Sunday, August 21, 2011

Design Studio Updated

The Design Studio update for the latest cartridges is now available.  (Thanks to Nancy for giving me the heads up - I have been really busy with family things the past few days and didn't think the update would appear on the weekend!).  Click HERE to go to the download page.  You will need to sign in to the site to do the update.  The cartridges which have been added are...

Art Philosophy (CTMH exclusive)
Something to Celebrate
Sophie (Circle Exclusive)

...from the July release, and

Chic and Scary from the August release.

The page for downloading the updates was changed in June and you can now click on "more info" to the right to go to the shopping page for each cartridge.

Be sure to save the executable file and then run it.

When you click to install the files you will also need to give administrator permission on a separate page for the files to install.

Once the files have installed you will need to close and reopen Design Studio if it was open in order for your computer to load the new files.

It's good to finally be able to get a good look at all of the items on these cartridges.  I find it very helpful to view them in Design Studio because I can experiment with the color previews.  This makes it much easier to get a clear idea of the layers for the shapes and fonts.

The Gypsy had an update for the July cartridges in July.  When I ran Cricut Sync on Saturday, I did not find an update for the new Chic and Scary cartridge.  It should be available soon, so just check every few days if you have a Gypsy.

Have a lovely day - happy designing!

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  1. Thanks for letting us know about the update. You are so good about getting the word out.

    Also, thank you so much for your Imagine ink info from the other day. I finally used my machine and my printing was similiar to yours. Did a print head clean and was back in business. Without your blog post, I probably would have spent too much time trying to figure out the solution!

  2. Thanks so much Diane. I have been waiting for some of these for a while now. It is nice that they have completely updated all of them up to the very latest new carts. Seems as thou they take their time with alot of the updates. Must be getting ready for CR to actually launch soon. When it does, will that totally replace DS??


  3. Thanks so much for the notice on the updates for DS!!!

  4. Once again, thank you for the info on the updates, Diane! You make life so much easier! :)

  5. Thanks Diane! LOve your 31 days of pages, your first one is great. Since this is the last update for the design studio I won't be buying any of the new carts coming out after his date...


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