Sunday, February 27, 2011

At Sea

A week or so ago I came across a blog called eighteen25 - you can find it HERE.  It is written by three sisters who grew up in a house numbered (you guessed it!) 1825.  They still live within a few miles of each other and have 11 kids between them - that sounds like fun!  You can find all sorts of interesting projects, recipes and tips on their blog.  They also share ideas that they find on other blogs with links.

There are often free downloads shared on the blog. Some great subway art for St. Patrick's Day is available HERE.  If you look back through the blog you will see similar art for other holidays (Valentine's Day, Christmas). 

One of my favorite ideas that they shared for Easter is HERE.  I hope you enjoy exploring this blog - I think maybe I liked it because I also have two sisters - unfortunately we live in three different states...

Today we will be "at sea" - relaxing and taking a few Cricut Imagine project classes.

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  1. I have been following their blog for quite sometime - but did not know the origin of their blog name. thanks

  2. What a terrific site you lead us too! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Enjoy the cruise!!

  3. I hope you have a wonderful trip... I have been on a cruise and had a blast........ Thanks for sharing your adventure with us....

  4. What a treasure is eighteen 25. Thank you for the heads-up. Enjoy the cruise!!!
    Sally in Stockton

  5. Thanks for the link!! Hope you are having a fabulous time on your trip!

  6. I'll have to go check out this blog. Have a good time!

  7. how sweet of you to post about our blog!! thank you so much.

    hope you are having a wonderful time on your cruise... i'm one jealous momma!
    jen :)

  8. I'm so jealous...I wish I were at see instead of in a sea of paperwork with school and work. Hope you are having a blast!


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