL..have fun and I know you'll have some great pics for us..oh yeah, get a few pics of those "cute shoes"


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