Monday, September 26, 2011

Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding Projects

Today I have a few more of the wedding items to show you.  This adorable bridal bird couple was made by a very talented bridesmaid as the "cake topper" (the wedding cake was actually special cookies from a favorite bakery).  Unique items like this are so great for personalizing a wedding. 

For the paper projects I used my Silhouette SD machine.  I needed to use a particular font to coordinate with the other wedding items and I was able to make lots of special items with the easy print and cut option in the Silhouette software.

The restaurant had frosted votive candles so I just cut initials in vinyl and the staff took care of adding them around each candle.  They also sprinkled the "diamonds" on the tables.  By using the items already at the restaurant and just adding an extra touch I was able to avoid shipping finished centerpieces across the country.

I created menu cards so our guests would be able to choose their main course and read the details about the other courses.  On the other side I listed the wines and the special intermezzo courses we had the restaurant prepare.  We wanted to honor the agricultural connections on both sides of the family so we had a watermelon "shooter" and apple sorbet between courses. I wanted to do these cards so we could save them in a scrapbook to help remember all of the details of a wonderful celebration.

I used a flourish from the standard free images that come with the Silhouette Studio software and created borders and a rounded top for the placecards.  By using the same motif with slight variations, I kept all of the items coordinated.

The place cards were set out near the entry with a few more decorated votives.  You can see the motif rotated and mirrored on the half circle top of the place cards.

This photo taken with flash shows the cards more clearly.  I wrote the table numbers on by hand the afternoon before the dinner (in case there were any last minute changes).

When using the Silhouette to do print and cut, you design the project on your computer and then print it on your regular printer.  There is an option to show the registration marks and you need to check this to have the three corners print when you print your project.  You need to avoid placing your design in the shaded areas near the registration marks to be sure that the machine will be able to locate and read the marks.

The software allows you to select the elements that will print and the lines that will cut.  You can add a fill of color or pattern to the shapes.  I filled the letters with a shade of blue and when I added the name and the table I used black.  You can also set certain lines to cut completely and other lines to perforate.  This allowed me to create the half circle that came up above the fold on the cards.

If you look carefully, you can see the registration mark at the top left of this photo.  The machine detects the three marks and then it will cut around the printed areas exactly as you designed.

I use the same motifs again for the table numbers.  These were printed and I used my DreamKuts machine to cut the 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock in half vertically for simple tents.

One word of advice - I usually am the person taking all of the photos but for an event like this you should designate another willing family member or friend to make sure that you get photos of everything you want photographed.  A list that you make ahead of time would be very helpful.  We realized at the end of the evening that there was not a photo with us and the bride and the groom together!  I am hoping that someone else might have a photo of at least the two of us - I think I have lapsed as a scrapbooker by missing a few of these photos - but it was a magical evening and the memories will last forever.  There are photos from the wedding so all is not lost!


In addition to the delicious dessert, the staff brought these special cookies with a message to our son and daughter-in-law (I know, can you believe that I have a photo of this and not of us together - make a list!).

This photo shows all of my printing and cutting projects ready to go to the wedding. I'll show you what we did with the little vases in another post.

Thanks for all of the nice comments on my projects for the Disney/Pixar blog hop - you can still participate today by following either day of the hop or joining the linky party today.  You can get all of the details at THIS POST.

I was called for jury duty tomorrow - I wonder if I will actually have to report.  Do you think they would allow me to use the Gypsy while I am waiting around...?

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  1. Great projects, TFS with us :)
    As for jury service, yes you can take the Gypsy with you, you are in a separate room until you get allocated a court room, I did this in July :)

  2. Beautiful works of art--I really like the silhouette too. Congratulations on becoming an in-law.

  3. Everything looked wonderful. I really like the placecards and I'm sure the guests were thrilled with them. Good luck with jury duty- fingers crossed for a dismissal?

  4. Beautiful work on all the wedding stationary. My daughter's getting married in October so I've been very busy with various projects. Whew!

    Also the bridal birds are adorable!

  5. Everything is beautiful! Love the idea of cookies instead of a cake. Don't know if you can take the Gypsy with you but I certainly would give it try. If they say no, you can take it back to your car.

  6. I'm worn out just looking at all your beautiful decorations. Your new daughter in law has to have fallen in love with you already for all you did for their wedding. You are so talented. Yes, you can take your Gypsy into the jury waiting room. I was called to be a jurist for a murder trial. Very, very interesting seeing how the process works. We found him guilty, but two years later he got off on a technicality! Hmmm!

  7. I don't see why they wouldn't let you use your Gypsy while waiting around I would certainly give it a try. You might meet a new CM customer just by having it out.

  8. I am really enjoying all of your wedding projects! I have made many many items for various weddings. I have to say that I really enjoy seeing my handiwork at the various functions and hearing the compliments that come along! I'm sure that your joy and pride at the wedding had to be enhanced by raves about your handiwork! TFS!!


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