Saturday, December 3, 2011

Windmills and Wreaths

We had a wonderful trip to Spain, a great visit with our son and daughter-in-law and now it's good to be home.  On Friday, we took a taxi, a fast train, a commuter train, two airplanes and then drove home from the airport in our car.  After nearly 24 hours in transit I am wiped out, so today I just have a couple of quick things to share.  Once I have unpacked and regrouped my hands are itching to get back to the craft room.

Our son and daughter-in-law are living in the "La Mancha" region of Spain.  If you are familiar with the Cervantes’ Don Quijote de la Mancha  (or the "Man of La Mancha") you might understand why we had to visit the windmills in a nearby town called Consuegra. 

The windmills were a beautiful sight in the morning sun.  The sky really was that wonderful shade of blue.  This weekend, I'll be uploading more of my photos to the computer and I will have lots of interesting things to share over the next few weeks as I get the photos sorted and edited.

I had a message someone asking about alternatives for the Martha Stewart branch punch for cards.  Unfortunately,  I can't find the message to answer it directly (I am not sure if it was in a comment, an email, a Facebook post...) so I thought I'd post this card again and maybe the person who asked will see it.

Here is the comparison of the Martha Stewart punch (at the bottom) and a cut from the Pagoda cartridge.  I think the Pagoda cart branch makes a fabulous wreath.  If you would like to read my original post about the two alternatives for making wreaths, click HERE to see the full post.

Have a great weekend - after some sleep I need to get our outdoor decorations up before it gets much colder!

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  1. Wow they are beautiful pictures.
    I agree on the branches. I don't have that cartridge. I need to see if I have one with good branches. That is a beautiful card.

  2. Welcome back. Glad you're home safe and had a great trip. Lovely photo. Can't wait to hear the details ;- ) You'll need the rest though with the holidays a-coming; - )

  3. I bet you're dead tired from all that traveling and time changes. Thank you for the windmill photo. Man from La Mancha was my favorite play and music. How fun that you got to visit there. Welcome home. I'e been looking for the MS branch punch but everyone has been sold out. I'll look for the Pagoda cart now.

  4. I am so in awe of this wreath. I just got the pagoda cartridge as I spent 6 months working in China and need to get busy on my book. Boy was I surprised to see a Christmas wreath using the pagoda cartridge. AWESOME. It is exactly for these types of "thinking outside the box" that I love reading your blog. Thanks!


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