Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Imagine - just one more week (...and a digital sale starting this week)

When I was at CHA, September 14th seemed so far away - but it is just around the corner!  Next week is the launch of the new Cricut Imagine machine on the Home Shopping Network on Tuesday, September 14th at 12:01 AM.  Here is a LINK to the page about the world premiere on the HSN site.

Some of my blogging friends have already received machines to try out - check out Joy's blog, Melanie's blog, Everyday Cricut (Joy and Melanie together), Robyn's blog, and Tammy's blog to see their reports on their experiences with this new machine.

I thought I'd re-post some of my photos of projects that were on display at CHA so you can see some of the creative possibilities and imagine even more!

The designs on the Imagine cartridges include colors and patterns that you can change to customize the images.  They can be printed as a flat image and cut out in one piece...

...or the design can be broken into layers and assembled like any other Cricut cut with layers.

I am not sure when my machine will arrive but I am excited to try out some ideas that I have for it.


Another exciting thing is happening beginning this week - from September 8th to the 21st Creative Memories Digital Downloads are 30% off and printed StoryBooks are also on sale - see the chart below:

Product Retail price Digital Deals price
Digital Content
Predesigned Pages (12x12 and 11x8.5)
Predesigned Pages 7x5
Digital Predesigned Cards and Page Prints
Click and Fill Pages
Digital Power Palettes
Digital Kits
Digital Additions
Embellishments (shapes, fonts, overlays, titles)
12x12 Hardcover StoryBooks
11x8.5 Personalized Hardcover StoryBooks

If you purchased the StoryBook ProgramCreator Plus 3.0 program during the last sale, now would be a great time to build your digital collection at a reduced price.  Here is a LINK to my CM personal website.

You can see exactly what each download includes by visiting the Help Zone and clicking on Digital Content for PDFs of all available digital items - here is a LINK to that page.

If you have any questions about the sale, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I would also like to know if there are more people who would like a chance to attend an online question and answer session about the StoryBook program.  I had planned to hold another class during August but I wasn't home long enough to get one set up!  These sessions work best if you have tried using the program for a while and can ask specific questions - it would take days for me to cover everything that is possible.  Leave a comment or email me if you'd like to attend a session in September.

There was a Tuesday challenge on the Cricut Circle message board to make something for Autumn/Fall.  I had been wanting to try this flower cut from the Reminisce Accents cartridge so I made an Autumn card.  I'll share the details about this card tomorrow.  I am hoping to take some photos in the daylight that will show the beautiful glitter cardstock I used for the flower.

Breakfast at the bus was nice - the weather was lovely and the kids were all very excited to start the new school year. (I think the parents were excited to have a return to routine as well!).

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  1. Love the picture of the children's feet all lined up! What a great LO these photos will make.

  2. Thanks for posting all those pics of the Imagine projects...it's much appreciated!

    ~Sharon C.

  3. diane, where do you go to get on the cricut circle message board? i'm a circle gal and the only messageboard is the one i've always gone to.


  4. Hi Kat,

    If you are on the regular message board and click on the little Cricut Circle icon at the top it should take you to a Circle home page and then you can go to the "Circle Forum" from there.

    If that isn't working for you you may need to talk to customer support to get something fixed so you are recognized.

  5. some of those projects are just jaw dropping!!! Thanks for sharing them!


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