Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Pop-up

I only have time for a very quick post today.  If you live in the path of the Hurricane Irene please be careful.  We hope that we are far enough inland to miss the worst of the storm but it looks like this will be a very dangerous weather situation for many people.

In addition to my fascination for intricate cuts and lace details, I have always loved pop-up cards and books.  These can be designed with the Cricut software but it is very time consuming and difficult.  When I got the Silhouette SD, the package included a card for some downloads from the library.  Many of the items were things that I could easily design by myself but when I found this intricate birthday pop-up I just had to have it.  It cost only 99 cents and I know I will use it over and over.  The file does include some embellishments but I decided to use just the basic cut.  (It was hard to restrain myself from adding Stickles to the candles!).

This is the outside of the card.  Since there is a great surprise inside I kept this very simple.. I cut the paper so the words "Happy Birthday To You" would fall across the top of the card.  Then I added a white layer to make a crisp border around the birthday paper.  The paper is from a DCWV summer stack from a couple of years ago.  A few gem stickers on top of the presents are the only embellishments on the front of the card.

Next month (after the wedding) I plan to try designing some special pop-up cards.  It may be challenging but I think it will be fun! 

I hope you have a nice weekend and that this hurricane decides to head out to sea...

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  1. Love this card. So simple yet so fun.

  2. Beautiful Birthday card! I hope that the hurricane goes out to sea too.

  3. Awesome! Cool! I love it! Thanks for Sharing!

  4. Just incredible! Wonder how many of us will be adding Silhouettes to our wish lists. As always, thanks for your wonderful posts.

  5. Very fun card! This is a great surprise when the card is opened up! Please stay safe! Aren't you glad your construction project is completed!

  6. This looks great! Please stay safe.

  7. Love the card. I think my next machine will be a silhouette!

  8. great card.....and you are making that silhoete SD more and more exciting to get.....

  9. Beautiful pop-up! I'm curious to know if you ever tried doing any of the more elaborate pop-ups known as origamic architecture? I wonder if there's a way to do them with any of the electronic die cut machines. I've only done them by hand. You're so good at adapting things, maybe you can find a way.

  10. I really hope you are able to construct a Design Studio &/or Gypsy file. I tried to day and finally gave up.

  11. Hi,

    Loved your card so much, I had to buy the file but had some problems as the Stampin Up cardstock was
    too thick, didn't want to fold on
    the score lines and tore and
    Paper Company was too thin and the letters tore. Finally found some yellow that worked great but don't know what it was. What did you use, as I sure want to make more!


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