Sunday, August 7, 2011

Creative Memories Traveler Cricut Cartridge

The best place to go to check out the contents of any Cricut cartridge you are interested in adding to your collection is the website.  You will find some information about the cartridge in the Shopping section and, for most cartridges, you can find a PDF of the complete cartridge handbook in Cartridge Library under the Information Tab.  By looking through the handbook you can see all of the cuts that a cartridge will produce.

There has been a substantial delay in updating the handbooks in the Cartridge Library.  Before I went to CHA, I photographed my Creative Memories Traveler handbook pages.  Several people were interested in seeing more details about the cartridge.  It is a very time consuming process to photograph, edit and watermark these photos (unfortunately, too many people have "borrowed" my work when I post a booklet so I need to watermark the images to show the source of the photos).  At CHA, I checked to be sure that it was OK for me to post my images and I planned to put them up when I got home from Chicago.  I had to reorganize and label the photos and, with little free time in the last few weeks, I wasn't able to finish until yesterday.

This cartridge is a full cartridge.  There are two fonts on the cartridge and each font has upper and lower case letters and a shadow.  These fonts occupy four of the seven available key positions.  There are 13 spots not occupied by letters or numbers on each keypad and these are filled with phrases and signs with shadow layers.

The Road Trip Font is a relatively thick font that appears to be hand drawn - it looks like the markers used on signs at many restaurants along the highways.

The Beach Bum font is a simple clear sans serif font with more rounded shapes.

The base images (the images on the keypad overlay) are primarily things you would see on a tropical vacation including several suns & palm trees, exotic flowers, sea life, sunglasses and flip flops, fish and cool drinks.  The icon layer includes more general travel images, vehicles, keys, luggage and some famous destinations (pyramids, Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, etc.).

There is a shadow for the base set of images and for the Icon set of images.  This is a very full cartridge with almost every key position filled.

Here are my photos of the pages of the booklet:

I will share some projects made with this cartridge another day.  There are many possibilities to use these images for more than just travel photos.  Some of the shapes and tags near the end of the book are particularly useful.

I think Traveler is a nicely done cartridge and would be a worthwhile addition to your collection if you do not have a lot of travel images available on your other cartridges.  The fonts are both quite attractive and suitable for general use (not too "girly" or specific to a holiday or time of year).  My favorite Creative Memories cartridges are the first two that were released,  Cheerful Seasons and Reminisce Accents.  You can find links to my cartridge reviews under the tabs at the top of the blog page.  The Stork's Delivery cartridge is another more specialized cartridge that is perfect if you need images for babies and cute fonts for a boy or girl.

All four of these cartridges are available only through a Creative Memories independent consultant.  I am a consultant and if you do not have a local person that you work with I would be happy to help you with any questions or orders.  You can access the Cricut Page on my Creative Memories personal website by clicking HERE or using the link in the left side column of my blog and browsing to the page (under "shop" - "paper scrapbooking" - "tools").

We had a great family reunion picnic and will be at a reunion with some former co-workers today - then back to the family for some birthday celebrations.  It is a busy time of year for us!  I hope you have a great day and that the sun is shining (but not too much) wherever you are.



  1. I so like this cartridge. I will have to put this on my list.. my ever-growing list :) PS... I am still NOT getting e-mails to this e-mail address. ;( help please...

  2. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I can only imagine how labor intensive that must have been! I agree with you Traveler is a great cart. Thank you again!

  3. I love the keys and the bus and train. So many cool things on this cartridge. I really appreciate that you showed the whole book. That is so helpful.

  4. Thank you so much for downloading this cart. I now know that I need this one. Lots of designs that can be used.. Love it!

  5. Thanks fo much for the time and effort to show this hand book! I am sure that it will sway many readers! It looks like it has tons of possibilities.

  6. I had no intention of looking at all these pics (haven't seen a cart that interests me in a year)but ended up doing just that. I've been wanting a cart with a really good shadowed font and think this may be it. The variety of images makes it a justifiable purchase for me! Thanks for all the effort that went into this!


  7. Thank you for taking the time to do this!

  8. I am truly impressed this is a super cartridge.
    DIANA L.

  9. Tanks so much for putting all the hard work an effort into showing us the pages of the handbook. I don't understand why PC has decided to stop posting the handbooks in the library!! I use those to decide if I want to buy the cartridges. I haven't been buying as many, so I guess there downfall is my windfall LOL!


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