Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sneak peek at the start of a special project...

Our older son will be getting married in September.  It is a very exciting and busy time, with lots of details to attend to.  I am working on a few "crafty touches" for the big day.  One of the things they thought I could do is to make the ring pillow.

I made the ring pillow for our wedding and also for a few other family weddings.  The top of our pillow was needlepoint.  This took me several intense weekends of work during law school -there was a lot of ivory background to fill in!  (This is not a very sharp photo - I had to zoom in on a large group photo to show the pillow.  I'll have to find the pillow and take a new photo)

When my Dad moved to the retirement community, we needed to empty his home of over 40 years.  This box was with my Mom's things.  She died just before their 49th anniversary.  If she was still alive, they would have celebrated their 64th anniversary last week.

The wedding veil is long gone (the tulle disintegrated over time) and the headpiece is not in very good condition after all these years.  The small pieces have started to come off the band.

My plan is to incorporate a few of these little flowers on the ring pillow as a way to remember my Mother on the wedding day.  I know she would have loved the role of "grandmother of the groom"

I also want to use the graphics and font from the box for some digital projects.

The little cherubs are adorable and I see some other pieces of the artwork that will be nice additions to my digital library.

I am trying to work out the final plan so I can be sewing or embroidering while we are traveling this summer.  So ... back to the sketching and planning - any suggestions?

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  1. I made ring pillows for my daughter and son for their weddings. I took different types of satins, silks and lace and made a "crazy quilt" top for the pillow. I used whites and ivories and did the crazy stitching with white floss. A narrow white bow in the center served as the "holder" for the rings by slipping the bow loops through the rings. The tails of the ribbons were long and tied in "wedding knots". The beads from your mother's headpiece could be incorporated into the stitching, too. Post pictures of your creation! And Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!

  2. I'm excited for you and your family. No ideas because I'm not that creative and I count on YOU and other favorites to help me!!! LOL I can't wait to see what you come up with and your mother is probably smiling from ear to ear watching you honor her memory!!!

  3. I can't wait to see this when it's finished. I know it will be beautiful, but even more so it will be something extra special because of its origin.
    My daughter's wedding is in Sept. too & the bridesmaids' dresses are the color of the tissue paper in the photos of the pearl headpiece.

  4. My son is getting married in August and I would love to see your ideas so bring em on!!

  5. What a truly lovely thing to have in your possession! My mother just passed away at 96, so it makes me weepy! Good luck with all the wedding goodies. How wonderful to be able to do it for you son and future daughter-in-law!

  6. How very special for your mom's articles to be included in the wedding! She must be so proud! I know you will make the pillow beautiful, however you choose to incorporate your mom's wedding mementos. Since I am not that creative, I'm sorry I can't offer you advice! Of one thing I am sure of though, it will be stunning - coming from you!


  7. How special this is going to be Diane.. I am so anxious to see what you create out of the.. I will have to let others give you advise.. I am not as creative as so many of you.. hugs

  8. Diane, I can't wait to see what you come up with. It is so cool to have such an incredible mom like you to do such creative things for the kids! Kelly is very excited to become a member of your family and by extension, so are we!! Maybe some of your craftiness will rub off, too!!

  9. What a special way to make a precious memory on this special day. I think the flowers do need to be incorporated into the stiching. We just lost my MIL last month. Had she lived eleven more days she and my FIL would have celebrated their 64th anniversary as well. She only lived 3 weeks after getting her cancer diagnosis. I had done a scrapbook to have on display at their 60Th annniversary party. I added a few pages of her and the grand and great grandchildren ( titled one page THE GRANDS and the other THE GREATS) and a page with the bible cut from Inspired Heart in a shimmery white with her obit laying on top. It was displayed along with a multipicture frame I got together at her funeral. A picture of your mother with a caption that she is here in spirit on this wonderful day on display at the reception would be a very nice touch too, maybe with the ring pillow laying next to the photo.

  10. Congratulations! My daughter just got married in March - I understand the details. Just a thought, but if you have a family crest that you could somehow put on fabric and have a flourish at the top to hold the rings, that might be meaningful. Once again, congrats!


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