Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quilling and a new CM Cricut Cartridge

I just have a few quick things to share today.  Saturday we had more water coming into our house.  The ice and snow are so thick that when there is a bit of melting the water just finds the easiest path - unfortunately, that is into our kitchen and my husband's study.  We also have a bit of seepage in my craftroom but my things are safe, at least for now.  We actually had thunder and lightning - such crazy weather!

I received the pendant at the top of this post as a sample at CHA.  The company was nominated for an innovation award for the use of quilling in jewelry.  "Quilled Creations" is located in Penfield, New York, not far from where we used to live.  Here is a LINK to their website.  They have all sorts of products for quilling and beautiful kits.  I particularly like the quilled Chess Set, the Quilt Block sampler kit, the adorable animal kits like Forest Buddies, and the Spiral Roses.  They have tools, books and an extensive selection of papers.  If I wasn't so tired of snow, I'd be a big fan of the Snowflakes kits as well!

There is a new Creative Memories Cricut Cartridge that will be available in March.  I will be able to order one copy on the 15th of February so I can preview the cartridge and make some projects with it.  The cartridge is called "Stork's Delivery" and it coordinates with two new Power Palette Additions from Creative Memories, "Fabulous Baby Girl" and "Rugged Baby Boy."

Here are a few images from the March/April brochure.  I will be sure to share more information about the cartridge when I have it in hand.  There does appear to be at least one font but it is very difficult to see in the small catalog image.

I hope to be able to do some crafting tomorrow - if the weather is cold enough the dripping should stop for a while!  I've had a couple of reader requests for files and I'll be doing some test cuts of those - one was something I had already planned to try...

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  1. I am so sorry to hear you are having water problems. Because of the crazy weather here in Utah we have had the same problems. Good luck finding the "hole".

  2. Sorry to hear about your winter induced issues. Thank goodness it's not too bad on Western Slope of Colorado. Hope things get better.

    I've been quilling for over 50 years and have seen quilling go through many growth spurts. I'd like to say that Alli Bartkowski (Quilled Creations) is a very gifted quilling artist and a very nice person too.

    If you like other examples of quilled jewelry you might want to also look at Lake City Crafts (they have actual jewelry on their site ) and Paplin. Quilled Creations, along with the 2 companies I mentioned before, are the big 3 here in the USA.

    To see some of the wonderful designs modern quilling artist are making you just have to search the web.

    I'm guessing the roses on the pendant are from a quilled creations kit

    I know they aren't folded roses which are created from quilling strips

    I hope everyone gets a chance to look at all the things quilling is now doing. When I started quilling there were not alot of supplies available but now there are hundreds of things available. And the information on the WWW about quilling is astounding. If anyone has any questions about quilling I'd be happy to answer them.

  3. Stay dry!!! Thinking of you....
    Can't wait to see what you do with the new cartridge.

  4. Quilling has been around for ever but I just never really tried my hand at it. Very cute things and would be interested in adding new techniques to scrap pages and cards. I can't wait to see the new cricut cart. Sure enjoyed the other two Creative Memories Cricut carts and I am sure this one will be a great one too! Hope you water damage isn't to severe and can be taken care of soon. These last storms have played havoc with so many. Good Luck.

  5. Hope your damage isn't tooo bad from all this snow. Looking forward to seeing ideas for the new CM cartridge.

  6. Sorry, to hear about you water problems. Hope you get them taken care of before there is too much damage.
    Now you've done it though, you've caused me to go and order a catalog from Quilling Creations. I haven't quilled in a long time, though I did just about start again a few years ago ;- ) I liked being in the dark, but there you go showing me things and now I'll have another place to spend my crafting $$$$$. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I am SOOO sorry to hear of your continued water "issues"! They are bad enough on their own, but to have them appear in a craft area totally compounds the problem! Sending "healing" thoughts your way! Thanks so much for the continued posts in the face of this serious issue!

  8. I'm so sorry to hear you're still having issues with the meltdown phase. I had the same problem last year - unfortunately, for me it was the window of my scrapbook room and when the water leaked in, it ruined a box of old photos I had sitting on the floor. I was really quite devastated because the negatives were with the photos, so almost everything in the box was destroyed and could not be replaced. :(

    I hope you can find a way to divert the water outside, so it doesn't do any damage.

    New CM cart looks adorable!



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