Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Autumn Card with Reminisce Accents

This card was made with the Reminisce Accents cartridge.  I had been wanting to try one of these flowers and when a challenge was posted on the Cricut Circle Forum to make an Autumn project I had a great reason to go ahead and cut the flower for a card.

I used this flower which reminds me of a chrysanthemum (the keyword is just "flower3" so I don't know what the designer intended...).  I am often asked about the keywords in Design Studio so I'll explain a bit about that here.  (Remember, you can click on any image to enlarge it to read more easily).

Many, but not all, cartridges have keywords assigned to the images to help you find the image you want for a project.  You can search the list in the Cartridge Library box under the drop down menu for Keywords.  Click on "Keywords" and then start typing the word for the image you want.  As you type, the list will auto-fill alphabetically and you can choose the word you want.

When you select a search word, a list of cartridges containing an image labeled with that term will appear in the box. At the top of the cartridge library box there are arrows to scroll through the list of cartridges.  By clicking the arrows you can look through the cartridges and see the image location highlighted in green on the virtual keypad.

If you want to see whether an image has a keyword assigned to it, right click on the key and a box will pop up. At the bottom the words "Remove Keyword" will appear.  If the words are dark and there is a small triangle to the right, another box will appear if you hover over the "Remove Keyword" with your mouse.  You can see what word or words have been assigned to that key.  If you click on the words "Remove Keyword" the keyword that was highlighted in blue will no longer be visible.

To add your own keyword, right click and type the new word in the box.  Then click on "Add Keyword" to associate the new word with the key.  When you search for the new word the cartridge with that image should now appear in the listing.

Unfortunately, when you do a full program update and uninstall and reinstall the Design Studio program, the added keywords are lost.

I set up the layers on three mats so I could do a color preview of the image of the flower.  Each mat can be set to preview in one color only and the previews are read from front to back so you have to be careful to set things up in the proper order.

When I was ready to cut the images, I placed them all on the same mat.  I tend to place things in the center of the mat so I can avoid the "uncuttable" area around the edges and make full use of my pieces of cardstock.

Here is the cardstock on the mat after the designs were cut.  I used the Core'dinations Couture glitter cardstock for the top two layers.  Even with a new and sticky mat, I have had a bit of trouble with this cardstock lifting during the cuts so I added some extra tape to keep it in place.  (This is the Japanese paper tape I wrote about a few days ago - it was handy on the craft island and can be reused many times).

Here are the three layers.  I used multi cut two to get a good clean cut on the intricate top layer.

Multi-cut greatly reduces the chances that you will need to poke out tiny bits of the design with a tool.  You can see here that nearly all of the cut out bits stayed on the mat when I lifted the flower.

 I intended to use the glitter side of the cardstock but I tried assembling it upside down to see how it would look in plain cardstock.  The design is so intricate that it is pretty even without the sparkle of the glitter side.

Here is the flower asssembled with the glitter side up - it is very difficult to capture the sparkle of this glitter cardstock but it has a nice "twinkly" effect.

I used a DCWV for the bottom shadow layer and chose brown instead of the red I used for the preview.  The white core of the DCWV is always distracting to me so I inked the edges with my Creative Memories chalking ink in brown.  Here you can see it partially inked.  It is tricky to get into all of the crevices but it can be done!

I used a 5 x 7 card base of kraft cardstock, added a layer of the DCWV brown cardstock cut at 6 3/4 x 4 3/4 inches and a top layer of 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches from the Reminisce Photo Album Kit.  These papers are designed for the Creative Memories 11 x 14 Picfolio Albums but I often use them in regular scrapbooks or for cards.  I added some sheer brown ribbon along the left side, wrapping it around the top mat layer.

I used foam squares in two sizes to lift the assembled flower from the shadow layer.

The ribbon and the flower are sparkly so I added a bit more bling with some gradient gem stickers in the brown shade of the black set from Creative Charms.

There are several other flowers on the Reminisce Accents cartridge with similar layering and they all look beautiful in preview.  I am sure I'll be making them all eventually.

If you are interested in the Creative Memories exclusive cartridges and don't have a Creative Memories consultant that you work with, I would be happy to help you.  HERE is a link to the page on my personal website where you can find the cartridges.  There is also a link to my site in the left side column.  Don't hesitate to email me if you have questions.

I will probably add a sentiment on a small label cut at the lower left.  I don't know yet what occasion I might be using the card for so I left it empty for now.

Is it looking like Autumn where you live? (I know that my Australian friends are just starting Spring now but our leaves are starting to fall a bit already here in New England).

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  1. What a pretty card!

    We're really seeing the leaves change colors & cooler temps within the last week here in the Midwest. Definite signs of fall!

  2. That is a beautiful card Diane. Have a great day.

  3. Love the card and the colours you have used. I havent used my Cartridges yet, been having fun creating with TOY STORY I will be posting them on my blog soon.

  4. Oooooo I love that flower. My CM person has my cart. and I'm picking it up tomorrow. I can't wait!!!!

    Great card!!!

  5. I am so getting this cartridge. but I have to wait a little bit

  6. Very pretty! Thanks for all the details!

  7. You are simply amazing - I love this card!!! TFS!

    Yes - the leaves are starting to change a little bit. It's harvest time (spud picking) here in Idaho, so we know fall is here. :)

  8. Very pretty. Thanks for the info. It was a "keyword" week for me. I also finally learned how to add keywords in Storybook.

  9. what a beautiful card, thank you!

  10. Thank you! I have been loving your blog since my sis-in-law turned me me on to it. You are very inspiring & helpful to this "hands-on" type of learner with Design Studio & the small Cricut machine. BTW what is DCWV? The aspen leaves here in CO are starting to turn to their beautiful golden colors.

  11. Pretty card. Thanks for all the details, especially about the keywords. I use that feature all the time but never knew I could change or add one. That could come in handy!

  12. Pretty card and thanks for the 'keyword' guide I knew somethings only had keywords but did not know I could add my own so that is a great help.
    Kim xXx

  13. This flower i will keep close I like the cut Thanks

  14. I have both of the creative memories carts and had no ideal what to do with the Reminise, Thanks for inspiring me

  15. That card is beautiful. I love the Reminisce Accents cartridge.


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