Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cheery Lynn Designs Design Team Call

I discovered Cheery Lynn Designs when Mandy starting carrying their products in the Scrappy-go-Lucky store.  I was excited to work with these dies since I love anything with lots of details - the more intricate the cuts the better!  Mandy let me know that Cheery Lynn Designs is looking for new Design Team members so I am writing this post as my "audition" for the team.

I have posted several projects made with Cheery Lynn dies on the Scrappy-go-Lucky blog - here are a few photos with links to those posts:

Oriental Butterfly Doily die, please click HERE.

Small Exotic Butterfly dies, please click HERE.

English Tea Party and French Pastry dies, please click HERE.

There are so many dies with such beautiful designs - I would love to have the opportunity to work with more of them and to continue to create projects that will inspire my readers to try using the dies in some new ways.

I thought I'd try to make some variations of the paper flowers I made in the spring (you can find that post HERE).  I decided to make them "fancier" by using some of the doily cuts instead of plain scalloped circle flowers.  To start you need five doily cuts - these are the "French Pastry" doilies.

First, fold the doily in half, matching the design.

Then, fold it in half again, matching the opposite sides.

Finally, fold it it half a third time.  For the French Pastry doily the pattern will not match exactly on this fold but it will be easy to see that the fold is correct since it will intersect with the first two folds.

Once you have made the three folds, reverse the fold in the quarters with the extra fold, creating a fluffy flower section that looks like this.  I chose to use two colors of doilies for this flower.

Apply a generous amount of adhesive to the center of the fifth, unfolded doily.

Then, simply place the folded sections on the base doily.  You can add anything you like to make the center - here I used a large pearl button.

A pink flared flower from Creative Charms is the center of this variation.

Here I added a rolled flower - you can find the post with the directions for making these HERE.

Here is my favorite variation with a lovely paper flower surrounded by the lace doily.

I also made a flower using doilies cut with the English Tea Party die.  I photographed these with a black background so you could see all of the details of the doily cuts.

Here you can see the relative size of the two flowers.  The English Tea Party die creates quite a large flower.  These would be pretty for package toppers - they may be too bulky for a card unless you are presenting it in person.

I hope I have inspired you to try something different with the doily cuts. There are many variations possible for this basic design.  Double sided paper would give a different look and flowers made with plain paper and sprayed with a pearlized spray like Glimmer Mist would also be lovely!

I'd love it if you would leave a comment in support of my application for the Cheery Lynn Design Team.  I do love to experiment with new products and share them with my readers and I know that many of you send me notes to say that I have introduced you to new products and ideas that you enjoy. 

Thank you - I have my fingers crossed!

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  1. Diane -- I send my recommendation that your work is beyond wonderful! We will all benefit if you become a member of this design team. WOW! What beautiful flowers!

  2. Hi Diane, since I suggested your apply for this team I am really happy you did. Your ideas are always creative and your quality photographs instructions make it easy for people all over the world to learn from your skill and enthusiasm. Best of luck in the selection. You would be a fabulous addition to the Cheery Lynn Team.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with the others. Your creativity inspires me and others to create, too. I have followed you for a long time, and I think you would be a huge attraction for Cheery Lynn's team! Good luck, and thank you for all you do and share.

  4. I think you would be a great member of the Cheery Lynn's Design team. Your projects are beautiful and well received. Good luck.

  5. Beautiful projects! You should definitely win a spot on the DT.

  6. They would be nuts not to have you on the team. You always create the most amazing things.
    I will go right now and tell them.

  7. Beautiful job, Diane! I love all your flower variations and what a great idea to use that doily die! You rock! I know you would be a fabulous addition to their team!

    Hugs, Joy

  8. Diane always shows us the newest and greatest products on the market today. More importantly her creativity is exceptional putting her own twist on projects. She would be a fantastic addition to your design team.An added bonus: she has a LOT of followers who wait daily for her latest post to go up, lol. I'm just saying!!! Mary Montecalvo

  9. I have some doily dies and had never thought of making these beautiful flowers. I am going to now. Thanks for the idea!

    I look forward to receiving your updates each day. You have been a BIG inspiration to me and also my biggest enabler. :)

    You would be a fantastic design teem member with all of your creative ideas.

  10. Diane you would be a fabulous asset to the design team. I have been following you for several years and have been inspired by your creativity. Marilyn Mae

  11. Good luck with your "audition". I love those lacey butterflies!

  12. Diane
    You would be a great addition to Cheery Lynn design team. You have inspired and encouraged so many of us.
    Good luck.

  13. I highly recommend Diane for the position on the design team. She is professional,crafty, phototographer and seeks perfection in all that she does. I like reading her daily post and she is so eager to share/ teach what she creates. She leaves one feeling like they could use her techniques and if any question is left she does what she can to helpsupport her crafting friends.
    I cannot say enough about Diane except good luck and keep on sharing. I dont know she does all that she does.
    Dawn RI

  14. They must choose you if they want to really show off what their products can do. You are the queen of intricate cuts and showcasing their beauty. Best of luck to you. I haven't tried these dies yet, but if they choose you and I see more of your fabulous dies, I might be inspired to buy.

  15. Diane,
    I discovered Cherry Lynn Designs surfing the net and was excited when you brought them to your page.
    Looking forward to your ideas and hope you make the design team.

  16. I have been following Diane Payne (Capadia Designs) for over two years and highly recommend her for your design team. She posts daily and her photography explains in detail every project she designs. She will bring elegance and class to your team.

  17. You will be so glad if you add Diane aka Capadia to your design team! I look forward to her posts daily and love her inspirations and introductions to new and great sites and products! Great post, Diane. Kathie

  18. Dianne,

    I just love these flowers and I love the idea to use them on a package. I'm going to start making some ahead for the holidays.

    I think Chery Lane would be lucky to have you. You are so inventive and inspirational.

    Good Luck

    Diane France

  19. Diane is one of the most intelligent and capable paper crafters on the web. She not only makes beautiful and creative projects but frequently explains, very clearly, how they were made. She would be an asset to any paper crafting design team. Her daily posts are the first ones I read. I am already craving Cheery Lynn products and would be even more likely to purchase them after seeing what Diane creates with them.

  20. If I'm in a hurry I sometimes delete email blog posts without reading them - but not yours! You're always an inspiration!!

  21. Beautiful creations and good luck in the selection.
    Kim xXx

  22. Those doily flowers are gorgeous. Hope you make the design team - you deserve to have your talents showcased!

    Karen L 1020 at gmail dot com


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