Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chandeliers and other things...

Just a quick post for today - I have too many things that I am juggling and need to finish before I leave. I was looking for some photos from CHA to send off to Mandy in Australia and I came across a few of the photos that I took on my trip to California that were not from the trade show.

A few blocks away on the street where we stayed in Hollywood there was a very eye-catching shop.  It was a good landmark for telling the taxi drivers that we were nearly at our place.  This shop was full of gigantic chandeliers, furniture and mirrors.  I particularly liked the sign that said "Set Decorators Welcome" - a sign that we were in "movieland."

The chandeliers were some of the largest I have ever seen.

They were "dripping" with crystals and very sparkly - a different sort of bling...

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to visit the shop during the hours it was open - so these photos were taken through the windows.

I liked all of the different colors - particularly the pale blue.

There were even a few red and green chandeliers - great for Christmas!

I thought this mirror was very "romantic" - I may try to turn this into a digital element or make a frame from it.

A little further down the street was the "Astro Burger" - we ate there one night and our food was delicious with American hamburgers and some Greek specialities as well.

Just beyond the burger shop was Paramount Pictures - one of the big movie studios.  We thought about doing a tour but the times never worked out for us.

I really liked the ornamental gates - these look a lot like the designs on the "Ornamental Iron" cartridge.

This ironwork in the arch was just beautiful and I have a few ideas for projects inspired by this design.

Down the street in the opposite direction was a "Yum Yum Donuts" shop.  We didn't get to indulge in these tasty treats but I loved the sign!

There was more snow today...fortunately, it melted off fairly quickly.  I am really ready for the Winter to be over!

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  1. Two weeks ago we had lows in the 10's and now it's in the 60's! Everything is greening up, the camelias are blooming and soon the azeleas will be in full bloom. So much better-hope it comes quickly for you! Nancy

  2. I am quite anxious to see what ideas you have in mind for your pictures. Enjoy your trip--it will take your mind off the snow!

  3. Enjoy the cruise. Have fun and thanks for sharing the pictures. When you get back would like to know about the new CM cricut cart.

  4. I was born and raised in L A. These pictures made me homesick. Now in Washington State, it's a 2 day drive for some good food. Did you get to eat a burger at In and Out? Those crystals are so beautiful. TFS

  5. oooooh love those chandeliers! sure wish I had more time to chat with you while at CHA!


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