Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Little Bit of Whimsy...


When we went to upstate New York for our family reunion we drove by a couple of our former homes in the Rochester area.  The first house we ever owned is looking great - it has been added to several times, there is a new farmhouse style porch and a wonderful detached garage with some sort of upstairs room (it looks like it would be a great craft room space if you don't mind the winter dash from house to the garage!).

Our next door neighbors when we lived at this house were a lovely older couple with beautiful gardens and many trees.  The house has new owners and I just loved what they did with an old tree stump in the front yard.  The tree is now this charming and whimsical fairy house!  What a creative way to turn a liability into an asset.

Here are a few closer views...

 The roots have been carved into stairs to the front door.

 The details are incredible - just look at the "stonework" and the balcony.  I am not sure what they used for the green roof.

You can just see the chimney going up the left side and there is a carved bird wearing a necklace sitting at the top of the chimney.  The dormer windows are very similar to the windows on our old house (you can catch a glimpse of the house in the background).

I hope that you enjoyed seeing this - I thought it was such a sweet thing to do and I wish that there had been time to stop and meet the current owners.

These are busy times with the wedding only a few weeks away and all of our birthday celebrations.  I have designed a few things for the wedding that I will share soon.  I am having a lot of fun exploring some of my new design tools, particularly the Silhouette SD that I bought recently.  The software is fun to use and the cuts are just amazing...more about that later.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. The carved tree is certainly a work of art.Such detail, what an amazing find and to be able to take photos. Thanks for sharing.
    Dawn RI

  2. Uh oh, I made the mistake of showing this adorable creation to Sophie (age 5). She wants us to build one in our garden so the fairies can come and live here. She is impatiently waiting for her teeth to fall out as she has heard a rumour that fairies "bring a golden coin if you put your tooth under your pillow".

  3. Thank you for sharing your pictures of the stump fairy house. I've never seen anything like it. Such detail. I'm anxious to see what you've done for the wedding.

  4. Wow! A lot of time and talent went into this!! Very cool!

  5. Oh my goodness, that tree stump is incredible! What creative talent!

    Wendy T.

  6. What a charming thing to do turning that stump into a fantastic cottage for mystical beings! LOVE it! Thanks for shasring it with us, Diane...

  7. How adorable! What a great way to deal with an ugly stump. - Cil
    anticil at comcast dot net

  8. That is the sweetest thing, can't wait to show it to my granddaughter. We are all about "little people." We also visit our previous homes when we travel.

    I was wondering if anyone knows what glue to use for laminated items. I am doing flowers for school and my tapes etc., won't stick. Thanks Joan Murphins

  9. That is incredible. Someone is very talented. TFS.

  10. This is really wonderful, Diane. What a super creative person must live there. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. I'm wondering where this is? I live in Fairport....must drive by.

  12. What a great way to beautify an old stump. Very creative! TFS

  13. Truly Adorable, I've always dreamed of having a Dollhouse to build and pass to my Daughters and Grand daughters but This is an idea for home owners.. and wow what an awesome idea.


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