Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years Later...

Today is a day to remember all of those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks ten years ago.   We lost a beloved member of our Church and Community and I am posting this rose in memory of Al Filipov. 

I hope we all can take the time to pause and reflect on the changes in our world on this anniversary.

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  1. Hello Diane, thank you for your post on remembering those who died at the WTC attacks on Sept. 11th.
    I am a retired NYPD officer and I would love to share some 9/11 memorial videos that I created for my co-workers and friends from the NYPD that died on that horrific day. Please share it with others. We want to always remember those that were lost. Thank you.

  2. 9-11 has a duel meaning for me.....My 25th Wedding Anniversary was 9-11-01. It is sometimes hard to reconcile the best day of my life, with the worst day, of my lifetime, for my country. However, I am encouraged by the way our country came together, and hope that we can remember and continue with that positive direction! God Bless America!!

  3. A very fitting memorial for your friend.


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