Thursday, September 8, 2011

A few more wedding photos

Wednesday turned into a "recovery day" for me.  I think the wedding and the trip to California took more out of me than I realized!  We also have a new (temporary) family member, "Jelly" the cat!  Since the newlyweds won't be able to take their cat to Spain for the year, we will be starting a new experience as cat caretakers.

Jelly did very well on the flight - she was able to travel as a carry-on in this soft carrier bag.  Now we have to help her get acquainted with many new sights and sounds at our house.  So far she seems to prefer the laundry room and likes to hide behind the washer and dryer.  I am sure it will take her a little while to get used to us and to explore all of the new spaces here.  (Any cat care tips and suggestions will be gratefully accepted)!

At the top of this post is a photo of a corner of the ring cushion I made for the wedding.  I incorporated some bits and pieces from my mother's wedding headpiece.  (I wrote about this back in June and you can see that post HERE).  In typical fashion, I was still adding the finishing touches the morning of the wedding.  It was one of those projects that took a long time to figure out but then came together quickly at the last minute!

Here are a few more wedding photos - I will try to edit more and post them soon.  (These are just some candid shots I took while the photographer was taking the formal photos).


The flower girl was so sweet and she had the best time holding her ball of flowers.

The bouquets were really beautiful and had unusual combinations of flowers with some succulents and grass loops.

The flowers along the aisle were also lovely.

With a little luck, I'll get over the jet lag and be more productive today.  I hope so since I have more wedding projects to show you and some new cartridges to explore!

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  1. Diane, Glad the wedding went so well. Love the cat pic in the soft carrier. Just a word of caution about the laundry room. Make sure the cat doesn't get in the dryer. Between loads when the dryer is warm it could be tempting for a cat to get in. My friend once lost her Persian this way. She didn't know the cat had gotten in and she loaded in more laundry and turned it on. Don't mean to be a downer but that is the first thing I thought of when you mentioned the laundry room. Hope you are getting back to normal and are able to catch up on some much needed rest!

  2. Diane,
    Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. Everything looked so pretty. I have been MIA again for awhile. Rest and get over the jet lag.......Thanks again for all you do for your bloggers. Cannot wait for more pictures.

  3. You are such a busy person and very talented. Thanks for sharing and I am looking foward to more wedding pics.
    Question, can you in a future post about updating cricut products? I just dont seem to get it.
    Dawn RI

  4. Congratulations, looks like a beautiful wedding!

    Jelly is a cute name for a cat. Make sure Jelly is eating. Sometimes a cat will go on a hunger strike if they are upset by changes. This can quickly turn into an inability to eat anything at all with dire consequences. So keep him/her eating even it's it kitty junk food!

  5. Love seeing the photos. Sometimes those candid shots taken my family and friends capture so much more than the proshots. Just givee your new family member time to get to know you and his new digs. He will start to explore in a coule of days. He may have jetlag too. They each have there own personality. I have 3. Colenis a grouchy old man (he is 12), Pumpkin is a lady through and through, and Pudgie is a people cat, hates being alone when we are gone and runs to meet you as soon as he hears you at the door as if he is shooting YOUR HOME WELCOME.

  6. The wedding looked beautiful! Congrats to all. We just got 2 kittens ourselves. I quickly learned to keep my ribbons secured! We woke one morning to find a spool unraveled across the floor and down the stairs. It was hysterical! We also found that playing with them helped them get over scarry when my husband let a dog in the house. That was the ultimate trauma! But a furry toy on a string helped. Our cats LOVE those toys. Good luck!

  7. We put out a comfy blanket and pillow for Gizmo to lay and cuddle on. He has his 'cat bed' but loves the blanket and a pillow.

  8. Hi Diane, I am so anxious to see more of your wedding photos and projects. My daughter's wedding is in a year so it will be fun to start planning. We have 6 cats so like some of the other posts, give Jelly time to adjust. Make sure there is food, water and a litter pan close by and Jelly will begin to explore and feel more secure soon.

  9. Looks like tatting in the top photo. Do you tat, too???


  10. Beautiful wedding photos! I've been out of pocket for awhile because I've had 2 weddings in the past 7 months and I'm just plain tired! lol Cat tips: gentle, quiet times when you can hold Jelly should help him/her feel welcomed; get a carpeted scratching post and put catnip all over it - it will help Jelly feel like there is a place for scratching other than your furniture; and a dedicated cat blanket will help Jelly feel like there is a place all his own (just make sure it's fluffy). Enjoy Jelly - cats can be great cuddlers when you need to feel loved.

  11. The has wonderful tips for keeping pets healthy and happy (e.g. common household products and plants that are poisonous). Cat proofing your house is similar to child proofing (e.g. put up plastic bags, rubber bands,strings and string toys when unsupervised). Making sure your cat is eating is a great tip someone had. Cats are not like humans or even dogs when it comes to meals. They can develop liver problems (hepatic lipidosis) in just a few days if they develop anorexia. Jelly's vet would be a wonderful source of info too if you have any questions...even the most basic question! Have fun!

    pawprintspetsits @ yahoo...

  12. Beautiful photo's, hope the cat settles well.
    Kim xXx


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