Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Projects

I have been hard at work on some projects for our older son's wedding - it is less than three weeks away!  Many of you have asked to see what I am working on and I will share these projects a little later this fall.  I want to keep them private until after the wedding.

I thought I'd share a link back to the post where I explained how I etched a mirror tile with lacy hearts to create a romantic centerpiece.  I did this project for Scrappy-go-Lucky and you can read all of the details HERE.

Etching is fun to do and the results can be quite impressive.  I won't be taking centerpieces like this to the West Coast - there is too much risk of breakage.  When you etch on a mirror the effect is a little different than etching on a plain glass surface because of the shadows that are created.  The etching is on the surface of the glass and the thickness of the glass before the mirror surface painted on the back will vary depending on the items you are using for your project.

If you have never etched glass before you might want to start with a simpler design - this was fairly ambitious to take on as a first project!   

I did see a request for a "yo-yo" lesson in the comments on yesterday's card and I will try to post directions in the next day or two. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. WOW...So beautiful! Can't wait to see what you are making for your son's wedding.

  2. Beautiful mirror with the candles. Can't wait to see the projects you are working on for the wedding.

  3. That is gorgeous! I think this would look stunning on any table!

    If I were the bride, I would want you to keep MY wedding decorations private too! But I cannot tell a lie, I can't wait to see what you've come up with!

  4. This is really pretty Diane I have done a lot of etching but never attempted anything like this and it so pretty I might have to try it.

  5. That's really pretty. I etched on our kids vases for our sand ceremony and it was a lot easier than I thought, but I've never attempted anything else!

  6. Absolutely stunning! You continue to amaze me with your creativity. Thanks for the inspiration and the file!

  7. This is simply stunning! I can't wait to see what you have done for the wedding!!


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