Sunday, April 5, 2009

Artist Trading Cards - Birds

I participate in a couple of ATC (Artist Trading Card) groups. The theme for the most recent swap in one of them was "Birds."

As soon as I heard the theme, I knew I wanted to make my birds "fly" - so I set about figuring out how to create this effect. I decided to use the cut file that I have created to use as a frame for other ATCs in the past - but this time I used two frames sandwiched together to form the card. Here is a LINK to the post where I shared this file in case you missed it.

I love blue and white and these colors seemed appropriate to represent sky and clouds. I used this shimmery cardstock from the DCWV "Luxury Stack" with a damask swirl design. To make the card sturdy, I used heavyweight watercolor paper for the back frame layer.

The birds were punched from glitter cardstock using the Martha Stewart dove punch. I had to cut two facing in each direction for the front and back of the card.

I put a strip of Scor-Tape on the top and bottom of the frame and then placed lengths of nylon thread, pulled them taut across the opening of the frame so the ends were embedded in the adhesive. Then I added more Scor-Tape to the sides and carefully put the two frames together.

Once the frames were together with the nylon threads in place, I put some Scor-Tape on the back of each bird and carefully aligned the pairs of bird with the nylon thread between them.

It this photo (taken with a flash) you can see the birds "flying" and the shadows they create.

Here are my ten finished cards (one for me and nine to swap).

To protect the cards in transit, I put them in clear bags and punched a hole to tie with a bit of ribbon. I wanted to be sure that they would not come out of the bags and get tangled!

Here are the cards ready to go to our hostess (my card stayed home with me).

Our hostess for this swap was my friend Kopperhead - you can see the amazing cards created by the others in our group on her blog - here is a LINK to the post.


  1. Diane, that is so cool!!!!..Love looking at what you come up with; alway so much rock it everytime!!

  2. Diane. So neat and clever. I always wonder if your mind ever ceases to stop and relax, I don't do the ATC exchanges, but I always love all the things you share and someday I will make some just for myself!!

  3. Beautiful! Love the suspended birds!

  4. What an awesome idea! I will have to try this. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful! You are so talented. I enjoy visiting your blog.

  6. oh I love to see you make ATCs!! these are just fabulous! what a great idea :)

  7. What a great idea. You are oh so clever. Thanks for sharing.


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