Sunday, April 12, 2009

A few more Easter Eggs...

Happy Easter! I hope you all had a some nice family get togethers for the holiday. I wasn't able to get the file I wanted to share ready for you today, so here are a few more photos of my Easter Egg collection - thanks for all the nice replies to the feedburner emails and blog comments about the Easter Egg tree. I think all crafters must be collectors - the two just go hand in hand!

Here are some of the eggs I mentioned in my post yesterday. These are dyed dark colors and then have delicate geometric designs applied in bits of straw.

This set of eggs is done with line drawings that are colored in very carfefully. Now that I have done some rubber stamping and coloring, I find myself wondering what sort of paints or markers were used to make these...

So many different designs - it must be difficult to do these over and over all day!

This set of eggs has a definite front and back with two separate drawings and there are interesting border designs to separate the images.

Above and below are closer views of the border designs. Some of these could be done in Design Studio (!)

I didn't realize how many eggs I had until I started to take these photos. But this will be the end of egg photos for a while.

Here are four of the blue and white "blue onion" design eggs I also mentioned in yesterday's post. These go in the blue and white dining room which you may remember from my Christmas decoration photos. It is very handy to have color coded rooms!

Just for fun - here is a quick demo page that I did today to answer a question someone had about digital templates. You can use your photos to fill words on a layout for some very interesting effects. More about this another day.

I hope you all had a nice Easter holiday (if you celebrate Easter). We had to take our son to the train this morning and he is back at college safe and sound - it was a very quick visit!


  1. I love the blue and white ones !

  2. I for one am glad you didn't get your file ready. I loved seeing the post yesterday of your eggs (I like seeing into other bloggers' lives), but I would hate to have missed out on seeing these eggs too. They are all absolutely beautiful! You have a lovely collection that I'm sure generates some great memories. TFS!


  3. They are all beautiful, but I especially love the blue and white. Again, thanks for sharing.

  4. OH I AM SOOO jealous!! I love them all where do you find the hand painted ones like that?
    I want some to add to my collection.


  5. These are even more beautiful! Is that even possible! I really love the ones with the geometric designs and the Blue Onion one are to dye :) for! Thanks for sharing your wonderful collection!

  6. I love your eggs!! My sister used to create Ukrainian Easter eggs and some of these remind me of the intricate painting she would do with wax(!!) to get the colors to go where she wanted.


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