Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tags and Tiles


Last year I made some tags inspired by a tag that was on some baked goods I bought at a church bake sale.  I loved the scalloped edge and worked out a file for both the Design Studio and the Gypsy using Plantin Schoolbook.

I did several variations of these tags.  The shape could be used for any occasion.  You can see the first post by clicking HERE and the second post with the files to download is HERE.  I haven't tried the gypsy file in the Cricut Craftroom yet - it should work (please let me know if you try it and have a problem).

Regrouping after a vacation always takes a few days - particularly when you are dealing with jet lag.   I did get to look through and edit some of my photos so I thought I'd share a few close-ups of the tiles we saw inside the Nasrid Palaces at the Alhambra.

 These tiles often remind me of quilting patterns.

 I made a pillow with a design very similar to the one above years ago (I'll add a photo when I can).

The colors used are fairly consistent but the designs change constantly.  This one reminds me of a caned chair seat.

This interwoven border would be fun to try to make as a cut border.  I am planning to try this...soon...

 No Christmas decorations were put up outside on Saturday - we were exhausted and my husband caught a nasty cold just as we were on our way home.  I hope to get the window candles and outdoor lights done today - with our younger son as a helper.  I hope you have a lovely Sunday - the days will be rushing by until Christmas!

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  1. As always, you amaze me! Your tags are beautiful! I also love your pictures - so pretty and unique!

    Good luck getting your house decorations up - I just began mine yesterday and am nowhere near finished!

    Thanks for sharing your creativity! And especially glad you are home safe! I hope your hubby feels better soon!

    rissaflor atyahoo dotcom

  2. Your tags are beautiful, too bad I can't use them! Don't the tile patterns look like printable papers? I may try that... The Alhambra is on my list of places to see someday... Such amazing work! Thanks for sharing.

  3. i am suddenly into tags for pages, small books and for the holidays. I love your edges and will experiment with a punch...very cute and usable!


  4. The way the colors alternate on your tag edge is perfect and very festive. The tiles are beautiful and say so much about those who crafted them.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing the tags. It will really help!


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