Thursday, February 3, 2011

Home again - so much snow!

It's good to be home again!  I had a great trip and it was wonderful to be with the Scrappy-Go-Lucky team.  We have all sorts of plans so the next few months should be a lot of fun!  I also enjoyed meeting so many of my internet friends at CHA.  Remarkably, my flight was not canceled and almost arrived on time.  We had a "spot of bother" once we got to Boston.  The pilot pulled into the gate but then announced that the jetway wheels had frozen to the ground and the crew was attempting to de-ice them.  Eventually, we had to switch to another gate where the jetway was not frozen so we could get off the plane.

There is a LOT of snow here.  The main roads were clear but as we came into Concord conditions were not as good.  There is just too much snow and nowhere to put it!

This is the sign for our street - it is buried about 2/3 of the way to the top.

Yes - that is a lot of snow at our front walk...


The snow nearly reaches the top of the deck railing.


The Christmas tree is still outside - someday the snow will melt enough to take it down and put it away.

We have some icicles in the back of the house and we think an ice dam has forced some water inside the house.  We have water dripping from a beam between the kitchen and family room.  Sometimes I wonder why so many of us choose to live in these cold climates!

I wanted to share the snow photos for the people who had asked me to post some.  I am not adjusted to East Coast time and I think I'll get back to crafty posts on Friday.  I have a lot of things to show you and I'll be able to take photos of some of the other CHA projects that I think you will like.

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  1. Welcome home! We'll be anxiously awaiting your new creations!

  2. So glad you made it home safely and without too much trouble, Diane. Oh my! That is a lot of snow! Just another reminder of why I live in Florida -- I'll take a few days of rain or an occasional hurricane (we aren't affected by those too much in North Central Florida) over months and months of cold and snow any day.

    Can't wait to see what you have up your crafty sleeve next!

    ~ Jen
    jlhudson2 at cox dot net

  3. The good news - you had a great time and are home safe. The bad news - we're not nearly done with the white stuff!! I live on Long Island in NY and it's been a snowstorm a week since Christmas. I'm guessing the mountains of snow we all have should melt sometime in umm, June? People are getting a little cranky - lol.

  4. Wow! That is a lot of snow!!! How in the world did he get the front walk clear? I'm so tired of shoveling & we only have about a third of that - mostly ice now. So I've got the ice dam in the gutters & the drpping in the house too :(

    Glad you had a great trip!

  5. Get rested and enjoy looking at the snow. It will be gone eventually. Here in mid West Tennessee we are expecting snow mix today. Hope there is not too much ICE. looking forward to all the neat projects you have to show us.

  6. Thank you thank you for sharing your photos!! We usually have a winter in the PNW but I believe you folks are getting it ALL... we just have rain and mud mud mud..

    You inspire me to the max.. thanks for all you do for us. Smiles imafarmgirl

  7. Get to the hardware store and buy those little hockey puck like things that you throw on your roof to melt those ice dams.
    Glad you made it home without much incident. I bet it felt great to sleep in your own bed again. Rest up and then get busy because we depend on your creativeness.

  8. Welcome Home... I am glad you are back safe but probably not warm. I loved the updates you sent while you were gone and look forward to seeing all the neat things you have for us. My internet service for my Web Page and incoming is down. I sent it to you but I dont think it will work right now. Try later.
    Have fun and get some rest.

  9. I'm so glad that you are safe at home ! Your pics are amazing !!! Do you have more of that winter storm to post it ? LOL

    Keep warm !
    Have a great Friday ;-)
    Maria ELena.-

  10. Wow that is a lot of snow. My kids would have a field day in all that snow. I hope y'all thaw out soon.

  11. Oh my gosh!! All of that snow is crazy!! I'm so glad to hear you made it home safely! After seeing all of these snow photos I don't think I will ever leave Florida!

  12. Diane, just don't know how you guys do it. I am born and raised in California and have always loved to snow skii, but can't imagine living in snow country. We are having extremely cold weather for San Diego this past couple of nights (dropped to 33 degrees), and I am freezing. Then I think of all of you and tell myself to stop being such a baby. Glad your trip was uneventful considering. Your place looks beautiful with all the snow and I bet it is gorgeous come spring. Get rested up. I am sure you are still trying to digest all that wonderful new stuff from CHA.

  13. Goodness gracious, what a lot of snow!! I'm grateful to live in an area of California that never gets snow! But if I have an urge to play in it in the winter, I can just "head up the hill". So sorry to hear about your ice dam.

  14. I grew up in Mass just outside Springfield and I could not go back after living in Los Angeles!!! It has been in the 30's here at night and I am froze to the bone!!!
    Happy Crafting!! My daughter and I are trying out the heart cookies this weekend, cannot wait to see whatis the outcome!!

  15. I live in a place where people think a couple inches is a lot. I've never seen this amount of snow in, that's a lot of snow.

  16. We live in Iowa and get our share of snow, this year we had to install a heating coil thing around our roof line to prevent ice/water damage Last year we had ALOT of damage and the homeowners insurance skyrocketed. No icicles this year at all and no ice damage. Might want to look into that to prevent future problems.
    Glad you made it home without any major incidents, attending CHA would be so awesome!

  17. Your photos are really something. So much snow and we've had record heat in Washington state....go figure! I've enjoyed seeing CHA in your eyes.
    Mary Ann

  18. Glad you are safely home and had a good trip. Personally, I'm glad you left the tree on the deck. It's been interesting to use it as a gauge on how much snow you have. As we only seem to get a dusting, I've enjoyed your snow once again this year. I have the same question, why do people live up there? :o)

  19. I am so very glad that snow is staying east of Utah LOL
    Hopefully you will all have an early spring this year!


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