Sunday, February 13, 2011

Simple Card with Pretty Ribbon

 I received a lovely surprise in the mail last week.  Kendra-Sue sent me some adorable ribbon that she found at her Costco.  I haven't been to Costco for a while - my husband has done the last few trips - but I do love to look at the ribbons.  I think I have enough ribbon in my craft room to wrap the house!  It was such a treat to read her note and to try a quick card with this ribbon.  You may be able to find the same ribbon at your Costco.  If you'd like to see some of Kendra's lovely work, be sure to visit her blog KSDCreations.  She has some super yummy treats posted now, including some gorgeous chocolate covered Oreos - all packaged up very nicely!


I have had a busy weekend filled with complications - along with some nice family events - so I decided to just make a quick card with a bit of the ribbon.  There is plenty more to work with (thank you Kendra-Sue!).  Nearly all of the ribbons sold at Costco are wired ribbons and I find it best to remove the wire if I want to use the ribbon on a card.  It is very easy to slide it out (save it if you can - it is often handy for other projects).

Here are the pieces of the card.  I used a white cardstock A2 base (5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches folded in half) and cut a layer of red cardstock at 5 1/4 x 4 inches.  I embossed the cardstock with tiny hearts from the Love Language Cuttlebug folder  (in order to do the horizontal embossing you need to follow the steps I showed in THIS POST).  I also cut the "love you" from the die in the Love Language combo set from white glitter cardstock from DCWV.  The hearts on the ribbon are spaced perfectly to fit three on the embossed layer.  The swirls around the heart coordinate nicely with the font.

I added some adhesive to the back of the embossed cardstock.

Next I wrapped the ribbon around to the back to secure it.

I added more adhesive, including some right over the ribbon, to apply this layer to the card.  Since the layer is embossed, I added a bit more adhesive to help it stay flat.

If you don't add any adhesive beneath the ribbon, you can use it as a spot to hold a gift card (put a glue dot or two under the card so it won't slide out.  

If you don't want the ribbon to be loose, you can add a bit of adhesive behind it.  I used some Creative Memories Precision Point adhesive but let it dry to clear before pressing the ribbon down.  If you use a liquid glue and press the ribbon down while the glue is still wet it will probably come through the ribbon and look messy.

When the ribbon is pushed down on the embossed cardstock, you may see a few bumps. You can make the card whichever way you think looks better! 
I have a lot to catch up on - between the trip to CHA and the surgery my last few weeks have been very full!  I do have a special Valentine to post tomorrow.  I will get back to the woven basket explanation as soon as I can - I am still "tweaking" the second file.  I am also trying to catch up with emails and other messages so please be patient if you are waiting for an answer (if it has been a long time since you sent a question, don't be shy about sending it again - things do fall through the cracks sometimes!).

I did spend some time today setting up a new file sharing system.  Even though I have used 4shared for years, there have been too many problems with them lately so I set up a new way to offer file downloads.  It is a premium service and will give you direct links with no ads.  I'll be switching things over gradually but all new files will be available through this system.  I do have to pay for this service so if you download a lot of files and can leave an occasional donation that would be a big help.  If your finances are tight, please don't worry about making a donation - I am happy to share with everyone and know that it can be difficult to find money for "extras".  Thanks!

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  1. I love this card! Simple yet so elegant! Also, thanks for the tip on removing the wire from the ribbon. I never knew you could do that! To think I have passed on ribbon so many times because it was wired - never again!

    - Donna

  2. This is so simple and easy! I love it. Thank you for the tips!

  3. I've done the "overlap embossing" for horizontal cards several times & it turns out great except for the fact that I get a slight impression of the very edge of the embossing folder every time. Yours doesn't seem to have that. Any idea as to what I might do to prevent this or is it just that my CB is "tight" and there's nothing to be done?

  4. Love this card. The ribbon is so right for it. Wish we had a Costco here. Thanks for the tips on the ebbossing and removeing the wire.

  5. Very nice "simple" (to you!) card. Thanks so much for sharing all that you do! Your generous spirit is wonderful!

  6. Thanks for sharing this great card.

  7. Very nice card...simple can be better!

  8. Diane,
    I love this simple card. It is really cute. I have problems downloading from 4 share and have not been able to download.........
    Thanks for the pointer on the ribbon with the wire.... I have lots and I love it.

  9. darling ribbon....made the card perfect!!!


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