Friday, April 29, 2011

Blog Hop Today (but while you are waiting...)

Today is the Creative Charms Farewell Blog Hop.  There is also a wedding today...maybe you have heard about it?  I'll be up watching with all of the billions around the world.

The blog hop begins at 9 am and I don't want to confuse things by posting too early.  Since a lot of you do get the morning email I thought I'd post a few photos of a place near my sister's house in New Jersey. 

The Van Vleck House has wonderful gardens and one of the most amazing wisteria vines that I have ever seen.

Here is one of the trunks of the vine - it wraps around a massive pillar.

 The vine continues along the second story and balcony.  

Some of the blooms have started but they are still quite small.   When we go back for Graduation in a few weeks I hope the wisteria will be in full bloom.

 This entire courtyard will be dripping with wisteria - what a beautiful place!

There were some azaleas in bloom so, of course, I snapped a few photos.

They are lovely and so delicate.

Be sure to check back in at 9 a.m. or later so you can follow the trail of the blog hop.  There is a word to collect on each blog and if you collect the entire sentence you can enter for a chance to win a great prize from Creative Charms.

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  1. Good morning and I just wanted to say that you always post the most beautiful pictures. Thanks.

  2. Beautiful home! It must be amazing to see when the flowers are in bloom. I watched the Royal Wedding too. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Beautiful photographs! I do hope you get to see the wisteria in full bloom. I'm sure it will be awesome. I try to keep my wisteria under control, but I remember my Dad saying that the vines would rip your walls right off your house! lol. Azaleas are also some of my favorite flowering shrubs. I love Springtime!

  4. Wow...that vine is amazing! Looking forward to the hop...tfs!

    ~Sharon C.

  5. Beautiful pictures Diane. TFS



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