Thursday, September 29, 2011

Easy Party Invitation - Art Philosophy Bundle

Today I have a super simple holiday party invitation to share with you.  I wanted to try the chipboard pieces included in the CTMH Art Philosophy bundle that my friend Melanie sent to me to review.   One of the interesting things about this cartridge bundle is the coordination of the cartridge shapes with stamps and precut chipboard shapes.  The correct sizes to cut each shape are listed on the clear backing sheet for the stamps and on the packaging for the chipboard.

In this photo the top shape is one of the chipboard pieces that came with the bundle and the bottom red shape is the cut that I made with the cartridge. 

 Here you can see the shape after I adhered the card stock to the chipboard.  They are a perfect match.

I pulled together some pieces to make a quick party invitation.  The metallic card stock base is a pale green from DCWV and the Christmas striped patterned paper is by K and Company.  I added some gold grosgrain ribbon and a few embellishments from Creative Charms.

I simply wrapped the ribbon around the patterned paper before adhering the paper to the card.  This adds more color and texture to the plain card.

 I used two silver tree sequins from the Creative Charms Winter Medley on either side of a Christmas Twinkle Sticker  to embellish the paper covered chipboard.

This side view shows the thickness of the chipboard (you can also see the tiny gold gems I added as "stars" at the tops of the trees!).

I used some of the stamps from the Art Philosophy bundle for the inside of the card - it's ready to fill in the information.  Two bits of advice:  The tiny stamps for the date-time-place and RSVP are tricky to line up so be patient if you have big fingers like mine.  Also, the inside of the card (the back of the metallic DCWV cardstock) is a little bit slick so you have to be sure to let the ink dry well before you close the card.

There are just a few days left to get in on the super deal that adds a free double stamp set to your order - free with orders over $75.  You can also buy the stamp of the month set for only $5 when you buy the Art Philosophy bundle.  

Melanie has posted photos of the entire cartridge handbook on her blog - click HERE to go directly to that post.  You will be amazed at all that this cartridge has to offer.

You can visit Melanie's Close to My Heart website by clicking HERE.  To go directly to the page for the Cricut Art Philosophy bundle click HERE.  You will find many more sample projects and tutorials on Melanie's blog, Courtney Lane Designs, and you can contact Melanie directly with any questions at (just tell her I sent you!).

I have been designing up a storm and I can't wait to show you what I've been making.  We have another family celebration this weekend so I probably won't be able to cut out any of my designs until next week.  I also have a few cards to finish before we go.

I'd love to know how many of you have more then one type of electronic die cutting machine. If you'd like to leave a comment with the other types of machines and programs you are using and why, that would be interesting.  I'd also like to know whether your first machine was a Cricut or another brand and what led you to buy a different type of machine?  Thanks and have a great day!

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  1. I also have a Silhouette SD but I haven't used it yet. I am not overly pleased with PC and some of the behavior of the company, so I don't want to be a slave to their products. I also wanted the ability to use material that was available out there on the web. Too many of the Cricut carts are too cutesy and are looking the same. I am encouraged by the Art Philosophy and Art Nouveau carts though. The Silhouette is so much smaller, lighter, cuts a much cleaner image, quieter and can use any of your fonts. Wish I had waited for the cameo. I don't think I will ever buy anything that is limited to only one company's product again.

  2. My first product was the original Cricut. I now have an Expression and the Imagine. I also have an eCraft machine. I won this machine but have alot of trouble using it. I really like what you have done with the Silhouette. Makes me want one. I would like a machine that I can take a photo and be able to produce a silhouette of it. Thanks for sharing you invitation. Love the paper you used.

  3. Hey Diane...I got my Cricut Expression a few years back and use the design studio with it. Funny you're asking this question right now. I JUST ordered the Gypsy last night on with the free bonus cartridge special. I'm excited to start playing with it! Now I can be productive in the carpool line this winter. Do you have any good tips for the Gypsy? I'm assuming it's similar to DS...which I'm VERY familiar with thanks to you and your posts.

  4. I love your invitation card: the paper your used to make it and the chipboard! I first started scrappiing about one year ago. My first cutting machine was a Cricut Create, which was too limited for me. A few months later, I decided to get the "E" and ended up giving the Create to my grandchildren. They are at the age when they go to birthday parties several times a month and I thought they would enjoy making their own cards. I like the "E", but was disappointed to find that small detailed cuts were sometimes difficult to obtain. I do have 32-35 Cricut Cartridges and feel the same as the previous crafter who mentioned that the cartridges are all so "cutesy." Next, I purchased the "I": It's ok, but I used my "E" more. I also have the gypsy and use the "DS". Recently purchased The Big Shot: Just love the cuts it produces, especially when cutting material for making flowers. My opinion is that "PC" is producing too much, too soon, one right after the other. Instead, they should wait and produce a machine that has all the bells and whistles with all the kinks worked out. Yes, I admit, I did get caught up in the whirled-wind. But, I'm flying free now.

  5. My first die cutting machine was the original Sizzix. Then I moved up to the Revelation and then on to the Wishblade before purchasing the orignal Cricut and now the Expression. I liked all of them with the exception of the Wishblade. There was too much computer-involvement with it for me. I sold the Revelation and use the baby Cricut when I go to crops. My go-to machine is my Expression. I really am happy with what it does especially now that I have the new CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge. I hardly need any of my 35 to 40 others anymore because it does everything.

    Sally Gasparri

  6. I have just the original Baby Bug. I use Design Studio for every cut. I bought the Gypsy, but the screen is so small I have trouble really doing any detail work on it. I have been drooling over the E2, but just realized this week that it won't work with DS. That is a show stopper for me. I'm still not thrilled with Cricut Craft Room - even though it does some stuff better than DS, the fact that I have to be online to work is a problem for me. I use my laptop and DS for design, and can take that with me - hotels, car trips (on my lap), etc. The CCR won't work as well on dial up in hotels and on the road. I'm considering just finding a deal on the original Expression. Anyone else have ideas here?

  7. Just yesterday my husband asked me what I want for Christmas and I told him that you talk about a Silhouette machine but I don't know much about it. I was just about to ask you to explain it when I opened up your blog today. My husband bought me an Expression about three years ago and I love it, but it's limited to carts. I wish I could do more things off the computer. I also like the cross between die cutting and stamping on a card.

  8. Diane, thanks for asking such an interesting question! I've enjoyed reading others' responses as I started to think about my own...
    I was thinking of electronic cutters only, but I guess my first die-cutter was the Sizzix Sidekick. I got it for an amazing price and still have it, but could probably say good-bye. Next I got the Cricut Create because I loved the idea of all the images being stored on the cartridge and having the handbook to show all the different cuts. I didn't want to invest the $400 that the E would have cost at the time and was able to work around the small size quite a bit. I own the Wild Card cartridge, though, and always felt sad that I couldn't cut the matching envelopes, so when the E really started going down in price I kept my eyes pealed and won one on eBay for a great price and have really enjoyed the ability to cut so much larger! I stared using Design Studio in the spring and pretty much don't cut without it now - I love it and would also not want the E2 since you can't use Design Studio with it - I like to see my designs on my laptop screen, nice and big!! Thanks for asking and have a great day and have fun reading all of our "cutter" stories!

  9. I just sold both the original and My expression. I had both for about 4 years. At first I loved the cartridges but then they seemed too cute or unfinished images. I had 28 cartridges and I am also selling them. It take too much space and often I am discouraged because it take too long to find the actual image I want to use. I was thinking about the silhouette for the past year and since they announced the larger machine I made up my mind. I also think PRovocraft is doing too much and not taking care of their loyal customers who sometimes spent close to original prices ($89) for some of the cartridges. I also do not like the quality of the cuts Like the ones you have produces for your son's wedding and other bloggers. Clara

  10. My first machne was the baby bug. It wasn't long before I felt it was too limiting in size. I now also have the Expression. I alternate between wanting the E2 and the Imagine, and not wanting to go totallu with PC. I am intrigued by your cuts with the Silhouette, but my computer knowledge is probably not where is would need to be to be proficient with that machine. The cartridges, and not needing to be attached to a computer are the main reason I went with the Cricut, but admit that I would now like to branch out. I really enoy your creations as well as the things you discuss.

  11. I was introduced to the small bug by a close friend of mine - I decided to purchase the E for myself (I'm a teacher and wanted the ability to make larger cuts for bulletin boards for the classroom). I've invested a small fortune on cartridges, the DS studio, jukebox, and gypsy. I never use my jukebox or DS studio since I purchased the gypsy. I love it! But I am always interested in learning more about other products out in the market. Thanks for all of the info on your blog!

  12. I have the Cricut Expression and SCAL 2. I love having the flexibility to use the cartridges or the svgs I can buy or download for free on the web. I got nervous when the whole lawsuit came out and bought a second Expression for a great price just to have on hand as a backup for when my first one dies. I won't update the firmware on either machine because I don't want SCAL to be blocked.
    I'm just beginning to think about a different cutting machine. I don't want to settle for a smaller cutting area, and I'd like to do away with mats altogether. I also don't want to spend more than $200, so I probably won't be getting another machine!!
    Jin Yong did a review of several cutters on her web site:

  13. Hello Diane!

    I started about 7 months ago with the Cricut Expression, I was not overly pleased when I got it, I had to sent it back and decided to give the E2 a try, it's an ok product,but I am not too happy with the fact that it does not work with design studio and that there is no other way to design but with the gypsy- which I also own and had to return already to get it fixed- I have had a bad experience with my PC products:( I also feel is frustrating because I have to start saving to get a new machine if I want to have freedom of design;), I am still waiting on my invite to use Craftroom...I am disappointed on PC, and I wish their prices were more affordable and that they were more flexible .
    On a different note, I started digital scrapp booking a few years back, I like to play with Photo Explosion Deluxe and thus far it has worked ok for me, but after encountering your blog I might try new software soon. As always, thank you for the inspiration tips and information you kindly share with us. Have a great day!

  14. I still have the very first personal die cut machine the zip-e-mate. Then I bought a baby bug, an expression and the imagine. I use my E and Imagine quite often, but I am seriously thinking about buying a different cutter because of all the issues with PC. I feel like they release stuff without fully testing it and working out all of the bugs (I'm a software tester and would lose my job if I released products with that many issues). I own a gypsy which I intensly dislike and I have DS which I rarely use. I'm still trying to figure out what my next cutter will be as I want it to be more universal than what PC offers. My apologies for the long post.

  15. Hi Diane,

    I have had my E for about a year now and still don't use it as often as I like. I want to get DS so that I can make better use of paper as I find a lot gets wasted. However, my friend is having serious issues with her E after updating her new cartridges the other day, especially the Art Philosophy. I, too, think PC is coming out with too much too soon and so I am choosing to wait and not jump on every bandwagon. Are you part of the Cricut Circle and if so, how do you like it?


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