Thursday, September 15, 2011

Creative Memories Rewards Club and More!

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I am a Creative Memories Consultant.  I started as a consultant in 2005 to keep myself in supplies and to help friends and relatives with their scrapbooking projects.  I purchased a Cricut in 2007 and soon became totally caught up in the world of digital die cutting.  I started this blog to share my Cricut Design Studio files and tutorials and, more recently, I have been trying to keep my readers up to date on the Creative Memories products that I particularly enjoy using (such as the StoryBook Creative Plus 3.0 software for digital scrapping).

Last year, Creative Memories and Provo Craft began working together.  So far there have been four exclusive Creative Memories Cricut cartridges (Cheerful Seasons, Reminisce Accents, Stork's Delivery and Traveler - just click each name to see more information about each cartridge).  Next month, the Cricut Expression 2 machine will be available through Creative Memories and there will be an exclusive "Best of Times" sampler cartridge included with the Creative Memories E2 machines.  The price will be $299.

The cartridges retail for $55 and they are full of great content and well worth the price.  However...I know that some people find this price to be more than they would like to pay for a cartridge, so I have a few suggestions to help make the cartridges (and other products) more affordable.

Creative Memories is offering a new Rewards Club.  The annual fee is $39 and you get an immediate $10 credit that you can use to purchase Creative Memories products.  If you enroll in September, your immediate club credit will be doubled to $20.

If you join the Rewards Club, you will have access to exclusive products and promotions and every purchase you make will earn you a credit of 15% to be used for future purchases.  You can accumulate these credits to save for a more expensive item (such as the E2).  You could use the immediate $20 credit to purchase one of the CM Cricut cartridges for $35.

You can read more about the Rewards Club and sign up as a member on my CM personal website HERE

If you'd like to earn even more credit, in addition to the Rewards Club, you could host a "party."  If you are located near me in Massachusetts this could be an "in person" get-together.  If you are at a greater distance, you could host a virtual party and earn hostess credit when the people you invite shop on my website.  The details of the host benefits can be seen HERE.

If you want to get even more products and purchase your items at the consultant discount (starts at 27.5% and increases depending on sales volume) you should consider signing up as a consultant.  The cost to start up is only $50.  My good friend and fellow blogger Joy Tracey (of Obsessed with Scrapbooking and Everyday Cricut) just joined Creative Memories through me and we would love to have some more of our online friends join us to create a great team!

There are additional incentives for new consultants who meet certain goals in their first months and if you join in September or October and complete the "Success Plan" you will earn this wonderful "Let's Create Pack" worth over $140.  If you are not a "party person," remember that you can sell through your Creative Memories personal website.  The fee for the first three months for your website is waived - what could be better than a free website to help you sell in the first months.

If you are interested in more details you can find them HERE on my personal website or contact me online by clicking the box on that page or emailing me directly at

I wanted to share this photo of an unusual flower arrangement - this one has given me some design ideas!  I love the way the leaves are bent into half circles with the fronds fluffing out in one direction - I am sure I could create something like this in paper!

Several of you have emailed and asked how Jelly the cat is adjusting to her new home.  She seems pretty content and likes to hang out on the couch with us.  This hooked heart rug was made by my grandmother many years ago and has become Jelly's special spot.  I am still not completely used to having a cat around and sometimes we startle each other if I turn the corner and she is moving around!

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  1. We have always had cats and dogs - cats are very unique and ours thinks like a human - it's almost scary! And he protects the house and yard by growling - can you imagine? But all the love you give comes back tenfold! Lucky you!


  2. Hey Diane, When do we get to see the wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses. And the mothers dresses?
    I love recieving your post each day and look forward to checking out the beautiful things you create.

  3. Diane, I'd seen info about the Creative Memories Rewards Club on another blog, but you did an excellent job of describing how the deals could benefit me right now (I'm someone who needs to know how the deal will work for me and sometimes I'm a little dense and need you to spell it out for me, which you did very well!) So, you're going to benefit from your efforts to make it obvious to me why I should do this when the time comes for me to take the plunge!


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