Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Holiday Weekend Party

I hope you are having some of the lovely weather we had today - it was a perfect day and we went to a big family cookout to celebrate a special birthday.  Our triplet nephews turned seven this week and their parents had a party to celebrate with local family members and some from farther away.

When you have two brothers exactly your own age, it is even more important to label your things.  We gave them some building sets and I cut their names in vinyl to identify the individual containers.

There is always plenty of cake for the birthday party.  Each boy chooses his theme and my sister-in-law makes special cakes.  Robert had a foosball table,

Julian had a hockey game,

and Max chose this amazing dirt bike cake with doughnut boulders and chocolate puff rocks.

I made them some special cards with a surprise inside... is a sneak peek of some of the inside of the cards - can you guess which cartridge I used?  We were gone most of the day and I am too tired to do a long post with all of the details tonight.  I will share more photos and the surprise inside the cards tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of this long weekend - and do something crafty if you can find the time!

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  1. Love the cakes, especially the dirt bike cake!

  2. That looks like some party!! How fun to make a cake for each child...the dirt bike cake must have been a hit with the kids! TFS

  3. Such cute boys and what different personalities! Have a great rest of the week-end. Mary M

  4. You're tired? Imagine being the mother of 7 year old boy triplets!! THAT would be tired! LOL

  5. What a blessed family you are - triplets. Makes for a huge party with all the trimmings.

    Glad it was a wonderful day for all.

  6. What a blessed family and a wonderful Aunt and Uncle. Looks like such a fun event. I think your card is from Sweet Treats.
    Mary Ann

  7. i was thinking sweet treats too. the ice cream cut. but then....oh i don't know...
    what a lovely family. i have triplets in my family also. i'm a great aunt to 2 nieces and 1 nephew triplets. myself, i have twins.


  8. Looks like a blast! Love the labels on their building sets.


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