Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just a few things...

We had a jam-packed day on Monday, getting ready for company, cooking and visiting, celebrating Grandma and Grandpa's anniversary and cleaning up after everyone went home.  I did not get a chance to do anything in the craft room or even open up some of my new things...maybe today!

 Blogger is acting up and won't allow me to upload new photos and I am very tired so I just have a few things to share and then I will be off to get some rest!

Someone asked what machine I used to cut the Memory Box "Flowering Christmas Tree" die.  I used a Cuttlebug but you could use any machine that accepts the flat metal dies.  The "sandwich" of cutting pads and shims would change depending on your machine.  I am excited to try out one of my new machines (hint - it looks like a suitcase and starts with a "V") to see how these intricate dies work with the powerful motor and even feeding.  I have heard that the intricate Cheery Lynn dies cut very well in the Vagabond (oops! I told you my first new "big crafty holiday item").

Several people have asked about the file for the Peace card.  I have not posted the file and it seems to have gone missing from my projects folder.  I have saved thousands of files and changed computers several times since I designed that card in 2008.  If I remember correctly, I used the Joys of the Season cartridge for the bird and the Opposites Attract font for the letters.  The stars may have been from Joys of the Season or George...it's hard to remember after three years!  I'll keep looking for the file and will try to post some directions on making similar designs.

The Creative Memories year end sale starts Wednesday - it will last just two days, December 28th and 29th.  I'll post links to the sale page tomorrow - there are some great items included in the sale!

Are you planning on making any Resolutions for the New Year?  I am setting up a list of goals with very specific time frames.  I hope this will help me get some things done that are in the "I'll do that in my spare time" category because I really don't seem to have a lot of "spare time" to spare!  I will post at least some of the resolutions to help me stay accountable and push myself to complete the items.  A lot of the items on the list have to do with organization of both my physical and digital "stuff"!

There are also some non-crafty things on the list, such as, get back to a regular walking schedule and get more sleep!  Have a wonderful Tuesday - are you checking out all of the sales?

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  1. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your posts each day! I can't wait to hear your appraisal of the vagabond. I would love to know how you think it compares with the cuttlebug. I've heard the embossing is deeper. I have a couple spellbinder dies that I have to pull some paper pieces out of when I cut. I would like to see how cleanly it cuts the dies. Thanks so much

  2. Take a well deserved rest. Have fun trying your new crafting items!

  3. Where do you get the Fowering Christmas Tree Die? I love it and cannot find it. Is it from your store?

    Dianne Bell - Sewpro02@Aol.com

  4. My resolution is to be better at posting on my blog. Which means to be better about making time to get to the craft room. Which means, to get organized and somehow find those extra hours in the day that continue to elude me. Love your blog and commentary. Happy New Year!

  5. I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your daily blog and all your projects - I learn so much and am really inspired!

    Jan S.


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