Saturday, April 30, 2011

Discussion Day #3 - A Perfect Day (and some more blog hopping)

I thoroughly enjoyed the Royal Wedding - everything about it was nearly perfect.  Did you see some of the amazing hats?  We lived in England for five years and the women really do wear hats for special occasions.  I loved looking at them in the millinery departments of the large stores.  Unfortunately, I have thick hair and a relatively large head so it was difficult to find hats that actually fit. 

In 1998, my husband and I had the chance to attend the races at Ascot.  It was not the "Royal Ascot" week that you think of in the play My Fair Lady, however, the Queen, Prince Philip and other members of the Royal Family were in attendance.  I did find a hat that fit for the occasion!

The Creative Charms Farewell Blog hop is continuing through the weekend.  I want to welcome any of you who are here for the first time because you are "hopping" through.  For my project and the full information on the hop, please go back to Friday's post HERE.  If you visit all of the blogs and put the message together you could win the Grand Prize.

I am also participating in a two day Disney Pixar Blog Hop which begins today.  I don't do many blog hops so it is funny that these both ended up on the same weekend.  I am part of the Sunday group so you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what I have prepared.  The hop will start on Shawn's blog HERE.  If you are on Facebook you can see the event page HERE.  The Grand Prize for this hop is a Gypsy

 I hope you find lots of inspiration in all of the blogs you can visit on these hops. 

Today is Saturday so it is time for our next "discussion."  I have really enjoyed reading the comments and I hope you have had a chance to check in and see what other have to say.  Last week's discussion about "how much is enough?" was very interesting and made me rethink a few things

A few people wrote that they had typed a long comment and then lost the post when they hit reply.  I don't know if there is a limit to the length of the posts in comments on Blogger or if there was another reason this was a problem.  If you have a lot to say, you might want to type your comment as an email draft and then paste it into the comment form.  If there is a problem you could go ahead and email it to me ( to add to the body of the post.

 Discussion Day #3 -  Time to Craft

Most of us have many demands on our time.  While we may want to spend time crafting, there are always the daily details of life that require our attention.  The internet is a great resource for information and shopping for supplies, however, it can be a huge time sink. If you are constantly reading about projects that others have done and searching out tutorials for various techniques (or hanging out on message boards or Facebook) you might not get a chance to actually make something during whatever amount of time you have for crafting.

If you had the luxury of a full weekend with no other responsibilities (no job, kids, spouse, cooking, cleaning, laundry, paperwork or other distractions) what would you do?  Are there things you want to try that you haven't had time to investigate?  Are you a chronological scrapbooker who needs to "catch up"?  Do you have a project that doesn't need to be done right away that you'd love to complete ahead of the deadline for once?

Are there tools in your home that you have purchased but have not mastered (or even used!)?  Is there a technique that interests you that seems too complicated, messy or time-consuming to try in your normal schedule?  Would you want to spend some of the time attending a class or crafting with others or would you prefer to be on your own with the luxury of doing whatever you wanted to do?

I'll confess that I have a Wacom Bamboo Craft tablet that I was so excited to purchase with the idea of using it for my digital crafting.  I have only taken it out once and I'd love to spend the day getting to know all that I could do with it.

If there is a specific tool or technique that you have questions about be sure to mention it and perhaps another reader will chime in with some helpful tips for you.  I will also do my best to answer any questions you have if I am familiar with the tool or technique.   I'll continue to leave a link to the topic at the bottom of each post for the week so you can add your thoughts at your convenience.

Have a wonderful weekend and happy hopping! 

(The tulip at the top of this post is blooming in our front yard - I'll have some more to show you with that image in a couple of days...)

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  1. well now.. never been first. hmmm. OKAY. So lots of thinking about crafting. IF and a big IF.. IF I had the day/time alone. I would LOVE to get my scrapbooking done. I prefer to scrap with friends -it keeps me focused. I used to go to weekend scrap events because everyone is focused on a plan of action. I now seem to only get my pictures and paper and a few nor=ted thoughts into my box waiting to be completed. I have tools like the long handle stapler and tons of cool staples - but do i ever use it - NO.. oh.. DEFIN NOT a chronogical scrapper by any means... are you??? I love my Cricut and seem to be focused on this now and all it can do!! LOVE your blog - followed it yesterday! :) until later...

  2. I have a notebook of ideas/projects I have gathered from blogs, facebook, message boards, and things I have jotted down that I want to try. But, as you mentioned, there are always other responsibilities that prevent me from trying them out. I have a few birthday cards that I need to make this weekend, so it looks like my notebook will go untouched again. Maybe I need to take a few days off from work this summer and use that notebook! :-) BTW - love the tulip picture! Tulips are my favorite flower! I try every year to grow them, but the deer and bunnies always eat them!

  3. gads! where do you live and why were you up @ 0330? I have limited artistic talent, but feel a need to scrap my heritage photos for our descendants. I love everyone else's stamped images but not mine. So stamps would be a tool I have that I need help. I also have a Cricut and DS but not getting the fullest measure from it either. Love your blog.

  4. I have several, several tools, notes, pics, etc. I collect them and categorize them and never get to them. I spend all my time organizing. I do have a bit of time on the weekends but I end up doing other things because I am afraid to create. I have it in my head all the time to create...create...create.
    I too love your site and love everyone else's creations except mine...ugh

  5. i'm a 'silly' in my house. my children are all grown, and i'm retired so i 'do' have the time. i have so many tools, some of which are still stored in their original containers, and so many ideas. this is where the 'silly' comes in. i have little notes with my ideas, all over the house. with hopes of one day completeing the projects on the little slips of paper. i obligate myself to do at least 2hrs of work needing to be done before i allow myself to play. if i didn't do this, i'd never get anything done in both, my craftroom or my home.

  6. I'm a teacher so am looking forward to some extra crafting time during the summer. I do spend too much time looking at other people's stuff and not doing my own. There is soooo much out there it's hard to decide where to try to "fit in", if that makes sense. I usually just make cards so am drawn to those types of blogs more than general scrapping. I have DS but don't use it as much as I could. I guess I haven't had time to learn it to its full potential and I get frustrated. I just got some ProMarkers so that's my newest venture. I would spend the weekend doing that if I had free one.

  7. Okay here I go, I do spend some time on others blogs and should be working on my own projects. If I had the day to myself meaning no Kids, Husband, House Work, No phone calls to make or take, No school events to go to and No projects with the kids, Whew... I would try to get some of my pages done. I have a large box of photos that are in order back from 1998 from our 1st Anniversay trip to Cancun Mexico that I would love to work on. Only if there were enough hours in the day I could get some of them done. The Flower is amazing TFS.


  8. Diane, you look so pretty in that hat! How lucky to have thick hair, too. (Mine is thin AND fine - ugh.)

    If I had the luxury of a whole weekend to do anything I wanted, I'd try to get some scrapbooking done. I'm SO far behind! Unfortunately, I get overwhelmed with all of the pictures that need to be scrapped, and hit a wall when I have any time to scrap. So maybe I wouldn't get much scrapbooking done after all.....

    Wendy T.

  9. I have really been enjoying your discussion questions.
    IF I had all of the weekend to do what I want (and someone else would cook and clean for me) I'd sit in my craft studio and make cards all day. Maybe do some sewing too. I love it all so it takes me a while to get anything done.
    I seem to need to do my housework first ... then I try to have time for crafting.
    I do plenty of blog hopping but try to keep it to two hours or less a day.
    I've been emailing my favorite card or sewing ideas to my Yahoo address and then I look at them from my iPhone (new birthday gift) while I'm at my desk. It's a great way for me to keep all the ideas close at hand. It's working great so far.
    Thanks for all you do and these great discussions too!


  10. Diane
    You look lovely in the hat.
    Your tulip is gorgeous.
    Love the discussions.

  11. Ohhhhh - a dream weekend with no other obligations...

    I'd prefer to get a group of ladies together to gab as we crafted. But, I don't have many local crafty friends for that. So my 2nd best option for a dream weekend would be to turn on my guilty pleasure reality tv shows (Real Housewives maybe?) and let that play alllll day long while I pull EVERYTHING out within reach and just go crazy making cards.

    The tv is fun to listen to, but you don't have to watch & pay close attention so my mind can wander with my projects.

    At Christmas I too got a Wacom Bamboo tablet with so many lofty dreams of using it for digital creations... well I still have to sit & watch the tutorials I've downloaded to learn digiscrapping first... then I'd have some fun - but since that doesn't require pulling out all of my craft supplies I'll save that dream weekend for when the family is here all around me doing their own thing (like naptime right now - let me go squeeze in a tutorial now before they get up...)


  12. There are so many paper crafting techniques I'd like to try if I had the time. For now, I'm sticking to scrapbooking and cardmaking...though I do have a frame I've been itching to cover! I'd also love to learn more about photography...I love taking pictures, but I know they could be so much better!

    LOVE the hat! :-)

    ~Sharon C.

  13. Like Lynn I am a teacher and long for those sweet days of summer break! But, oh ya, my three little boys have summer break too! :) I usually have about two times a year where I have no kids at home and no obligations, and I love to just work on whatever I feel like. I will always be "behind" so I don't put that kind of pressure on myself--I just scrap whatever I am wanting to work on at that moment. I save ideas on my laptop and do go back and use them later--that has helped me to gather info when my family life is too crazy to get stuff out and even try to craft.
    p.s. looking forward to you on the Disney hop!!

  14. I would love to craft with friends all weekend, but don't have crafting friends that live here. I live in GA, have 2 friends in NC and we all meet in SC for a weekend of scrapping in Feb. We have done this for 2 yrs already and we hope it will be a tradition now.

    I have had a few out of town trips for different reasons. They have put me behind on spring cleaning. I hope when I am caught up with things, I will have time to catch up on some crafting. I have some unfinished projects, some new toys I need to learn to use and a new passion. I have recently run across a couple blogs, that do a lot of mini ablums. I would love to get started on making some of these for family gifts. I think they would be great for family trips, babies and mile marker birthdays/events.

    I have the Gypsy and can only manage to get it updated. I have tried to design projects with it, but always delete them. There is something missing between that screen and my brain. I keep thinking I missed something and it's not right. I also just broke down and bought the Expression. I've had a Baby Bug since 2006. I also just bought thte Cinch to bind my mini albums. I need to learn these 3 toys.

    Thanks for these great questions! Love your hat. I wanted to be a hat maker when I was younger. There are several events in the south where we wear hats. I wish there were more.

  15. Diane,
    I am trying to retrace my steps and leave a message one each and follow each blog. Although I can not access Jans blog today at all?? Don't know what to do?
    Janet Cooney

  16. Wow, what would I do with a totally free day? I would probably spend some time on both of my hobbies - genealogy and scrapbooking. I am a chronological scrapbooker and I am definately behind. I would love to have several uninteruppted hours to get lost in making memories come to life!

  17. I love your hat! You look so cute1
    I retired from teaching last yr. Wow it has almost been a year. I spend way to much time on the computer. I am on 3 design teams and get lots of idea email every day. I love my days alone but am still trying to figure out a balance between house, crafts, computer and the world. LOL I love all my tool and use what I have. It I am not using it it might end up at a sale. Well I try anyway to use it all. I love when my hubby is at work (he still works) and I have my days to myself.
    Thanks for asking.

  18. I would love to spring clean my craft room. I am hesitant to start, not finish, and make it worse than it is. And perhaps finish some projects.
    I spend way too much time blog hopping and checking out everyone else's projects.

  19. I love your blogs they are so inspiring.. I read blogs and how too at night when heading off to bed. Most people take a book to read in bed, I take my computer. LOL. I fit in my reading at night work during the day and try to work on projects after dinner but I only seem too finish the ones that are gifts or things I do for others or sell.. I have so many unfinished projects that I don't know where to beginn sometimes. Cards and Scrapbooking are my passions at the moment and Floral arranging. Just got finished helping my friend out with her wedding where I putt my sewing techniques to the test for hemming all the bridesmaids gowns, making silk floral arrangements for the reception, Using my cricut to cut out crosses and rings for the programs , scrapbooked a wedding album , made all the shower invitations and favors..etc Now if I had time for all that you would think I could find time to work on my own projects.. LOL I think I am better when I have deadlines otherwise I spend my time running errands, cooking , cleaning , organizing and doing things for my family ind looking for other cool projects to try in all these wonderful blogs rather than spending time in my craft room. :) Sleep who needs sleep when you are a crafter .. LOL

  20. WOW..You have surely given me food for thought.I would love to have an entire day to craft. I need to do some catching up, sadly I also have tools I have never used.I need to quit wasting time and try some of these beautiful projects.
    Thanks Mary

  21. Those are some fun pictures! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  22. I have just finished building a new scraproom and began using all my goodies, but I have been getting very overwhelmed by all the "stuff". A lot of the ideas look great when I watch the tutorials, but are a bit intimidating when I think to try them on my own.

  23. If I were alone for two days and do only what I want to do I would 1) spend the 2-3 hours needed to put all the embellishments away that I've pulled out in the last 3 months....2) reorganize how I store photos waiting to be scrapped...3) start to go thru the old photo albums from my children's childhood...and 4) eat junk food.

    I spend about 1 to 1-1/2 hours a day on blogs and blogging. I love it.

  24. I guess I spend too much time on the computer. I follow a lot of blogs by email, so have to check them out. I then pop in to the mb and see if anything is new. I get to one blog and find a link to another that looks interesting, and wind up on all these little rabbit trails, finding another to follow along the way. If I spent as much time scrappin as I do on the web, I'd get a lot accomplished. For me, it is a good thing, yet can be like you said, taking up way too much of my time. I do enjoy it tho. ;)

    Carol aka cyimbugbitten
    bugbitten at hotmail dot com

  25. Wow, I had to read everyone's messages while I collected my thoughts for this discussion. I am on the compter for 1-3 hours a day (way too much since I work full time) I have recently started only answering the ones that really touch me or imspire me. I also rarely follow blog hops. I get too invovled and find new blogs to follow.

    If I had all that time, the first day I would spend organizing my craft room. I am bad enough but my grandkids make stuff and don't put anything away. At least they are creating and I am working on the putting away lessons.

    The second and successive days I would make cards, play with my quilling tool and die (I want to make some flowers too!).

    To answer someone elses comment, when I get overwhelmed, I just pick up one photo and scrap it.

    Also, I would spend some time learning PSE while doing some digital scrapping.

    Can't wait for Provo Crafts online design site to be live.

    syoung6987 at aol dot com

  26. Your hat is much more tasteful than some of the ones at the wedding - lol!

    I usually work best with a deadline. If I know I have several hours to work, I keep thinking I have plenty of time to work, then something unexpected interrupts me & I don't get done what I planned to.

    But on the flip side of that, when I'm working late to finish something, I don't take time to put things away & it looks like a tornado came thru! So if I had all day to work, I'd really love to clean up & organize.

  27. Just love your blog's super that you take the time to give us the details you do...THANK YOU! The flowers you made are darling and look great on your projects!

  28. Oh, how I enjoy being able to say I mostly do have the time to craft, in between time with grandchildren, leading a couple of Bible Studies and other duties. I have normally been a deadline card maker, but am finding out how fun it is to create more carefully ahead of time. I use most of my tools, most of the time, although when I had glue showing on my last card and was trying to figure out how to hide it, I remembered I have some SU “smooch.” It worked beautifully.

    I don’t believe I have mastered Design Studio. I would have to use it more often just to play around with it.

    I have so many years to scrapbook that I have decided to choose events or certain people to scrap for.

    Thanks for all your ideas, helps and photographs Diane.

  29. Diane,
    I care for my parents ages 83, 86. My days are unpredictable. She just came home from over 20 days in the hospital. I stay really busy and don't get to craft much. You said something interesting that spending time looking on the internet as to using that time to craft. I am probably very guilty of doing that. I have a GYPSY that I would love to learn to use. I have only done the updates to try and keep it current. I would also like to get the computer program that you use. I love the computer.
    I did spend most of my spare time in March redoing my craft room thanks to your inspiration. I have video on my blog and would be honored if you would take a look and let me know what you think. I love the blog and thanks for the inspiration.

  30. What would I do with a WHOLE weekend by myself??? Well I will let you know on Monday!! Yep, for Mother's day my DH and 3 DS's are giving me a day to myself (Saturday... I REFUSE to be away from my family on Sunday!). I am looking forward to getting my craft space cleaned up.... it is not a room so much as a quarter of our unfinished basement! Then I am going to spend an hour or two with each of my tools that I have not used much in the past. I am determined to learn how to use the watercolor pencils that are currently mocking me everytime I try to use them, and the distressing ink... I am just not good at the whole blending technique. I am also going to work some on my digital scrapping and try to figure that one out. And I am going to enjoy coffee the whole time!!! Oh and hopefully get in a little nap time :)
    shalbgewachs at sbcglobal dot net

  31. I read all the time about if you only have 10 minutes do this (scrapbooking) or do that. 10 minutes is not enough for me and would only give me the hunger to continue when I don't have the time. I take advantage of crops and also have attended a retreat which was increably productive for me. Often times I send the children to granny's and scrap for the day. For some reason I need a significant amount of time to get a great amount completed to feel like I have not wasted my time.
    I would love to play with techniques more but find I often get in the get it done mode. Did buy a gypsy recently and look forward to setting aside time to play. will schedule time soon.

  32. Like several others, I am also a teacher looking forward to summer break-24 days left! However, I will also retire this year and look forward to that endless summer! Other commitments come first however, and a full day, let alone a weekend of scraping or doing what I would like still seems to be the impossible dream. I did create a plan for my retirement, similar to the old time "woman's work saying": Monday is quilting, Tuesday is reading, Wednesday is sewing, Thursday is photography, Friday is scrapping/Cricut, Saturday is shopping, Sunday is babysitting (time with new granddaughter) and the eighth day is for cleaning and everything else! I made a 12x12 page, framed it and have it hanging in the living room now! I just discoverd Wobblies last week and now need to get busy on cards with those. They are such fun for kids and a great surprise for the adults.

  33. The internet is certainly a time sink for me. I do spend a lot of time looking at other people's projects and do get lots of ideas from them. I'm trying to be more organized about keeping track of the ideas I really like so I can try them. A weekend with no responsibilities .. WOW .. sounds like heaven! Of course I love my Cricut, but I have cartridges that I "had to have" and now have never used. I'd love the time to explore them all. I also purchased a Gypsy thinking that would be the perfect way to have all my cartridges right there. I've never used the Gypsy, the screen is too small and I have to switch computer cords and it just seems overwhelming. I love DS and use it all the time and have tried saving the designs as gypsy files, but I can't really get the hang of it. Unfortunately I sold my Juke Boxes. I guess I really need to learn how to use the Gyspy! I have been trying to finish a scrapbook for my grandchild of her dancing and I'm always behind. So I'd love time to get that done also! Cheryl G

  34. A day without inpiration is wasted so I have to be ready when I do scrapbooking or cardmaking. I decided long ago that I wouldn't purchase anything I wouldn't use, or didn't want to. Thus I have no stamps but do all sentiments on my computer. Although this takes a lot of planning ahead to save paper, I have made it work well for me. I use Design Studio almost exclusively and am still using a personal Cricut. All my photos have been sorted by event so when I'm ready, I get out that set and lay them out on paper, crops and decorate. I'm a "many picture" type of scrapbooker, and a "few embelishment" type of cardmaker so that makes things much easier. My craft room, which also includes my quilting fabric, is only 8 x 10 so I have to keep it organized in order to work in it. I do follow a few blogs to get ideas but many of them are not my style so don't spend a lot of them on them. Your blog, Diane, was my first because I Googled "Design Studio" and your page came up and your instructions are so complete and easy to follow that I've been hooked ever since. Thank you for all you do.


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