Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Getting ready for construction

For the past few days I have been involved in a major house project.  We need to have repairs done to fix the ice dam damage to our house that occurred last winter.  We are also having a few things done in addition to the repairs to redo the design of the area where we have had the most problems.  It seems funny to talk about ice dams in June, then again - it was around 55 degrees today.

We had to empty out my husband's study and find new places for all of his furniture for the duration of the project.  The laundry room next door to his study won't be directly impacted by the work, however, it seemed like a good idea to get in there and do some reorganizing.  So I have been sorting and cleaning and finding things I forgot I had!  The laundry room tends to be our "dumping ground" for the things that have no other home or the things that just need to be quickly cleared away from the main part of the house.

I am debating whether I have the courage to post a "before" photo of the laundry room - I will post an "after" view since one of the motivations to finally get things sorted out is the need to find a place to put the Yudu machine I bought recently.  I'll definitely be trying some projects - maybe some things for the wedding - as soon as I have a clear area to work with this very large machine!

I was sorry to realize that I completely forgot about Flag Day on Tuesday - so I created a few patriotic rosettes - what do you think of them?  I have been doing some experimenting with a new software program and trying out lots of different designs.  I'll go into more detail soon but I wanted to share a few things that I have designed with this program that combines digital scrapping with the cutting of files.

 I have been having fun adapting images to make new designs.  I think I need to be two or three people so I might have a chance at making all of the things I have designed in my mind!

Thanks to everyone who left a comment or emailed with suggestions for the wedding ring pillow.  I think I have a plan worked out in my mind - I hope it works!  I haven't forgotten about the last two challenges - I hope to be able to finish my little projects and post them later this week.  Thanks to those of you who gave them a try - there will be more coming soon...

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  1. My dumping ground is my office! Which means I work from home at my kitchen table since my office is too cluttered. It's on the cleaning list for this weekend tho, cause with the kids out of school it's too hard to work in the kitchen. So, I totally hear you! Can't wait to hear about the new program you are using. Have a great day.

  2. We need to see the before and after pictures my friend!!So we will feel better about ourselves as well.hihihihih

  3. I admire the way you always seem to have multiple projects going on...I barely have energy to work on one at a time! Keep up with the crafty ideas!

  4. Oh, please do post a "before" picture of your laundry room! It would make me feel less disgruntled about the state of mine, and perhaps motivate me to do something about it when I see your "after" picture!

  5. As I have been living in a house under renovations for the past 2 years, I completely understand what it is like. I have no idea what I have anymore as a lot of stuff is in boxes. I always appreciate someone else's before and after photos. It gives me hope!

  6. Oh I think you should definitely post a "before" and "after" picture... I wanted to get a YUDU.. but it's sooo big I would have no place for it.. can't wait to see what you have in mind for the wedding pillow and what you create with the YUDU... hugs from Ukiah.. (I was able to open the DAD book on my gypsy.. but haven't had time to cut it out...


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