Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wedding Thank You Cards

Every bride and groom will need plenty of thank you cards.  Our son and soon to be daughter-in-law will be leaving tomorrow to visit more friends and family on the East Coast.  They wanted to keep up with thanks yous for the gifts they have received so I designed a thank you note with them using my Creative Memories StoryBook Creator Plus 3.0 software and we had them printed today.

The design is very simple.  I did have to do a few slightly tricky things to make this work out.  The font Will and Kelly have chosen for other wedding items is an Open type font not a True Type font and it would not appear as an option when I wanted to enter the text.  To work around this problem, I printed the two sections of type ("Thank  You" and "Kelly and Will") using another program, scanned them and saved the scan as a jpeg, and then used the magic wand tool to drop out the background and create images of the words to work with for the design.

The design needed a little something to add interest and we chose this type flourish from the Black and White Tie the Knot Digital Additions to use as a corner element in the design.  We changed the color to a shade of blue similar to the color of the dresses the bridesmaids will be wearing.

To add interest to the simple notecard, we used the same flourish on the back of the card, creating a mirror image and changing the color to white on a background of the same shade of blue.

Here is a view from the top so you can see how the printed card back looks.  The option of printing a pattern on the back of a card is something that has become popular on wedding stationery sites.

To give a little more personality and sparkle to the card, a tiny gem sticker can be added to the flourish.

Here is a closer view of the flourish with a gem sticker.  I think they will probably use the note cards without adding the stickers - there is always a risk of the gem rubbing through the envelope in the mail and it adds an extra step to a very busy schedule!

It is very hard to get a photograph that clearly shows the effect of the printed back when the card is inserted into the envelope.  A very subtle damask pattern appears through the envelope.  This would be more pronounced with thinner envelopes.

I actually use my StoryBook program more for this type of project than I do for creating scrapbook pages (but I hope to get back to making more pages soon!).

A few more items of interest...

Letraset is offering a great giveaway to celebrate reaching 1,000 Facebook Fans.  Click HERE to go to the Letra set blog and leave a comment - you could win one of three sets of twelve ProMarkers.  Winners will be chosen  Friday (10th June) at 12 Midday (GMT) - remember, they are in the UK so adjust the time accordingly for your location.  Good luck!

It is getting harder and harder to keep up with all of the message boards, blogs and facebook sources of information from ProvoCraft.  In case you missed it today, I want to pass along the link to the "Cricut Classroom," a video library of online classes that can be viewed for free!  Just click HERE to go to the page.  I haven't been able to watch these yet so I can't really tell you much more about them.

Our son and his fiancee leave for New York today.  It was great to have them home and we really packed a lot into the days that they were here.  Things should get a little more normal around here - at least for a few days.  I am working on finding things to included in a neighborhood yard sale this weekend.  This would be an ideal way to clear up some space around the house so wish me luck!

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  1. Very cute! Thanks for sharing! I also want to make my own thank you cards for when I am married next year, but havent thought how to do something simple enough to do in mass supply. Did you print them yourself or have them printed professionally, and if so where at? Any input is appreciated!!

  2. This is such a smart idea. You will need plenty of them. It could be overwhelming if you leave the thank-yous to do all at once. Wish I had thought of doing this in advance for my daughters wedding. It pays to be totally organinized. Will this be a large wedding? Congrats to you, and the almost newly weds.

  3. My grandaughter is getting married in July and asked me to make her "Just Married" cards for those that aren't invited to her small wedding. I put four on a a sheet and they turned out really nice. Thursday I'll be married 50 years!! Yahoo!!

  4. These are so cute and not to complicated. They would work for any occassion. I love the strawberry cake...........


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