Saturday, April 23, 2011

Discussion Day #2 - How much is enough?

We are expecting a rainy Saturday and since it won't be a good day to be outside I am planning to dig in and try to finish the craft room reorganization.  I have been amazed at the sheer amount of "crafty stuff" that I have accumulated over the years.  I am a fairly typical crafter who can't resist items that are pretty or that I think I can use for a "to be determined" project.

Papercrafting supplies are generally low in price as individual items but tend to be part of larger sets or collections.  It is easy to think that you need every color of Stickles or all of the papers in a new line - turning a purchase of a dollar or two into a much more significant acquisition.

I constantly struggle with the balance between collecting or limiting the amount of supplies and tools in my space.  In the past couple of weeks I have purchased two new crafting machines (more about these later) and there are still more that I "think" I want.  Realistically, I only have so many hours in a day and there are other aspects of life that need my attention.  Will I ever be able to use all that I have and find time to work with new items too?

When you have too many options available to you it becomes difficult to make a choice.  It is possible that having "too much" makes you less creative and inventive than you would be if you had to work to make the most of a limited amount of materials.

So let's talk about it - do you ever feel overwhelmed by your supplies?  What is a "reasonable" amount of paper to have on hand?  Do you need to have every color of solid cardstock from a certain company to feel prepared to craft?  How often do you actually use the colors in a series that complete your collection but don't really appeal to you?  What method do you use to try to keep the acquisition of new things under control?  Is it possible to have so many "toys" (whether they are cartridges, SVG files, ribbons, paper stacks, etc.) that you can't reasonably expect to use them all - no matter how hard you try?

You don't have to "confess" to the amount of papercrafting accumulation in your life unless it helps you to work out your answer to the questions.  I will add a link for this topic to the tab at the top of the page so you can gather your thoughts  and join the conversation when you have time. 

A note about new cartridges...   "Hello Thursday" did not become "Good Morning Friday" and the new cartridges have not yet been officially announced.  There have been a number of personnel changes at ProvoCraft this week and these may have had an impact on the usual schedule.  When I plugged in my Gypsy and ran Cricut Sync to transfer a file tonight, I discovered that the Gypsy updates with the new cartridges are in place.  There are four segments to the update and it will take quite a while (over two hours for me) to complete them all.  You will be able to see a number of new cartridges once the update is completed.

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  1. I've wondered whether I should just open a store, then I could have everything at my fingertips! Seriously, about 40 years ago my mother-in-law and a friend did exactly that! It operated out of a closed in porch, and it was just great! They had a ball until they closed it down, about 10 years later.

  2. Happy Saturday. I always thought that I had a lot of supplies until I started blogging and seeing what everyone else has. I signed up for LOAD (layout a day) for February and was determined to try my best to use what I already had on hand. I have used up a lot of things and it feels great. Start another one of the classes on May 1st for another month of layouts. Can't wait to clean out some more AND get more pages done.

    Have a very Happy Easter and you post the most beautiful flower pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Such a thought provoking question! I am a confessed "paperaholic". I have a pretty good collection of crafting materials and machines. I actually (jokingly?) talked to my husband about what people get my stuff if something happens to me!! Sometimes I absolutely spend too much time trying to figure out which paper and which cartridge etc etc to the point where I simply don't get things done. A couple of years ago I had to change jobs and took a significant pay cut. Once my credit card got pretty close to its limit, I realized I had to stop buying crafting "stuff". Now I'm actually discovering what I have on hand, and shopping in my own stash. Cheryl G.

  4. Good morning from Ohio! Great subject to discusss....I just purchased new laminate flooring for my bedroom and now have to clear out my room so we can install it. So this subject is timely for me, I need to start today! Yes, it is definitely possible to have too many scrapping goodies - but that doesn't make it any easier to say "no" to new ones! In the past year I have really started to pile up paper stacks, and know I'll probably never use them all. But beautiful new ones keep coming!!

    I have started to limit my purchasing of big tools/machines: I've resisted the temptation of a Yudu, flower petal punches, additional bulky paper trimmers, and the Teresa Collins stampmaker. On paper, I try to be guided by 3 principals: 1 - Can I readily think of a layout/project I'll use it on? 2 - Do I already have tons of that pattern/theme that I haven't used yet? 3- Is it unique; do I absolutely love it and will regret not buying it? (I thus sometimes make exceptions to rules 1 & 2, but don't let myself do it too often.)

    Another thing I limit is buying every color of a marker, ink pad, glimmer spray, etc. I buy just 1 or 2 at a time, in my favorite/most often used colors, or as needed for a project.

    Last, I don't let myself get sucked into buying an entire line of products/papers. If I ADORE a line, I buy a paper stack or pack. Otherwise I get only the papers I know I'll use or really like. For embellishments, I pick and choose individual items I like, or 2-3 to match a line. I rarely spend more than $4 per package, I just can't bare to spend more than that! I try to get the higher priced items on sale, with a coupon, or wait for clearance. Trends move fast, so if I don't "need" it now, I wait for it to hit clearance! And then, I still try to follow my "rules" above. ; )

    I would love to read and and ALL ideas/methods for organizing your stash. I need serious help! Especially with paper scraps, unmounted stamps, and other random bits and bobs.

  5. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your supplies? YES!!

    I am in the process of moving. As I type this I am looking at all my stuff and wondering how I am going to fit it in my new space. I currently have a 10x13 foot space. The new space is only 10x8. I am stressing over it. My paper alone is enough to give me a headache. The housing expenses are going to be higher in the new place so I can't spend so much on crafting supplies. Just like Cheryl above, I will be forced to use what I have on hand.

    Diane, Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!

  6. I started out buying, buying, buying and haven't even touched the surface of using what I have. I even turned one room into a craft room. I'm in there as much as possible but I don't create alot. One reason is because I don't feel I am creative enough...ugh..especially after I look at all of your designs (talent). But, I believe I am at the point where I can start using ALL my "THINGS". I hate to say it but maybe I should not look thru all the talented websites everyday...NOT...I'll just learn to have more self-control when it comes to crafting and not need everything. I am going to start "CREATING" more(especially for my sister).

  7. Great topic. I do struggle with what is enough. I started getting ready to retire and stocking up on crafting supplies so I would have what I needed when I didn't have the same income but it hasn't stopped. Well maybe a little. It is have the I want and the do I really need. I feel guilty about stuff I have that I don't use enough. I really try to wait until things go down in price before I buy. I have found some places to swap thing too. That helps to see if you really like something before you buy.
    Thanks for asking and it is fun to read eveyones comments.

  8. well.. if you ask my hubby - i have way to much and am obsessed.. BUT if you ask me... well.. i bet you know that answer already! I am one that yes.. AS far as machines.. when I got my cricut and started learning all these awesome capabilities - i stopped buying "other" things as much (punches, etc) NOW I am/have been obsessed 4 years with wanting all the cartridges and cuttlebug embossing folders - stamps with faces (pks) and words.... but stopped buying so much other things as well! Paper is my obsession and I cannot seem to stop buying this!! patterned - plain - shiny - whatever.. I just gotta have it! sales - sales - packaged deals!! savings for my obsession. honestly (since we are being honest) blog hopping is addictive and i really hope to win... haven't had much luck.. (NOW there's another topic - blogging LOL).. LOVE your perspective Diane!! i feel like i am in rehab to admit i have a obsession lol pss.. did i mention I buy mostly when on sale/coupons

  9. This is such a tough question. I do often think the amount of 'stuff' available and the amount that I've accumulated is staggering. Being a paperholic I have more than I could probably ever use but that doesn't keep me from wanting and buying more. The toys that go along with scrapping are just as seductive. Like computers the toy we crafters buy today is often outdated tomorrow by one that makes it easier or better in some way. In the end I think it does bog us down especially those of us who are crafters and not 'artists'. I'm trying so hard to 'use it up' but at the same time I'm really trying to justify all those great new toys that I want.

  10. Wow - this is a great discussion topic. Yes, I am overwhelmed with trying to collect too many things to work with. It is so hard to resist the new cartridges, paper lines, pens, tools etc., etc., etc.

    As a matter of fact, I am struggling with the question of whether or not I need the E2 that comes out next week at HSN. I have Expression and the Imagine that will do anything that I need to I guess the answer is DO NOT BUY. Knowing this and following through are two different matters though.

    Thanks "claymedmyheart" for putting part of my problem in perspective. I do not need to have every color of every item offered out there. The colors and variety are so vast that it is easy to get pulled into buying them all.

    Diane - thanks for this topic. It is very thought provoking. I am giving myself a pep talk to complete at least two pages or one project this weekend. I'll let ya'll know if I complete my mission:)

  11. I am oh sooo guilty of this! When I did glass painting I really did end up buying every single color of paint and the pre-made leading sets AND books of patterns. Glass Painting lasted about a year (then had a baby & it isn't an easy thing to do with kids around). When I did cross stitch once again I bought every single color of floss and pattern books, etc. etc. I had a great time organizing all of the floss ;) I completed maybe 3 projects. Same goes for all of the fabric I bought for photo album decorating... I finished TWO of them.

    Now I'm at paper crafting. Alllll of the other collections were sold off in a move in 2005. I was sad to see it all go and honestly I'd probably dabble in it again if I still had it here. BUT - the problem is there is too much and it is overwhelming.

    I only have a corner of my room for craft storage. It amounts to 3' x 6' of space. I tend to work on my papercrafts on my king size bed. Not entirely comfortable, but it is a big space. It takes me twice as long to pull out all of the stuff I need for one project as it takes me to complete it.

    And... I have so much patterened paper and embossing folders, etc. that I quickly get on overload & it is so much harder to complete a project.

    My latest craft bug is digiscrapping. I haven't even really learned HOW to do it yet, but in one short month I've already collected so many kits and files from Lettering Delights I could stick to just digiscrapping and be set for over a year of crafty time. Overload - YES!

    Lastly - so far the way I'm handling stemming my collection of craft supplies (and this is only a few weeks old) is... I unsubscribed from the weekly emails all 3 big craft stores send me. They always have a coupon and it does something to my head to know I can save 40% on something I "could" need for crafting someday. I've been known to print a bunch of that coupon... you can use it legally once per day at your local store during the time it is active... says so in the fine print. Well, we have 3 local stores of just that kind - I can get to all 3 within 10 minutes of my house... and in the same 10 minutes can hit up 2 of another big chain and 1 of the other. One 40% $10-$15 item a week won't break my bank... but 5 or more will and I have to stop this ;)

  12. My hubs calls my studio the money pit.....but I call it my refuge. I love going into the studio sometimes and just looking at all the colors. But my studio is where I my paint, sew, draw, etc.... so I have way more than just papercrafting supplies stored there. I try to limit my buying, I realized I don't need every gadget, jewel, cardstock, etc.....
    It makes me more able to craft without searching endlessly and makes hubs happier that I'm not spending as much money.

  13. Well, that was truly like a slap in the face. I poured out my heart regarding my crafting woes, and when I hit "publish my comment", your little box here threw it all out and just said "Your comment could not be published" WHAT?!?!?!? Well, there is no way I can type that all again. Thanks little box, you've depressed me even mroe than the question did.

  14. When I first started my husband and I would shop. What did I need - he thought everything and would say "you will use it someday." It bacame too much for me and I did not know what to do with it all (paper, brads, stencils, pens, etc.) I appreciated him shopping with me - I just had to tell him to slow down. Now to current times - he still likes to shop for me (I know - there are worse problems to have) but know I have a style and tools that I like so he tries to stick with those. I love the cricut and wish I had more time to play. I seem to collect the cartridges in the hopes the more I have the more time I will have to create. I guess my feeling is someday I will use it or have the time to create with it. Don't squash my time dream - sometime.

  15. My major problem is SALES and BARGAINS!! I just can't resist the 40% and 50% coupons! And don't even get me started in the clearance aisles! I can ignore punches UNTIL I see the 50% off sign, which means now I have a ton of them. And of that ton...I use maybe 20% of them all the time!
    Someone once said you wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time - I think that's true of most of our crafting supplies...we use our favorites most of the time - but just enjoy knowing we have that odd shade of Stickles "just in case"! Consequently, I have way more supplies than my creative brain will ever conjure up designs for...but until the next coupon, bargain, or sale comes along...I'm content knowing my addictive nature will be ready to pounce on it when it presents itself. Happy scrappin' all my fellow "addicts"!

  16. I was not into crafting until my daughter gave me a Cricut Create for Christmas last year. Since then I have bought the Cricut Expression and tons of paper, punches, stencils, stamps, and you get the idea. I was feeling overwhelmed and guilty for spending all that money. My creativity diminished. Now I am a little more selective. I am glad to see that others have the same obsession. Thanks Diane.

  17. I don't have nearly the supplies that I've seen some people post but honestly, it would take me years to use up what I have. If I were to buy nothing but adhesives for the next six months, I would still have reserves. I will sometimes walk down the scrapbook aisle and some new paper or gizmo will really "speak" to me and sometimes I get it, sometimes I don't. Five years ago when it became evident that I needed to destress my life, DH and I decided that I should "retire" from corporate America and since then I have worked only part-time jobs. Part of the compromise of destressing my life was drastically less $$. My part-time jobs pay for my play money and that is what keeps my spending and collecting under control. If I had a bigger play budget, I'd probably spend it all on stuff that I'd like to have but might not ever use. So sometimes less really is more.

  18. besides being a fantastic crafter, you are also an incredible writer, you should start doing that more often and write a book. I on the other hand am a foreigner and can't use the ideas that are in my head because I don't have the vocab to do so. I agree with you. Roberts went out of business here in Northern Utah and all the stores are closing by May 4th. I was chocked and depressed for a week or so, and I was wondering if I ever could survive without "Roberts" I came to the conclusion that it will be easier than I thought. I really don't need ALL the cartridges, papers, stickers, etc to make my crafts look great for the purpuse I was making it anyway. I have a saying in my kitchen that reads " Symplify", it is time I do so .

  19. I am constantly asking my self the same question. I am blessed to be able to purchase the things that I want but I am always asking myself if I NEED those purchases. I really enjoy reading the blogs but I am human and I find myself wanting all of the new supplies "just in case" I want to try the techniques. Then new cartridges come out...I wrestle with the "greed demon" and usually win but sometimes I don't. I do think that it comes down to the simple question... Will I use this purchase...Easier said than done.

  20. Great post and comment and I can join the crew. For Lent, I gave up buying anything related to this wonderful hobby.. I was doing good until one day stickles.. many colors were on the one day sale. I purchased them. Didn't think one bit. Then it hit me..
    So the rest of these 40 days I have not purchased one crafting thing. This opened my eyes. Now the challenge is to use what I have..
    Yes I am at time very overwhelmed with the amount of crafting supplies.. mostly paper.. that I have. It is all super organized.. but I have to be honest what I can and can't use. I sold some stamps last year that I hadn't used. I am starting to do that again for this year. Kind of like the clothes thing the other poster said. If I haven't used 20% of my supplies 80% of the time why have it?
    Thanks for making us think Diane!

  21. My name is Jen. I am a paperaholic. LOL! Seriously, there ought to be a 12 step program for crafters, too!

    Two years ago I was laid off from my job and I haven't had a consistent job since. So my craft collecting obsession has come to a screeching halt. The only thing I purchase these days is adhesive and the occasional solid card stock (on sale only). And I have to tell you, it feels good to finally be using all the pretty papers I've collected as well as all of the other supplies, embellishments, etc. I've also discovered that there is a lot of the "Stuff" that I never use. So very soon I'm going to start putting it up on e-bay -- gotta have $$ for adhesive!!

  22. I guess like everyone else I feel I have too much, yet travel to Michaels and come home with more. I tend to order a great deal on line as I am in Canada and things are so much cheaper in the states. I think I tend to buy when I don't feel I don't have time to create. I am trying to downsize at least a bit and then will hopefully do some creating, but time always seem to get away from me. I am hoping that a few rainy spring days will allow me to accomplish some pages and cards. Wishing everyone a very happy easter and and productive scrapping.

  23. I often feel as if I have too much, especially when I look at all my cricut carts and realize all the unused content on them that I have never even touched. And I have nowhere near the number of carts that have been released! Sometimes I grab something at the store for "later" and then later seems to never come around....And that darn "$1" aisle at M's and J's gets me every time. I have so many stamps that I will probably never touch!Now I feel I am in crafting jail since I bought a new sewing machine this week!!! Fun but expensive. Me and my toys. Good thing I don't like to shop for clothes!

  24. This is a loaded question Diane. But a good one. I must admit I can't resist good deals, coupons, and that good yet very, very bad dollar section. I buy WAY too much. I love patterned paper and stamps. My biggest problem is not wanting to use the cute stuff. Is that silly or what? I don't want to cut it up. So I just buy more. Being a shopahilic doesn't help me use my stash...I just add more to my collection. I keep saying I will use it one day. If only I could stay out of the stores...that may become true. In the meantime, I'll keep hitting the stores to find more unnecessary items.

  25. Diane,
    I understand. I have only done the downloads on my Gypsy and never used it. I redid the craft room and thanks to your ideas I love it. I hope that you will take time to look at it. I lost my gypsy paperwork yesterday and looked thru all my supplies and I have plenty. I need to stop and use what I have. I understand were you are coming from about the supplies.
    I love the blog. Thanks for all the great things and help learning more about this craft.

  26. Hi Diane, I hope youhave a very joyous Easter weekend! I love your blog, and I think your creations and photograhy are outstanding! Love your little smiley face creature photos too!
    I passed the point of too much, many years ago. I moved into a house that allowed me to have a craft room and it is always chaos. I'm bad. I buy things I never use. Since I started using my expression 3 + years ago, my huge stamp collection has remained virtually unused,except for the greetings. Now I purchase too much paper and can't seem to walk past a stack without throwing it in my cart. I try to limit my trips to JoAnn's and Michael's.

  27. Diane,this is a subject I think about often. Sometimes,I feel a little guilty. However, my husband supports this hobby and that helps me justify my purchases but it was becoming an addiction. Now,I am learning to resist the coupons. When I see a blog that creates using so many different materials I now try to see what I have in my stash that will work as well rather than buy. I feel blessed to have this creative outlet and the sharing online just adds to the fun. Thank you for all you do for us.

  28. Great discussion--again. I have too much stuff. I think my husband is ready to call the Hoarders show. I am cluttered and have stuff everywhere. I share our little house with our family of five, so we are cramped for space in all ways and are bursting at the seams. We are way overdue for a major overhaul of boy clothes, toys and scrapbooking supplies! I am a bargain shopper--which means the major craft stores have got me because there is always something awesome to buy on sale! My New Years Resolution 2 years ago was to use what I had--and it worked until the next year when I think I had rebound shopping. A long time ago I was a Creative Memories consultant and I still have a ton of stuff! Recently, Michaels had my favorite paper on sale and I was ready to go stock up in case of a natural disaster and I couldn't make it back there again. I stopped myself, made myself consult my stock of paper, and actually gave myself permission to pay FULL price if I NEEDED something later. That worked. I am a teacher with three little boys so life is hectic. I am currently in "planning mode" to prepare for reorganizing my stash (and our lives) for this summer. I look forward to being more crafty and using my supplies. I also have an idea to have a crafting yardsale with my girlfriends--only we won't be allowed to buy eachothers stuff!! :) I also want to purge of stuff that I know is no longer my style and donate it to my sons after school program. Thanks for more therapy time! :)

  29. YES, I have too many supplies and too many tools, and I am trying to thin them out so I can actually use what I have. Too much stuff can hinder my creativity as I sometimes don't know what craft to work on next and what tools and supplies to use when i determine the craft. Not to mention the digital scrapbooking files clogging my computer. I will admit that I use the digital "stuff" more often because I have it better organized and it doesn't make a mess in my craftroom if I need to take a break in the middle of something.

    Thanks, I love these discussions, keep them coming.

  30. I got to the point where I was buying anything and everything! It started out with getting the more necessary tools; good scissors, a Circut Expression, a couple variety glimmer mists, some paper pads, and next thing I knew I was ordering everything I saw I wanted (no craft stores out here so you can imagine how expensive it gets to order and ship EVERYTHING), and thanks to eBay keeping a track of how much I spend a month I realized it getting WAY out of hand. So I cut myself off. I allow myself only to trade and swap for now, and I'm in a "Use up what you have, work with what you got" mentality. And I am just as happy in my craft room as I ever was. It feels good, it took a little training (I slipped up once when I just had to get the Pink Paislee butterfly garden stuff) but I'm down to only purchasing supplies as I need them (adhesives and whatnot) and using up the supplies I already have. I went all last month with only buying wedding related stuff to make my centerpieces, and this month only buying myself one stamp that will also go to making wedding stuff. Not only does my wallet stay fat, but it also inspires me to get a little more creative when I find I don't have maybe the most perfect thing on hand. And being creative is what crafting is all about! I was losing myself in all the fun new stuff that came out in CHA that I was buying more than creating, and what's the point in that?

  31. I think I have enough until I go to make something. I do have enough paper for the most part. What I find I lack in are embellishments. To not have the right size or color of brads, or flowers or ribbon to go with my project. That is when I wish I had a store at my house!

  32. you're so right about being overwhelmed with having so much, you lose your creativity. i sit in my room and to what should inspire me, only bogs my mind as to what do i want, where do i start, then i get up and leave the room. i'm finding some new things awhile back would have my heart fluttering to get my hands on... lately, i've given myself a day or two to think on it and decide i don't need it, or i can make 'that' with what i have. and this gives me a sense of relief knowing i don't 'have to have it all'.

  33. perfect topic for me as today I spent the morning re-organizing and putting "like things" together.
    I also put a box of things together that I know I am never going to use I am going to give those to a friend at work for her girl scout troop. I think as I get older I am becoming a little better about bringing stuff into my house and definately better about taking things out.

  34. I must admit that while reading my daily blog sites, I wondered how you all had so much money to spend on crafting supplies. My spending is limited, as is my space, so I'm careful with what I buy.

    I started with the Cricut Personal less than a year ago and unless I want to do envelopes, it works just fine. I'd like an Expression (not even the E2) but it will have to wait. I know the kind of scrapbooking or cards I will be making, or for whom, so I only get cartridges that will work for that. The same is true for paper, tools, and what few embellishments I use.

    I have to tell you I live 20 miles from the nearest JoAnn's and 40-50 miles from the nearest other craft stores so spur of the moment coupon buying doesn't happen, especially with the gas prices. My husband would holler louder at that than what craft item I'm buying. lol

  35. I'm one who just upgraded to a Cricut Expression from the Baby Bug. What I find difficult is when all the blogs are using items that have just been I feel so far behind ...projects are using all the new releases. I wish I could find a blog that is using some of the older cartridges. I have 13 cartridges which I know isn't a lot compared to what I see on-line, but there does seem to be a point where I just feel trying to keep up is not going to happen.
    Thanks Diane for your great blogs!

  36. I use to feel overwhelmed by all of my supplies until I got them all organized and saw what I actually had. I put things within an arms reach and in sight, so that I could actually use them. I organized all my stamps and made myself a notebook binder of all my stamps, punches, embossing folders, etc. All my color pencils, markers, ink pads are also recorded in a catalog form. Often, I will take my binder with me to craft stores to remind me not to buy something I already have or something almost like it. I have a cricut(little one) and only 4 cartidges, a cuttle bug and several folders. If I see a cute card on a blog that someone had made, I just adapt the card to what supplies I have on hand.
    I have a friend that likes to do cardmaking, so we get together and share paper, stamps, etc. She has stamp images that I don't have but I am able to use. The best tool that I can say that I use the most is my computer and reading all the blogs. I have learned so much from free tutorials, company blog site and all the wonderful, talented women who create cards and other projects and post online. I feel that my card making went from blah to ah.

  37. I have way too much stuff. I don't know how I keep it under control. I'm constantly giving stuff away. I need to have a scrapbooking yardsale!

  38. I seem to have more than I NEED, yet I never seem to have the right paper or embellishment I visualize in my mind. I Need to start wanting what I have instead of always wanting something else.

  39. I am well aware that I am obsessed! I have 58 cartridges and I'm sure I could keep buying more! Ever since they started having an astronomical amount of them it has actually helped me to cut down. There is no way on this Earth I could afford all of them! I wouldn't have 58 if there was such an overwhelming amount when I started. So many I rarely even use. But my craft room is crazy full of supplies. I'm trying to use some of it before I go shopping again. Wish me luck! Happy Easter!

  40. OMG....this is the subject we talk about all the time. I had to move for the reason of more room..a few other reasons. I have slowed up on machines and I do want the new E2, but I have a person to buy the old E. I got the Imagine and that is really the only purchase that I feel I didn't need. I gave my sister my original Cricut when I got the E but I had to replace the little Cricut in case I went to a crop and needed it...LOL! I have about 160 cartridges and have been more selective now on purchasing them... I also might add that I have been out of work since September. I am careful, but still buy stuff. I am getting a little smarter...I wanted the Big Kick but tried to sell the Sizzix and didn't, so I didn't buy it.

    My paper collection is overflowing and I still buy when it is very special....I try to stay very organized so I know what I have.

    Anyway, my concern is(LOL) if I die and someone comes in and sees all my stuff they may think I was crazy! But I have been very good as far as not buying clothes or shoes..its all scrapbook/art supplies and I just started making Jewelry and trying not to get overwhelmed...just enough supplies to make ample Christmas gifts.

    I do teach Scrapbook 101 classes and try to at least teach my girls to limit their purchases and think outside the box.

    To me this is my life and I love it, but yes...enough can be enough. It is an addiction and starts to become a collection, rather than supply.

    Visit me at

    With love of our hobby

  41. I think too much might be when you forget what you have. I have only what I can fit on my crafting "counter" and find I usually can make do with what I have on hand for a project. I do like paper though...and it does take up quite a bit of space!

    I was disappointed with the Hello Thursday (or Saturday) releases. I don't have an Imagine...and the Lite cartridges are pricey. I was hoping for some full content cartridges not exclusive to the new machine. :-(

    Have a lovely Easter!

    ~Sharon C.

  42. Well.....I just typed a book and was told it couldn't complete my request.


  43. Sounds like we all have the same story. I buy toooo much and don't use it. I have been collecting for a few years now and don't have much creations to show for it. I visit all the blogs and see the great work they do and HAVE to buy the tools or paper to do their project. I stay on the computer and look at everyone else's work instead of doing something. And coupons, oh if you have them you HAVE to use them right?? I have to quit buying.. Thanks for your inspiration Diane, I hope one day I can be like you.

  44. Well, I probably have too much by some poeple's standards but I do try to purge periodically and put things in a blessing box. I will be retiring in the next year and so and feel like getting stocked up a bit while I have more expendable income. The good ole MB can really enable a girl! LOL

  45. Hi
    Like most crafters, I have to say I'm a hoarder. And a lot of times I don't want to use my papers because I don't want to "waste" them :) and then they become old and I don't like them anymore. So I have decide that since when I bought them, I liked them, I should use them. I'm not buying anymore paper until my stack comes down. I have to confess that I have bought some but mostly i"m using what I have. Will Power!!!

  46. I laugh when I think about a time when my supplies all fit in one, yes one, tote! I love paper and think I have enough but can't resist a pretty pack. I am really loving the paper packs where it all cooridnates. I have a touch of everything and am happy with it. I now just buy paper and adhesives. Of course, I have 5 or so different adhesives. I can't seem to find one that works for everything so I use many different ones.
    I was very organized until I switched desks w/my daughter. Now it just doesn't work well. I need to change my storage to jetmax to get organized again. Hopefully this will make it easier for my to use my stash. Tammy

  47. It is only recently that I 'changed'...I realized I had enough for now... especially Cricut cartridges that I just had to have but don't use...I found out I was not using things I just had to have...what a waste of my hard earned money. I am a 'punchaholic'.. absolutely love the physical doing of punching and the outcome. I must have 100 of them. Enough for now... onto creating and not shopping (except for adhesives when needed).

  48. I am a lot like the others. paper-paper, I love. I have enough to last for quite q while but still buy more. I have the equipment but need to use morei ie cuttlebug.This was a hard question but also great. I had to REALLY think for awhile before posting. Thanks so much for your ideas.

  49. I'm well aware that I have enough "stuff", and I actually feel overwhelmed with how much I have. My struggle is with how to use all that I have! I see beautiful creations online, and just HAVE to have the paper/tools/product that was used in that creation. Then, when I buy it and get it home, I don't know what to do with it! I look around at all of the wonderful stuff I have amassed, and I am stymied - can't even get started. I know I should use up what I already have, but therein lies the problem: How to use it up!

    Wendy T.

  50. Definitely possible and I have too much in crafting and the rest of my life. I do try to keep a good selection of basic cardstock on hand. I try not to buy a lot of stuff just because I like it. I heard the guideline of a using something 1 time for every dollar spent on it. There are definitely things I haven't used that much.

    I try to find some compromises. I saw this really cute mat stack the other day but I don't need 3 of each paper included. So I bought the pack and gave one of each sheet to my sister, one to my niece and my daughter and I will split the other sheet. A mat stack let me have a little taste of something new and good to use for cards with out adding so much.

    Sometimes I think I would just switch to digital scrapbooking but then how do I justify all my stuff?

  51. I really am glad to see the replys coming in, and the last one about sharing was a very good idea. We feel we HAVE TO HAVE, and I am not sure why, but if you are splitting things, and using them, this is good. In my post I mentioned that to compensate, I really am not buying the clothes, shoes, ETC for myself as I did, but I finally am realizing, if you want a new one, sell the first.

    Paper crafting is fun, relaxing, and a great way to make friends, but with the economy, we all have to look at things a bit different.

    I have a friend that tells me what she needs..words, etc cut from my Cricut. She has a great Die for the Big Sizzix and I no longer feel bad handing her some paper and asking her to cut that out for me when she has time. The alternative, as I said was buying the Big Shot or Vaga bond, just so I can use the die I like.

    And my same friend found a die in the Archivers that is perfect for all the small paper we buy (mat stack, etc) which I know I don't use, but I spend some time cutting at Archivers and then I have a little stack to choose colors from to add a little pocket to my pages.

    Yes, we are all a good way. We need to be organized to be aware of what we have, and we have to break down and use the paper, instead of collect it..

    Lastly, I keep a small Journal type book in my purse and keep a running record of the colors of paint, or Copics, or embossing powders that I do have so I don t duplicate purchases. It works pretty good, and I made the mistake Friday of purchasing some Faber CAstel water color pencil when I found them selling as individuals, duplicated 5 of the 8 I purchased, and now added those color# to my book.

    When you return to make an exchange, besides wasted gas, chances are you will make another purchase.

    Lets all be good, be thank full for what we have, don't be greedy, try to share, but use what we have. Think outside the box and invent additional uses for your punch that cost $ things that are I tell my students...dont buy the Rabbit and carrot stamp that you can only use once a year! Look at a purchase as how many different ways can I use this.............

    I always tell the people at HL when they ask if I found everything I need...don't worry, I am sure I have more paper than you have in your store.

    Happy Crafting...visit my blog and leave me a comment and if you are in the area of Katy, Texas, sign up for my Super Crop at Michaels MAy 14....9-9...we could have a swap meet!!

  52. How much is enough? I have figured out that I have enough, I have even had enough for a while. I can sit down to make a card or scrapbook a page and find what I need or want for that project, perhaps with some alterations, but it works just fine. I used to want (or thought I had) to have most of everything for each hobby, but have learned to make do. Part of my learning process is space, part is money, part is having to drive 90 miles to a craft store, and the other is wondering if I can use it all up before the end of my crafting days!!! This hasn't really stopped my "wanting," but I've learned to wait - then I find the "want" isn't so strong. It feels good to make something with what you have and be inventive getting it done.

    Hope you have all had a blessed Easter! The Son has shown here today.

  53. Limited space and $ helps keep things in check. I can't stand clutter either which helps since I craft in my dining area. I've been "cricut-ing" for a year but only have 12 carts and that seems to be plenty! I have a 12" x 12" file box that holds all paper and paper packs, yet I always seem to have what I need. It just amazes me how some want every machine, cart, folder, etc. that comes out. While there's certainly no "right" amount of stuff to have (my mom thinks I have more than enough!), all of that stuff would just drive me crazy! Besides, isn't crafting all about using your imagination and creativity with limited resources to make something unique? And while I think the Imagine takes a lot of imagination out of crafting, others probably say the same about my Expression. I guess it just depends on how much is enough for you regardless of anyone else's opinion!

  54. What a great question ... my husband has been asking it for years!!! Funny how it sounds different coming from a woman LOL! I have often wondered if my hobby is not scrapbooking, but rather collecting. I quit buying paper at all, unless I had a specific need in mind. No matter how much paper I had, I NEVER had the right shade when I sat down to craft. Like everyone else in this economy I'm trying to use up the zillion and one things I already own before I purchase anything new. I've recently realized that in order to do that I have to make time for me instead of just looking at it on the fly.

  55. I have recently returned to paper crafting and I am in BIG trouble. lol I love paper. I became a CTMH consultant so I could get the paper I love at a discount. I've started stamping, something I never used to do! I now have an Expression to play with and the list keeps growing.

    Unfortunately, as I don't have a craftroom yet, things are kept in boxes and so I sometimes lose track of what I have and buy more. Do I have too much? Yes, as I keep putting off using paper because it's pretty and I just can't decide what fantastic thing to do with it. I am sure my husband would love me to get it under control! I need to use what I have and only purchase what I need to complete a project instead of buying "just in case" items.

    Oh, and don't even let me get near a Michael's store with coupons!!!!

    Thanks for a great discussion. I am glad to see that I am not the only one who finds it hard to resist a good deal.

  56. I don't like to ask my husband questions like this.... what is enough? He would have said I had plenty before I got my Cricut, and it all went downhill from there. I am a paper junkie, but if I look at a stack (I am particularly susceptible to the DCWV stacks) and don't like at least half of the prints in it, I don't buy it. (I wish there was a way to buy just a few of the pages lol!!) I have probably about 30 cartridges, collected over the last 18 months, and there is only one that I absolutely have not used yet, just because I don't really do "cute." For the majority of the time, I do buy things with a purpose in mind. I don't absolutely HAVE to have the entire product line of something just because it exists (I do, however, have almost the entire line of Stickles, except the Distress line. All of those colors come in so handy!). I can create an excuse to buy anything; my husband says I should have been a lawyer. But I normally go to Hobby Lobby or Joann's with a particular project in mind.

    About two months ago, I put myself on a craft-supply-buying-ban, as in one weekend I spent a ridiculous amount of money. I have determined not to buy any more clothes (my other vice) or craft supplies until I have a yard sale and thin the herd a little. I have stuck to my self-imposed ban pretty well; I've gone into HL and Joann's only three times total in the last two months, and that was because I was throwing a bridal shower and needed a few things.

    As I purchase items for specific projects, I don't find my creativity stunted because I am overwhelmed with supplies; on the contrary, I find myself being more creative, pulling things from this drawer and this shelf to combine with my initial project. I like having all of the supplies that I could need at my fingertips.

    My excuse for purchasing such vast amounts of supplies is as follows: I moved to a very very very small town from a pretty decent sized city for my husband, away from my family and friends, and so I am glad to have found a hobby to entertain me so completely. My husband has several hobbies: working on cars (which requires the cars and the tools and supplies), being a Mr. Fix-it (requiring the tools), and playing Xbox 360 (requiring the console, controllers, games, and Xbox live). I think it is just as justifiable to spend money on craft supplies as any of his "man" hobbies. Plus, I get the added bonus of creating something beautiful. :)

  57. I was looking at my first
    "official" scrapbook and I am amazed at what a good job I did with only a cheap paper cutter, a couple pairs of deckle scissors, clip art from my computer, a few small punches, colored pencils, and several packs of basic color cardstock.

    I now have a Cricket with Design Studio, a Cuttlebug, the original Sizzix machine, 4 paper cutters, numerous cutting mats of different sizes and shapes, two scoring boards, a drawer full of punches, a
    drawer full of stamps and ink pads,
    embellishments, brads, chipboard and more than enough paper to cover
    all the walls in the house and then
    some. Not to mention "stuff" from all my other hobbies i.e. Oil Painting, quilting, genealogy, photography,cross stitch, Hardanger
    Embroidery, Christmas Ornaments and on and on and problem is I love the learing process more than anything, other than the finished product of course. I sometimes run across one of those "Hoarding" shows on TV and say "Whoa", I better stop. LOL

    My Sister and I joke that "she who dies with the most hobby supplies, WINS!!!"

  58. I definitely agree that sometimes having too much is overwhelming & then limits the creativity because I just don't know where to start.

    I usually do just try to start with a "few" Stickles or markers in the colors I know I would use, but then it usually ends up with me wanting the entire line.

    I've been trying to be good about paper recently & I like some of the DCWV stacks, but they don't cut well in my cricut, so I don't bother buying that brand anymore, even if I do find a good deal.

    I also love what Nichole at PTI does with stamps to make patterned paper, so I'm sticking with the solids for now (unless my friend that's a mgr at Archivers enables me with a new design - and I've only fallen for that once, so far!) I do like to have all colors of solids, but it doesn't matter to me who makes them.

  59. I do find that I get bogged down with too many options and use the same fonts & shapes on my Cricut Cartridges. As far as paper & emebelishemnts go, I buy what I like when I see it but I never have the right items or colors for the pages I'm working on. So I have to run to the store and pick up what I need and I invariably pick up extra stuff. Every now & then I get determined to use at least one item I've had for a long time on my pages & cards and it feels great when I can accomplish that. - Cil
    anticil at comcast dot net

  60. I have been a collector [not hoarder] since I started to scrapbook about 5 1/2 years recently moved my scrapbook/craft room out of a smaller bedroom to our living room [for my FB friends you can see my b4 and after pics on there]. I have managed to attain my first Cricut on QVC when it first came out. Since then I have the white Expression, the pink one and my newest one, the green one from WalMart. I was excited to turn in 8000 reward points for the Gold Expression as well. I own a Cricut Imagine, that has just been a big heavy paper weight since I bought it last Sept. It only worked once...not sure what I want to do with it yet. My room is chock full of Sizzix machines and dies, 220+ Cricut carts and over 100 pads of DCWV not counting my 8 cubes of colored cardstock. My stamps and misc. tools are too many to mention, and people have said my new room looks like a mini Michaels. I now offer family and friends to just bring their picture to scrapbook because I have everything else [paper, adhesive, embellishments, etc]. My husband still asks this question: 'How did you get ALL this stuff in this house without me seeing it?' Ahhh....secrets, secrets...LOL





  62. In the beginning, it was very expensive because I like to try out different things and needed basically everything. Now however, I have my family on a spending diet, me included ;- ) Papercrafting is trickier because each item can have a small price tag, but together they add up quick and the lure of a sale can be sooo enticing. I try to only buy things that I really plan to use and if it's available at one of the box stores, to also wait until I have the best coupon available. I can still be swayed a bit by cute, but that's what birthdays, Mother's Day etc. are for. My husband isn't good and buying those things and travels a lot, so he appreciates if a pick up a few of those items and put them away for him to add to my gift ;- ) Makes of a nice arrangement. I gave up the idea of making lists and hinting and hoping to be surprised by them.

  63. Oh my goodness, I just wrote my resonse and when I went to preview it, it disappeared and could not get it back!!!

  64. I have to say, to each his own. Buying & using new scrapbook stuff makes me happy. Instead of buying new clothing for myself, I will spend it on scrapbook stuff.
    I SO WANTED the E2 today.

    I did resist buying new paper the other day. I am going to try to challenge myself to use more of my old stuff. That is great considering my tee shirt that says Paper Whore (at least I admit it) fits perfectly.
    BTW, having all the stickles colors are a necessity in my book!

  65. I think you have hit the nail on the head with this question. I am at that point right now as I don't know how to use everything I have so until I really sit down and learn the gypsy and I haven't used design studio is so long - I will turn into a collector. I have been lucky as I read alot and only buy tools that several people have said are must haves so don't have alot of the things that I will never use.

    I started this hobby to scrap for the kids to enjoy when I am gone and am trying to keep that priority but those cards keep sidetracking me as I have scraps that also need to be used and I have grown to love making cards.

  66. I sometimes think buying scrapbooking supplies is an addiction. I have learned over time what my style is, and to keep within that scope when I buy. I also have an issue with coupons - but am slowly being able to pass them up. This is not easy, though. I tried to go 3 months without buying anything but adhesive, but only made it a month. I've learned that spending time roaming Hobby Lobby or Michaels is great therapy for me - I just have to limit myself to small purchases and not more than once a week... I can say that I can sit down to make a card or a page and have everything I need to make it look nice - and most of my stuff is organized enough that I can find what I want. But... there is always something at the store that for that "bargain" price I really "should" buy.

  67. I felt overwhelmed up until a couple months ago. I took inventory of all my stuff and redesigned my craft room with jetmax cubes. I didn't realize how much crafting supplies I had. I also put a stop to my buying frenzy with the cricut carts. As for other supplies I replace them when needed, of course using coupons when possible.
    I really wanted to buy the E2 but it wasn't in my craft budget:(
    As far as craft paper, if I see something that I really like I usually buy it, but it has to be on sale or I have to have a coupon to purchase it. I hope everyone had a nice Easter.

  68. I've enjoyed reading thru these posts. I guess I should start w pre-cricut scrapbooking...I used only Creative Memories products. Since 2007 when I got my baby bug, a whole new world of scrappin has opened up for me. I live 90 mi from the nearest scrap store, so I don't get to just hop over to J's, M's, or HL each time I'm enabled. I've expanded my supplies over these few years, but I don't feel I've got too much. I admit I've got things I've not used, but I will. I've dabbled w stamping and card making so have increased my supplies accordingly. I've learned to wait before purchasing new products coming out, especially from pc, for prices to come down and/or bugs to be fixed. I did pay full price for ds, but from experience learned never to do that again. When I do get to the big box scrappin stores...I usually print a few copies of coupons off ahead of time...after I've finished shopping, I'll have my family members come in and buy something I've put in my cart w the coupons. I've got a wishlist that never goes I have too much? I don't think so.

    Carol aka cyimbugbitten
    bugbitten at hotmail dot com

  69. To me Carol you have it under control. With the fact that you are so far away, you may actually need to buy more at some points (adhesive on sale, or paper on sale)...just as long as we all are aware of out own limitations and weaknesses, and we all start using what we have, then we will be fine. As I have said so many times, being organized really helps if you are loaded with stuff!

    Katy, TX


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