Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CHA day 4 - something special

There are so many beautiful things to see here at CHA.  The show is so large that it is in two halls.  The lower level hall is where most of the new exhibitors are located.  We have discovered some really interesting things and a different type of stamp that is from Germany has really captured a lot of attention.

 These stamps have wonderful vintage images and are great for collages.  This was my favorite collage on the stand.  Here are a few other projects that I particularly liked...

There are lots of different stamps and a number of them are generally used together to create this type of design.

The stamping part of the stamps is made from silicon and the level of detail is astonishing!  Extremely fine lines give an etched effect to the images.  The silicon stamp is mounted on a dense white foam that makes the stamps incredibly light.

 Here is the inked stamp - the image just pops when you see it inked up.

This is the stamped image - it looks like a printed image with very fine etched lines.

The artist colored the stamped image with distress ink by using a pen nib to pick up color from the ink pads.

 This is the type of pen nib she used.

The inkpad and nib method works very well for coloring and tinting the stamped image.

Before the main image was stamped, the artist applied various flourish and script background images with Versamark Ink.  When left to dry this creates a resist (an area where ink will not stick) for an interesting background.  Various colors of distress ink are applied with a blending tool to create a soft, graduated background.

The images must be dry before moving on the the next steps so the heat tool is handy to have to speed up the process.

Layers and layers of color and pattern are added.  The stamped images coordinate perfectly.

Versamark ink is applied all over the surface of the picture and then UTEE (Ultra thick embossing enamel) is added and heated to get the hard and glossy finish.

These stamps are from Germany and the name of the company is LaBlanche.

Tuesday is the last day of the show which is probably a good thing.  Here is Mandy, flat out exhausted at the end of the day Monday!

We all summoned our reserves and went to the CHA dinner Monday night - there were a few unexpected guests!

 Our little Cricut seemed to have fun at the dinner!

 I will try to come back and fill in the details on yesterday's photos tomorrow night.  We are a bit anxious to find out what will happen with the big winter storm coming.  I could have delayed flights in both directions!

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  1. What gorgeous stamps. I wonder if they will be sold here in the US and who will carry them. You sure are finding some unusual things. I love it. TFS with us. Best of luck on your return. Sounds like a big storm with lots of delayed flights.

  2. Thank you so much for your updates and photos! So many of us are jealous of your time at the show! Travel safely, and I hope you are able to get home with little trouble!

  3. I love old pictures and these stamps are so cool. I hope and pray for you safe return. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Now you can share all the wonderful things with your bloggers.........

  4. Oh Diane, these stamps are gorgeous! I hope they will let us carry them in the U.S. Hope you don't spend too much time at the airport. It is going to be a real mess in the NE. Praying for your safe return.

  5. What gorgeous stamps. I love the detail and the rest of what the artist did was amazing also. So much to see, how ever do you choose where to spend your time?

  6. Thank you for sharing that beautiful stamp with us. The whole process looks as if it was simple, but the finished product was extraordinary. It truly did look like a vintage painting in the end.

  7. wow, those stamps are awesome and the artist is so talented, thanks for showing this to us...such a great eye candy gift for these winter weary eyes this morning! :)

  8. The stamps are so beautiful. At least you guys are pooped out because you had such a wonderful time...wouldn't have it any other way right?

  9. Safe travels! Thanks for all you shared the images are beautiful.

  10. Those stamps have beautiful detail! Thanks for sharing the step by step for how the artist colored the images, too!

  11. This one has really piqued my interst in paper crafting. I can only imagine how many hours were put into this beautiful piece.

    Thanks for sharing so many wonderful things with us from the show!!!!!



  12. Beautiful work...I don't think I would have the patience. I hope you have a safe flight back with NO delays!

  13. Thanks for all the photos of the show. I bet your feet are so tired. Hopefully you'll get home without a hitch.

  14. These stamps are gorgous. You girls have had such full days. No wonder you are tired. Hope your trips home are uneventful becaudse they are showing some pretty bad weather on The Weather Channel. The wind has picked up quite a bit in just the last hour here in West Tennessee but the temp is still in the mid 40's.

  15. You sure found some exciting new products. It looks like you are having so much fun. Hope all is well at your home. This is our second day of sunshine. We'll take it!
    Mary Ann


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