Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Lights in Madrid

When we went to visit our son and daughter-in-law after Thanksgiving, we spent the first couple of days in Madrid.  They live in a smaller city south of Madrid and came up on the train to meet us.  The holiday lights were up and there were some displays that were different than the lights I have typically seen here in the US.  I thought I'd share some of my photos so you could get a look at the unusual displays.

Each of the streets leading up to the main plaza had a different style of lighted decorations.  These colorful balls of light were interesting.  I wondered why the third  one was half red and half green instead of solid green...

The scale of the decorations was very large.  In the day time you could see how they were constructed.


At night the structures disappear and all you see is an amazing light show.  The streets were very crowded at about ten o'clock at night - it was dinner time!

The snowflakes on the large department store building moved in interesting patterns.

When we walked to the plaza in the daytime, this tree looked rather odd.  It was extremely tall and had a path below that you could walk through.

At night, the plaza was full of people and the lighted tree was a big attraction, with long lines of people waiting to go through the tree.

Along the main street near our hotel there were cityscapes repeated every half block or so.  They continued down the street as far as we could see.

This starry blue sky was very twinkly.  It was in an area a little bit away from the main lights - I think it was on some sort of government building like a library.

The most unusual display was the "ceiling" of lights over another plaza where there was a Christmas market going on.  In this daytime shot you can see the wires and cables that suspend the lights.  They are round discs in different colors and patterns and they are hovering over the plaza like flying saucers!

It's hard to describe the feeling that we had walking under this ceiling of light.  The effect was magical and a bit surreal.  In the photo directly above you can get a feel of the size of the plaza.  (just click on any photo to see it larger)  There were so many of the lighted discs.  It must have been quite an engineering puzzle to get them suspended so they could float above the crowds.

This was yet another type of light along one of the streets that led to the plaza.  I thought it was interesting that they had so many different designs.  I wonder if there was a competition or challenge given to some designers to come up with unique patterns for each street.

The tall Christmas tree was an interesting combination of green circles in various sizes and red stars and hearts.

When we came back through the plaza after our dinner the crowds were mostly gone and we were able to walk right in to the tree.  I tried to get a shot straight up the center of the tree.  The effect was very interesting as you could see all of the segments tapering to the tip of the tree.

This was my favorite photo of the evening - the newlyweds with one of the hearts behind them!

I hope you enjoyed the lights.  It is interesting to see how different cities and countries decorate for the holidays.  I liked the bold graphic designs which were very different than the typical New England window candles and white twinkly lights.  The designs are also great inspiration for some card or page layouts - I hope to be able to create a few items inspired by the lights.

We're in the final countdown now - I am determined to have everything wrapped before Christmas Eve!  I did see the questions about the dimensions of the lollipop tree and I will try to empty it to take a photo and also take the measurements and post them tomorrow.  Thanks for the suggestions on where to get the tootsie pops.  I could always change to a different type of lollipop.  I have seen bags of the tootsie pops but I was hoping to find the huge boxes I used to get at Costco.

Have a great day and don't forget to check to see what new crafty items are added to Blitsy later this morning.

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  1. Awesome light displays! Reminded this morning just what a small world we live in these days. As I'm catching up on my blog reading this morning, I read your Madrid post and then went to my niece's blog to catch up there. She lives in Washington state but is studying in Paris this year. She also recently went to Madrid. My mind didn't connect your two trips until I saw her photo of the lights.

    Good luck with your Christmas shopping. I'm determined to finish mine tomorrow. Ugh!


  2. That was beautiful!!! I loved seeing the difference in decorations from Madrid to the US. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful lights! Love seeing the difference of the light displays from Madrid and the US. Can't wait to see more.

  4. The light show is magnificent. How lucky that you were in Madrid at the right time to see all of the beautiful decorations.

  5. Awesome pictures Diane, Love the shots under the tree. What a awesome background that would be on any project. Thanks for sharing.
    I should find my Italy pics and see
    what I have. Did get some great shots while there in 1994.
    Dawn RI

  6. Thanks for sharing your very cool photos, Diane. I love the ones from inside the tree. I too marvel at the engineering that was necessary to to the overhead lights. Amazing! ;- ) Have a great week!

  7. Hi Diane, just popped over to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year. Fabulous photography as always - I can just picture you with that camera taking a million pics....
    En xx

  8. Lovely lights. I can't wait to see what designs you come up with with these lights as inspiration.

  9. Beautiful lights. What an awesome visit. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I baked Gingersnaps yesterday using your recipe, they are AWESOME! Thanks so much for sharing it.


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