Thursday, September 23, 2010

Haunted House Card

I have had a few more questions about the cards I make by using "hide selected contour" to cut the design right into the card front.  I know I said I would do another video but I've had a few issues that have kept me from getting to do all the things I'd like to - in the meanwhile I thought I'd do a quick explanation again for those who asked about this.

This is another card I designed by altering an image to fit a standard card shape and using hide selected contour to "embed" the image in the front of the card.  The post with a longer explanation can be found HERE.

As I explained in the earlier post, you do have to be careful to watch the exact sizes of the shapes you use to make the card.  The "handles" around the shape I used for the base were not even with the cutting lines and this card turned out 1/2 inch too short (I had neglected to check the shape against the grid).  It was close enough to the standard A2 size that I could just trim off 1/4 inch for a 4 x 5.5 inch folded card.

This screen shot shows the original image on the left and an adapted image on the right.  I used the "handles" to stretch the width and height to fit an A2 card comfortably.  If I cut the image as shown I would have a card topper piece that I could adhere to any A2 card base.

By hiding the outer cutting line, I can create a card where the design is actually cut into the card front.

An easy way to align the shapes for a project like this is to use the outer edges of the bubbles or "handles" to make sure that the borders are consistent.  Here I just pulled the shape wider (with the center right handle) and longer (with the bottom center handle) until the edges of the bubbles were next to the rectangle that represents the card front.

I adhered the cut card to the bright yellow orange card base.  The design is cut in a piece of Core'dinations Onyx Gemstone cardstock.  I have to say - this is not my favorite card, but since I had taken it this far, I decided to "dress it up" a bit.

I added some clear gems at the four corners and then filled in all of the window openings with purple gems in two shades and sizes. 

The gems represent people (or ghosts!) inside the haunted mansion.  At first I left the top layer loose but, in the end, I decided to adhere the cut image to the liner along the bottom edge.

I added gunmetal Stickles along the roof lines of the house and used Icicle Stickles to make the clouds sparkle.  It actually does look cuter in person when you can see the glitter and shine of the gems.I think it would benefit from some embossing in the yellow liner - maybe I'll do another version...

I hope you had a chance to see the Harvest Moon last night.  It was a special night because there was a Harvest Moon on the same day as the Fall Equinox.  This won't happen again until 2029.  We have one tree behind our house that has already turned a brilliant red - the others will start showing more color soon.

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  1. Great card idea, thanks for sharing the instructions. That tree is a beautiful site to look out at.
    Kim xXx

  2. Oh, this is a cute one, and thanks for answering my question about cutting it inside a card.

  3. I love this idea...can it be done easily with the Gypsy as well?

    I did see the Harvest Moon last night while at my son's football practice...just gorgeous!

  4. What a cute card. Thanks for the instructions on how to do this.

  5. Love your card. Woke up this am and realized we missed the moon. Darn!

  6. Great card. I love the technique you used on this.

  7. Thank you for the instructions. I think I understand all of it. Your tree is so gorgeous. It rained here so no moon. Hope you're feeling better. My surgery is Monday so obviously I'm getting a little aprehesive as each day goes by.
    Mary Ann

  8. Thanks for sharing the instructions. I loved your card.

  9. Great card & tip I am going to give it a try! Your tree is awesome I so miss fall in New England I moved to Calif and its nice but I miss it too!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  10. WOW you just keep pushing the limits.

  11. The red tree is so pretty! We got a sneak peak of fall on our way home from New England this weekend & saw some beautiful trees.

  12. What a creative card!!! Thank you for the sharing, it so wonderful!!
    Pretty tree!
    mhalford6 @aol. com


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