Sunday, April 19, 2009

Boston Marathon signs

Tomorrow (April 20th) is the Boston Marathon. We spent today showing our guests around the area and, of course, we visited the Old North Bridge. The parking lot was full of cars and there were people speaking many different languages in the park. People come from all over the world to see this historical site.

There are a lot of reenactors who participate in the weekend activities - including this "Redcoat" (who had his picture taken many times today!).

I realized that I didn't show you a picture of the actual Old North Bridge in yesterday's post, so I took this photo today. Of course the bridge has been rebuilt a number of times over the years but it has been made to look like the original bridge.

We saw one "patriot farmer" with an antique pitchfork that was actually made from a cluster of tree roots.

Our guests posed in front of the monument I showed you yesterday. I wonder how many photos are taken at this spot - I know I am personally responsible for a few dozen!

Here is the incredible chocolate cake we had for dessert at our cook-out - we figured Liz needed "fuel" for the marathon run!

Our runner with her official bib number for the marathon. I think it looks like a lucky number - after all there are a seven and a three involved!

So, finally, here is the Cricut part of this post! When Liz registered yesterday, there were lots of these supporter signs given out. We needed to personalize ours so we can cheer her on tomorrow. The marathon route passes directly in front of the church some of our family members attend in Wellesley, so we will stay there to watch the runners go by. This is about the halfway point on the course.

I cut the words from Wall Pops vinyl and stuck them on the signs. I used the Cuttin Up cartridge for the eye-catching and lively font. Since the letters are vinyl, they will be fine even if we get rain (the latest predictions seem to indicate that it may only be overcast with the rain waiting until later in the day so our fingers are crossed).

Cuttin Up even has the #1 blue ribbon and the "You're The Best" cuts which were perfect for the signs. When I cut vinyl, I set the blade depth at 4 and the speed and pressure at medium which is ideal - the blade cuts the vinyl but not the backing paper so it is easy to take the letters off the paper and place them on your sign or wall.

We wish Liz good luck for her run and a safe and speedy finish!


  1. Go, Liz, go!! WE will be cheering you on.
    Diane, I love the old bridge. Thanks for making the photo and sharing. Also the cake looks yummy and lovely. Someone did a great job of decorating! Have fun with your guests.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pictures with us. I did wonder what the bridge looked like from yesterdays post. LOL. Thanks for including it.

    GO LIZ, GO!! You have a lot of cheerleaders!

    Please let us know how it goes.

  3. Run, Liz, Run!!!! I hope she does well!

    I loved the photo of the reenactors and the North Bridge... Almost like being there!!!


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