Friday, June 3, 2011

Graduation Card details...coming soon

The iris in the backyard is finally blooming.  Fortunately the tornado storms did not hit us directly Wednesday and this clump of iris escaped unharmed.

We saw a rainbow above our neighbor's house late Thursday afternoon.  I tried to capture it in a photo but it wasn't very powerful.  I hope you can see the rainbow in this photo.

The back deck and patio are almost ready for summer.  We planted the large hanging baskets and used some "water diamonds" to help keep the planter dirt moist. 

The "water diamonds" are made from the same polymer that is used for the water marbles - they just are irregularly shaped instead of round.  They are so pretty in the vase as they are re-hydrated.  If you missed the post about the water marbles you can find it HERE.  The water diamonds are mixed in with the soil to hold water and slowly release it to help the plants stay alive in very hot weather.  I hope to have lots of new garden photos to share once everything is in full bloom later this summer.

It wouldn't be spring if we didn't fill this old pig feeding trough with flowers.  My mother had four of these troughs and they sat on the edges of the porch, usually full of impatiens plants.  When my Dad moved to the retirement community, these couldn't go with him to the fourth floor of an elevator building so each of the siblings claimed one and they are now in four different states!

The title of this post reflects what I meant to write about - more graduation cards with an explanation of how to make the file.  My day was jam packed and I didn't get a chance to finish up the directions and upload the file but I will add the details as soon as I can - with luck that will be a little later on today.

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend - we are expecting our son and his fiancee (yes, I have been keeping that a secret until now!) to arrive this evening.  We are looking forward to a great visit and the party on Sunday to celebrate both "the Graduation" and "the Engagement."

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  1. First off; Wonderful graduation card by the way.
    Also so enjoyed seeing the rest of your pictures. So nice that the troughs where kept in the family and that each of you got one. They do make such wonderful planters.
    Thank U 4 sharing your pictures

  2. Love the grad card. Always enjoy pics of your garden. The trough is so special, glad you each have one. Hope your parties turn out wonderful.

  3. Your ferns and irises (2 of my favorite things) are lovely and I love the trough planter and its story. My daughter graduated college last month and got engaged at the after-grad. party, so looks like you & I both have weddings in our future.

  4. What a lot to celebrate!! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures!

  5. I always love the garden photos as I so miss the Iris, crocus, etc., I so looked forward to in the spring. We can't grown those in Florida.

    Congratulations on the two big events, have a terrific celebration.

    Joan Murphins

  6. Congratulations on your son's engagement!

    Wendy T.

  7. Hi Diane!
    And such exciting news on your son's engagment!! Sounds like a wonderful week end in store for all the family!! Love all your photos and The Iris is so beautiful, and so glad that you are ok. the stormy weather is very bad this year! We had a confirmed tornado here in washington, but it caused little damage! Love your Rainbow photo as well!! The pig trough's are a super idea for planting in!! Thanks for sharing all you exciting news and have a Super Week-End Diane!!



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