Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ten Tiny Tags

On Monday I had a nice surprise.  Linda, from Ink About It , called to tell me that I was one of the winners of a gift certificate to the store.  This is the local store that hosted the chipboard holiday house challenge (click HERE to go to the post where I showed some of the houses).  Three winners were chosen by a random draw from all of the people who brought in a house.

I like to try to visit the store on Tuesdays when they have something set up on the "art bar" so I made a trip up to the store yesterday.  I did some shopping (more about that later...) and made some tags at the art bar.  They had some white tags (the sort that you can find at the office supply store) and stamps, markers and ribbons set out.  If you are in a last minute rush - cute little tags like this don't take very long to make.  You can easily cut some tags from white cardstock so you don't even need to make a trip to buy tags.

I did four mitten tags with some pen stitching around the edges...

...four polar bear tags, and two wreath tags.

I decided to make the cuffs and the mittens different colors. 

I tried a couple of different shades of green on the wreaths.  After I got home, I realized that the stamp was a little low and the name for the "from" would probably have to go up the side of the tag - oops!

The images were all colored with Copic Spica Glitter pens.  Using sparkly pens or shiny papers is an easy way to make something look festive and special.

For accents, I used these pens.  I think I have some around the house already but I bought another set to be sure I could use them right away.  (Do you ever buy extras of something that you know you probably have tucked away somewhere?'s a good thing that they are an inexpensive treat!).

I dotted the spots on the mittens and, if you look carefully at the wreath (you may have to click to enlarge the photo) you can see the added sparkle from the stardust pen.

A short piece of ribbon, folded in half and stapled to the top, finishes the tag off nicely.

 I used the Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher to add the ribbon.  This is a hand held stapler that uses extra small staples - about 1/4 inch.

For a few of the tags, I used some nontraditional blue and green ribbon.

For the rest I chose the standard red and white.  If you look below each polar bear, you can see the tiny bit of sparkly snow I added with the stardust pen.  I also drew some stars in the sky for each polar bear to look at!

The names will go on the back of these tags.   I'll probably use these three for the triplets.

These were quick, simple and fun to make and a great little break in a hectic week.  I really enjoy knowing that there is a shop not too far away that I can visit to see lots of new products in person.  It's also fun to do a quick and simple project that someone else has set up for you.

Of course, I spent the gift certificate and more and I got some very nice treats - here is a little sneak peek that shows a few of the things I bought in use on another project.

My camera is "sort of" working.  I have to hold it in just the right way to keep the lens connected properly.  I think I need to pull out the manual and see if there is a piece missing from the fall.  This is the first time I can ever remember dropping a camera - very bad timing but I do have my "purse camera" to fall back on.

I hope that you are nearly finished with your to do lists - mine are slowly but surely getting shorter.  Have a great day!

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  1. I like your tags. I have Tim's Tiny Attatcher and use it all the time at my desk. I'm doing cookbooks for my daughters so better get back to my job. Ho ho ho!

  2. I completely understand about the camera, and empathize as well. My husband slipped in the ice on a vacation to Victoria Gardens (Canada) and dropped the camera. A piece chipped off and we were never able to find it, so the rest of that trip was spent holding the flash in just the right angle, making sure it connected. He was frustrated, so the much better photos came from my point and shoot! I hope yours is an easy fix!

  3. All these tags are cute! I've been making tags the last couple of days and these give me even more ideas! Congratulations on winning, by the way.


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