Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I love a parade...some photos to share again

Monday was Patriot's Day in Massachusetts - the official date is April 19th but it is celebrated on the closest Monday.   I missed the parade since I am here with my Dad (but he's worth it!).   One of the perks of living in Concord, Massachusetts is the history that surrounds you every day.  Here is a LINK to my post last year on Patriot's Day.  I made a quick digital layout of some of the parade photos.  Here is another LINK to a post with some more information about Patriot's Day

The Boston marathon is also held on Patriot's Day and a new record was set this year - 2 hours, 3 minutes and 2 seconds - incredibly fast!  Two years ago, my husband's cousin ran in the marathon - if you want to read a bit about that you can click HERE to see the signs we made - with the Cricut, of course!  If you click HERE you can see her running in the race and a congratulations card we made.

Our town loves a parade - if you missed reading about the 375th birthday parade you can see that post HERE.

I was able to go to a Staples store on Monday and confirmed that the problem with my laptop is a failed AC power cord and that my computer is fine.  So that is a relief but I'll have to wait for the replacement to be sent and it is going to my home so the next few days I'll be working around the lack of my laptop.  I have to thank Ellen who volunteered her help since she is nearby in Pennsylvania and her husband is a computer whiz.  It is so nice to know that people will pitch in to help others and crafters have very big hearts - I am not sure if we will meet up but it is the thought that counts!

link to Discussion Day 1 - Why do you craft?

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  1. Hi Diane ... How nice of you to give me the "shout"; you're thought of warmly and fondly by many. Mi casa, su casa. I do hope we'll meet on one of your trips to PA.

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  2. So glad to hear that the problem is just your power cord! I know that is a huge relief! Thanks for sharing the great pictures! :-)

  3. So glad your computer problems were "minor"! The parade looked like it would be a fun event and the weather looked absolutely BEAUTIFLY! Thanks for sharing.
    Linda Koenig

  4. Good morning Diane. Glad you found out what was wrong with your computer. Way to go CardMonkey :)
    Got my box yesterday and am waiting anxiously on Amber to go through the goodies after school today. Can't hardly wait (just like a kid at Christmas)!
    I enjoyed looking back at the links to see your digital page and the card and signs that you made for you husband's cousin.
    Hope you are enjoying your visit with your Dad.

  5. Wonderful patriotic layout! My kids and I watched quite a bit of the marathon yesterday...what a great race! We also saw the reenactments at Lexington and Concord on the news...I think we'll attend next year...my 2 oldest just read about the Revolution in school. :-)

    Enjoy your time with your father!

    ~Sharon C.

  6. I do love a parade! Great pics and LO. Love the authentic historical costuming. I marvel at people who can run 26.2 miles. I entered a 5K last Saturday, and that was enough for me! Glad your computer problem was minor and you'll be up and running soon.

  7. I am sure that you're relieved that it's "just" a problem with your power cord, and not your computer!

    Have a wonderful rest-of-your-visit with your father, and I'm looking forward to more projects when you get back home.

    Wendy T.

  8. This is a great Lo I also love parades. TFS


  9. Hi Diane, I love the photos and the lay out is awesome! I know it has to be wonderful living with so much history around you. I'll bet you have some incredible photo albums!! Enjoy your visit =)

  10. Wonderful pictures! Very Fun! And the layout looks great!

  11. Happy to hear that your "issues"were minor! Enjoy your time with your dad!


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