Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Orange Bunnies!

Last month I explained how the "cuttable area" of the baby bug mat is a bit larger than the "cuttable area" on the Expression mat and I used this set of tags as my example. (Here is a LINK to the post with the explanation and the file for cutting these tags).

Since these tags were cut for a swap, I couldn't show you what I was making with them until the swap was completed. I made these for the second round of the Tags Plus Inchies (TPIs) swap organized by my friend Kopperhead. The theme for this set was "Orange" or "If You Carrot All." If you would like to see all of the tags that were made for this theme, they are posted on Kopperhead's blog - here is a LINK to the post.

I added two stripes of thin orange border stickers to the base of the tag. I used my Scor-Mat to help align the stripes. The markings on the Scor-Mat are great for helping you make multiple items with embellishments in the same place on each item. In the photo above you can also see how I used the angle lines on the Scor-Mat to help place my inchie squares. I positioned the tag on the black line labeled "10" with the lower right corner on the white half inch mark. Then I could use the 45 degree angle line to align my two diagonal squares by using the angle line as the base for placing the squares.

Once I had the squares in position, I added the bunnies I had punched from orange glitter cardstock with the Martha Stewart standing bunny punch. I had to remember to punch half glitter side up and half glitter side down so I could have glittery bunnies facing each other on the tag. The bunnies are adhered with foam squares to give some dimension to the tag.

I used a brown pen to "stitch" all around the tags and shapes.

Above you can see all 20 TPIs ready to be mailed for swapping. I will tell you - that is a lot of pen stitching!


  1. ohhh those are wonderful!! love the pen stitching! and thanks for the punching tip, I don't think I'd have thought of that LOL.

  2. Diane these are just ADORABLE! Can't imagine doing all that doodling but it is soooo effective! Love them! xxD

  3. I think the orange bunnies are very cute it's different but it still works for the easter season I can tell you wheels are always spinning :)


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