Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Video Show and Tell on Design Studio Update

I made two videos to show you some of the changes to the Design Studio software in the latest update.  Here is a LINK to my post a couple of days ago describing changes I have figured out so far. I must warn you that I have found that the program is behaving inconsistently - it seems that I don't always get the same results from doing the same actions.  I will update my posts and videos as I become more familiar with these new features.

These are "exploration" videos - so think of them as show and tell for what I have found as of today  I had a few unexpected things happen but I left the videos as they were so you could see that sometimes you truly do have to "play" with the software for a while to find out all of the tricks to getting it to do what you want to do.  Unfortunately, while we seem to be getting closer to a grouping function, this update seems to provide just a basic "select all."  At least it is a step in the right direction...

I ran out of time to demonstrate everything so I may add some more videos in another day or two.  I have been using a new computer and had a few technical difficulties but I didn't want to delay posting these since so many of you had been asking for videos.

Please leave comments to let me know if you are having similar results in your experimentation with the updates.  I'll post again as I find out more information about the additions to the program .  I have heard that there will be a Gypsy update tomorrow so it looks like I'll be doing more "techie time" before the weekend.  I may just go make a card or two for a break!

Click the You Tube logo in the lower right corner to "Watch on You Tube" to see the video in High Definition (720p) for the clearest image at full screen size.

Here is the second part:

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  1. diane thanks a lot for the video .i love the anja

  2. Thanks for sharing these videos..I will refer back to them next time I get on cds.

    Hugs, Sheena

  3. Thanks for doing this video they are always great to refer back to and it is lovely to see you learn along with us.
    Kim xXx

  4. Diane:

    You are the best at keeping up in the loop and how the new stuff works. We all really appreciate it.

  5. Thanks for putting these videos together. My DS seems to be working the same way. I never knew that I could use the keyboard arrows though! I always use the X/Y coordinates of the shape properties box. What a time saver this will be!
    I've been mucking about a bit with trying to use the select all/group box for "burping", but haven't had success. I've still needed to do each item individually. I have learned, though, that if I delete a grouped box and it contains all images on a page, there is no way to undo this.
    Thanks again! I really do appreciate your tips and advice.

  6. Thanks for the video! I didn't realize you could "draw" the box to group things. I did it just by clicking on the different things I had on my mat. The problem I had was clicking off the group, I couldn't do it 3/4 of the time. I had the same problem with the welding staying on. lol It's been interesting. :)

  7. Hi Diane -

    Thanks so much for doing these videos - as frustrating as it must be for you! Hopefully ProvoCraft will make some more improvements soon!

    We all appreciate everything you do for the Cricut community!

  8. Thank You Thank You altho your written instructions are great it is just so much easier to learn by watching it done. And more Thanks You's for doing all the work for us.

  9. Back again... I've just found out (the hard way, of course!) that if you copy and paste and image, click off the image and then click back on it, you cannot move one image without the other. I just lost all my hidden contours (which I would have done on the pasted image) as I had no way to go back to the first. Be SURE you move the pasted image before clicking somewhere else on the mat. If you have more than one image in the copied/pasted set, you can backspace one and take it from there. I hope this helps - and makes sense!

  10. Hi Kate,

    I've had all sorts of trouble with copy and paste - it seems that you can't separate the image that has been copied and pasted once you click off the image. I wonder if it will multi-cut when that happens since there are now two images that can't be separated.

    Were you able to copy and paste the entire group? I have not been able to get that to work...

  11. Have not updated yet, thanks for the heads up. Appreciate you taking the time to make the videos & let us know about the changes.

  12. thank you for being so patient! I would be cursing DS if that kept happening to me. I felt better knowing it wasn't me.

  13. Thank you so much for all you time in helping me learn. I really appreciate you.

  14. Thanks, I really appreciate the time you put in to help all of us.

  15. I have not been able to copy and paste a group - just multiple images if they were created in the same set (as before the update).
    I tried cutting images to see what would happen following a copy and paste which could not be separated. It did cut twice. I also tried hiding a contour before copying and pasting. When cutting the first time round, the hidden contour was not cut. However, once it went to the second cut, all portions were cut (which makes sense given the fact that hidden contours do not cross over to pasted images).
    Overall, the updates are certainly a step in the right direction.

  16. Diane,
    You are AWESOME! I learn so much every time I watch one of your videos!
    Thank you!!!!

  17. Diane,
    Thank you so much for all of your videos and all of the work you put into them. I love how they are natural, so we can see everything you do, including any mishaps. LOL
    I am just learning the Design studio, and these videos were a life saver. I especially liked the tip about moving the handles with our arrow keys.
    I am hoping to get the Gypsy soon too.

  18. I have been a little leery and haven't downloaded the updates yet.
    You said that things are a little fishy yet so I am going to wait a little while before I update. Maybe, the update will have to be updated! LOL!
    It's like the architech coming into design the lab where I used to work. He didn't know what would work or not in a lab. He didn't ask the people that worked there what their suggestions were.

  19. Thanks for the video. I have been playing and find it a little frustrating, but it was good to see I am not alone. Wish they would pick up on some of the functions available on SCAL. I love both programs and it would be a huge improvement to DS.

    Thanks again, Nanabugaboo

  20. Kate,

    It looks like copy and paste need more work. It's frustrating that you can't copy the entire welded image. If you can't separate the individual pasted images we are no better off than with the older version. The goal would be to fill a mat with our new welded designs as well as to be able to make them smaller or larger so copy/paste needs to be functional!

    Thanks for letting me know about your test cuts.

    It looks like we are getting closer - I just hope it can be sorted out soon!

  21. Mary,

    I haven't had problems with the program losing current capabilities but the new features don't seem to work as I would expect them to work.

    If you want to get a good look at the new carts go ahead and do the font pack update. There should be no issues with that.

    I don't think the program update will hurt anything but I have only been able to spend a little bit of time working with it so far.

    At least we know they are working to improve the program - let's hope everything gets sorted out soon.

  22. Thanks for the videos! I still prefer my Gypsy but I am glad PC is still working on DS.

  23. thanks so much for the video. they are so helpful for me to understand the ds...and I haven't updaed yet :(

  24. Great Videos, sadly I reinstalled the old version again, the cursor going off the mat was just too annoying for me. The new feature wasn't worth the trade off, very disappointed with this update.

  25. Thank you for your videos, and for sharing all your DS knowledge.

  26. Thanks Diane for our videos. I am definitely going to wait on updates. I like the way DS is working now. I wish they would take some hints from SCAl. I am using it more and more. Is there also a firmware update with this one? I don't want to mess up my SCAL. Thanks for all your patience. You are awesome.

  27. Your videos were very interesting. Thank you for talking louder in these than you have in the past ones I've watched. I'm anxious to sit down and play with this new update and learn how to use my DS.
    Mary Ann

  28. Thank you so much Diane for these videos. I learn so many things from you. Thanks again! Susan

  29. THanks for the great videos! I sucessfully updated my software and that was fine! NEW Issue - Today I created a new desing using my DS, and when I was ready to CUT, I rec'd a message saying I needed to update my Circut Firmware, which I then did with Success....well kind of.

    Now I can NOT CUT my design? It goes to look for the cart, in my Jukebox, but will NOT cut...nothing happens, no cut and NO error messages?

    I can cut using the machine and directly but NOT with DS???

    Any ideas? I'm LOST!!

    I re-checked the Firmware and it was updated, I am using the brand new May Version of DS and my Jukeboxes are all working fine?


  30. I am sorry to hear that you are having problems. I am not sure why you got the message to update the firmware - I have cut since updating and did not get that message...

    Is there any chance that you were trying to cut from a blank preview page? That has happened to me sometimes if I am not paying attention (!)

    I think you may need to call Customer Service - I hope they get you sorted out quickly.

  31. General Scrappy,

    I did not need to update firmware with this update but in another comment (from ThePurplePlace) another reader said she got a message to update firmware - so I am not sure what is happening.

    If you don't use a Gypsy I don't think you "need" this update - just the font pack to add the newest cartridges.

    I know they are working on DS - I wish things were happening more quickly...

  32. Hi Diane,
    I have tried several times to cute the same Design I created with my new Pagoda cartridge. Today, I did get further then "EVER", as it did seem to find the "cartridge" this time in my Jukebox....but still doesn't cut the design?

    It gets to the "cutting" Window (today for the 1st time since I updated) and then hangs at 97%. I left it there hoping it would eventually cut, but as on now it's still sitting at 97%? VERY FUNKY!!

    I'll keep trying and hopefully in time, it will WORK! Today, at least ti's ALMOST there? Much better than before!!

    THANKS for you input! I HOPE this is resolved soon and if needed, I'll install and reinstall the entire program AGAIN and hope that helps!


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