Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A few more things to share from CHA...and a Creative Memories sale


There are just a few more photos I want to share from my trip to CHA.  Even though the show lasts for several days, I did not manage to see everything.  Next summer I will have to work out a better plan in advance to cover the entire show.

The EK Success booth was huge - there are so many divisions that are part of the company.  One of my favorite paper lines is the K and Company brand.  This display was for the Susan Winget Botanical line.

The Martha Stewart Crafts brand is also part of EKSuccess and there were so many punches on display.  There are several new border punches that I will probably end up buying.  There were also these lovely adhesive borders - I particularly like the embossed white ones.

Embossing, glitter and layering (a lot of white on white) were also shown in some of the new choices.

This beautiful hot air balloon was also in the EKSuccess booth.  What a fun way to display paper!

I thought the sign for the Tim Holtz Idea-ology line was very clever.

The hands coming out from the wall and holding lights were a real attention getter.

There were several Configurations boxes on display.  The first one here is all in tones of beige and brown...

This one, with the light and bright colors really appealed to me.  I definitely want to try making one of these - I certainly have enough odds and ends around to fill several!

Isn't that pink stove just the cutest?!  This was at the Melissa Frances booth, featuring the Kitschy Kitchen line.

The Epiphany Crafts booth had a wonderful "ceiling" of flowers.

There were hundreds (maybe thousands) of flowers just strung on string and stretched across the space.  This would be a great idea for a party - just allow plenty of time to do all of the cutting and stringing!

I had to smile at the "feather floor" in this booth full of feather products.  I can't help but wonder what it was like to clean that up!

This picture is from the day I arrived - this was the ceiling over the escalators in the LA airport.  I took a ride back up to the top so I could snap some photos (I think the workers thought I was crazy).  I am so grateful that only one of my flights was canceled and that things were sorted out very quickly.

The elaborate, ceiling hung decorations at some of the booths make it easy to find them from far across the floor.  This was the "header" for The Girls Paperie.

Some of you leave lovely comments about my photographs - I think it is so much fun to work with digital images and edit them to get the best possible photos.  This image is my original photo of the 'booth identifier" hanging at The Girls Paperie.

By cropping and adjusting the brightness and balance, and also using the cloning tool to eliminate some of the less attractive aspects of the surroundings, I was able to get a much better image for my yet-to-be-started-scrapbook of the trip.

For this photo of the "ceiling" flowers I also did some cropping and cloning to get rid of the distracting bright lights and ceiling beams.  Below is the edited version...

It is amazing what a difference it makes when you pay attention to the details and eliminate unwanted parts of the photos.

I use the Creative Memories Memory Manager 3.0 software to organize and edit my photos.  It is very easy to use and was designed for scrapbookers with plenty of room in the "Tell the Story" section to add the details about the photos as you edit them.  This software works seamlessly with the StoryBook Creator Plus 3.0 that I use and show here frequently with my digital pages and projects.

For the month of February, Memory Manager is on sale for 40% off, $23.95 instead of $39.95.  This is a fantastic price and if you are not happy with the way you are organizing and editing your photos it is certainly worth taking a look at this program.  If you don't have a local Creative Memories consultant, I'd be happy to help you with any questions.  You can order the program through my CM personal website and have it sent directly to your door.

There are other items on sale for the month of February - Photo Album KitsDisplay Accents, the  Power® Sort Box, Paper Album Kits, and Quick Kits.  Just click the names to go to the sale pages.  You can see all of the sale items HERE.

If you use StoryBook Creator Plus 3.0 there is also some digital content on sale for 50% off until February 16th.  The theme is engagement and wedding but there are quite a few items that are good for general use as well.  You can see all of the items HERE.  Be sure you choose the correct version - for PC or Mac - if you order.

Here is one more pretty image of yet another paper flower bouquet.  There truly were flowers everywhere this year!

I had another slow day, taking it easy to speed my recovery from the procedure on my back.  I feel pretty good but won't know if it really worked for another couple of weeks - fingers crossed!  Tomorrow I really want to get to my craftroom and cut some of the things I have been designing - some of them are Valentines and there isn't much time left to send them!

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  1. Great pictures! It was fun to see all of the different ideas. I love that flower ceiling!! TFS.

  2. Diane,
    Your pics were wonderful. Love all the flowers. It looks as though flowers are really going to be the thing this year. Did you get that feeling too? I also noticed that fabric flowers are huge this year.

  3. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful photos with us. It must have been amazing to see everything in person!

  4. Such glorious eye candy, Diane! I hope your recovery is speedy and that you are feeling better soon.

    ~ Jen @ Musings of A Crafty Mom

  5. Thanks for sharing all these photos with your wonderful comments. It makes us feel like we were there with you! Please take care of yourself - we need your inspiration for years to come! You're in my prayers.
    MCF's Mimi

  6. Diane, your plan for covering the next CHA more thoroughly than this one must be to take me with you!! I'll be your assistant and help you......

    Oh, I'm such a visual person and love all the colors, shapes and textures of that event. Thanks for the pictures. I drooled over my keyboard.

  7. Me again...your new assistant...meant to say in first post that I also hope the back procedure improves your back... Fingers crossed.

  8. Thanks for shareing all the great pics. Lets us see all the new stuff . Love all the flowers. You know this master gardener loves flowers. Hope your back is doing much better.

  9. I have enjoyed all of the pictures you have added since coming back from CHA. I have gained some great ideas. I have tried the paper roses, and yes, they are going to take some practice. I got the inside piece completed with no problem then ran into problems when I began to add the outside petals.


  10. Thank you for all the pictures of CHA, I am really enjoying them. I really wish you well on your back recovery!

  11. Great pictures of CHA. It's almost like being there. Take it easy and recover fully before you try to do too much!

  12. Always look forward to seing what you have to share! Sending thought for a speedy recovery your way!


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