Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shadowing Welded Words - Design Studio Video #4

Today's addition to my Design Studio video lesson series is on the much requested topic "How do I make a shadow for my welded word?" It is a little rushed at the end - I got right up to my time limit - but I think you will have all the information you need to make these shadows quickly and easily.
Click on the image at the top of this post to go to the video

EDITED May 3, 2009 - I have changed the link to share the video - when you click the image above you should see the video appear on your screen, ready to play. Please let me know if this new sharing method works for you - Thanks!

Edited (again!) 2:00 p.m. - the  videos worked for most but not all people, however, there were bandwidth limits which were quickly exceeded so I have changed the link back to the 4shared site.  I am sorry if this doesn't work for you - I will keep trying to find a better way....

For those of you who are not able to see the video play, I did a little research and found that you need to have a browser plugin version of the Macromedia Flash Player, which is free and available online.

It is very helpful to get your feedback. A lot of you have been leaving comments at the download site. If at all possible, I would prefer that you leave comments that contain questions or requests on my blog so I can answer them where others who are reading my blog can see them too. Despite having the site preferences set to send me an email when someone leaves a comment, I never get notified of new comments on the 4shared site and have to go checking for them to see if you are having any problems. Since there is usually not a way to contact you left in the comment I have to do a lot of copying and pasting to move the questions here and then hope that you see my answers - this gets complicated!

I have copied and pasted bits and pieces from the comments over the past few days here so I can answer them - the inquiries are in bold and my answers are in italics. (I added a few of the flower photos that I took last weekend to make this post a bit prettier - there were just too many words!).

Thanks for the video. I missed the second one. It went to my SPAM.. luckily I caught the 3rd one. Is there a way for me to see the 2nd?

I am not sure how you would get the video in your spam since they are hosted and not actually sent in the emails that go to the readers who subscribe to the feed. However, you can watch any of the videos by clicking on the linking images in each blog post and there are links to the video posts at the top right corner of my blog.

Would love to see a video on the Wild Card cart. - especially on sizes for cards and envelopes. Like for instance on a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 card, at what size do you cut your envelope?

I will show you how to do this in a future video or as part of the online lesson on designing cards with Design Studio. If you just need to know how to make a basic A2 envelope (for a card that is 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches, check out the Scor-Pal site - here is a LINK to their excellent directions).

I would like to see a video on aperture cards with letters in the center please.

This is the next topic in my list so look for it in another day or two..

Looking forward to your next one, especially shading welded words.

Today's video is on this topic!

Can you also maybe explain what the different pages are used for as far as layering, etc. I really don't understand some of the cut files of layered items and which page you actually print...or do you print all of the pages with the different papers neces...

I will do a video explaining the layered cuts soon - this is also the topic of one of the live online lessons that will be available soon!

I needed that lesson--thanks so much for your time--will your lessons be available all the time or do I need to download and keep them?

The videos can be viewed directly from the download site. At this time, I have no plans to remove them unless I run into hosting difficulties.

I would also like to know what system you are running DS on. My dh wants to upgrade mine to Vista and it truly scares me! Help! :)

I have an HP laptop with Windows XP - my neighbor runs Design Studio on Vista with no problems. I believe the issues with some incompatibility with Vista have been resolved with the more recent updates but I am not "up to speed" on this since it does not affect my computer. You may want to check with Customer Service for more detailed information. Be sure to make back up copies of all of your .cut files before you make any changes.

..can you explain how to do do the word book....

Word Books are on the list and coming soon.

I am a beginner and I need all the help I could get. My problem is knowing how to do the ratio's. How do I know what number to use to make it smaller or larger besides just stretching it with the arrows and taking a chance by cutting it out?

The online lessons will include a session on the basics which will cover this topic.

I am very interesting in more videos and on line lessons so count me in.

Online lessons are coming very soon.

I would like to see a word book and something with Disney carts.

Yes and Yes - word book and Disney layered characters are coming...

Maybe I'm too new, but it would be nice to see a video on what buttons you're using, how you move things around on the mat, how are the layers used, Can I Make a Square if I don't have George? Is George a must to have with DS?

If you are totally new to Design Studio, be sure to watch THIS VIDEO on the site - it gives you a "guided tour" and explains basic functions but it was made before the updates to the software and does not cover many of the topics requested in the comments above. If you got your software without the CD or manual, you can download the PDF of the manual from the Cricut site - here is the LINK. Once again, this manual has not been updated so there is a lot of information missing but it does give an explanation of the basic functions.

George is not a "must" but is very useful for lots of designs and, since it is the native cartridge for the Original Cricut and can be used to cut in the trial version of the software, you will find many shared .cut files that use George.

The online beginner classes will cover this information as well - info on how to sign up for these is coming as soon as we work out a few more details.

****So - What's the scoop on these online lessons?***

For over a year I have been trying to figure out a way to do online classes that will be affordable and helpful for those who are struggling with the Design Studio software. Many people live far from any store that offers classes and need help getting started in creating their own files. Others would appreciate truly personalized lessons that address their "problem files" and how to fix them.

I have invited my friend, JenC, from the Cricut Message Board, to join me in this "Design Studio School." (Just call us the "Studio Goddesses" - a term that has been jokingly used to describe us at times!) We both have extensive experience in using the software, and, since we are on opposite sides of the USA, we can cover class times for the various time zones more conveniently.

Jen and I have done some trial sessions with volunteer students and we have been very happy with the effective teaching we can do using the service I have paid for. There will be fees for lessons and classes which will vary based on the number of students in the class and the length and topic of the class. We will teach some classes individually and there will be some "clinics" where the "Studio Goddesses" will both attend and troubleshoot the thornier Design Studio issues that you may be encountering. We will also have some project-based classes that will include .cut files and full project directions.

Our testing will take a bit longer, but we are very excited by the chance to use our skills to help others learn and to make our "hobby" help pay for itself!


  1. Hey girl, I'm loving your video's and learning tons. I wanted to share with you an easier way to weld titles. What I do it make my shadow first and weld it. Then cut individual letters to glue on top of that. By doing it this way I don't have to work so hard. lol

  2. I use Vista and have had absolutely NO problems. I was a little iffy at first of Vista, but it is easy peasy to work with. HTH!

  3. first I got to say I love your photos of the flowers they are so pretty and you blog, and second I run my DS on Vista with no problem. I guess they fixed the glich before I downloaded the DS to my new computer. I don't know but I have not had any problems since I downloaded, `knock on wood`, LOL.

  4. Another great tutorial. I can't wait for the online classes. So excited to see what you two come up with!!!

  5. Hi Linda,

    I am glad to hear that you are enjoying the videos - online classes are almost ready to start and Jen and I are really excited about this!

    Thanks for sharing how you make your titles. There are lots of different "looks" that can be used for titles. It really is a matter of personal preference and what looks "right" to you - as in all scrapping and other artistic endeavors.

    By welding the word first and then welding the shadow you can be sure that the word on top looks just the way you want it to appear on your page. I have found that when you do the shadow first you can end up with an awkward top layer.

    I also was asked specifically how to make the shadow for a welded word so that is why I did the video this way - there are so many different ways to approach things but I find it faster and easier to weld both the top layer and the shadow - it takes only a minute or two (if I am not describing what I am doing every step of the way LOL!)

    Happy Scrapping!

  6. DoBea A and Crazy for Scrapping -

    Thank you so much for your input on Vista. I know I have heard that many people us it with no issues and it is nice to have that confirmed.

  7. Another aha moment for me. I sort of knew how to do the shadow for a word but definately like this technique better. Keep them coming I love what you are doing and love what I'm learning.

  8. Your videos are incredible and it is very generous of you to share your knowledge!

  9. Diane, Love your videos and have learned a lot!!

  10. I have tried your new link for video 4 and all I end up with after some patience is a blank white screen. It took quite a ling time to get to the blank white screen as well

  11. Hi Diane-
    I'm sorry to say that video 4 is not working for me now under the new sharing method. (I'm running Vista on a PC) I had no problems with the first 3 and then the 4th I viewed directly from your blog in small form. I thought it was just me that the 4Sharing method wasn't working for that one! Now I'm not getting anything at all.
    I'm sorry this tech stuff is taking up so much of your creating time!

  12. Hi Liz,

    Do you have Macromedia Flash Player on your computer? If you are getting a white screen, it sounds like the video is there but you are unable to view it without this free browser plugin.

    I'll keep trying to figure this out - I do want to find a way to share freely.


  13. I'm having the same problem as Liz - I have Macromedia Flash Player installed - even went and made sure I had the latest version just to be sure - but all I get is a white screen after a LONG wait. Any other suggestions? I'm so excited to see video four - it's the one thing I just can't seem to figure out how to do! :)

  14. Hi Diane,
    I can view your Weldong Shadows video in the smaller form but if I try to download it I get an error message saying I cannot open it.
    I had no problems with the first 3.

    Hopefully everyone's comments will help you figure it out.

    Great videos by the way.

  15. Hi Diane! I am getting your videos just fine. Have a PC with Windows XP. My question is about the online classes. When/how do we sign up for these. You and JenC do fantastic work, and I am very eager to learn more from both of you.
    Thanks, Karen

  16. Hi Karen,

    Jen and I are just getting the final details set up. We have a new blog to list all of the classes available and take sign ups and process payments.

    I think we will be "going live" within a week or less.

    There will be plenty of information posted on our blogs to let you know when you can sign up.

  17. I just wanted to thank you for the awesome video on welded words and shadow. I have tried other methods and not been successful so can't wait to watch this again when I have time to practice. Again, thank you!

  18. Cathy-ScrappinCat!May 18, 2009 at 11:11 PM

    This is a great video! I have got to play with this technique right now. Thanks for the fabulous training videos. I am learning so much, I never knew that I didnt know. ;)

  19. This is an amazing vide, Diane! I just learned how to do a welded shadow of my word and I am so excited! Thank you !!!

  20. You explain things so clearly. Thanks bunches! I still struggle with the numbers in the X/Y axis, but it's getting better. Are plans in the making for how to import or weld designs from different carts into one design? Thanks -


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