Friday, May 28, 2010

Family Tree Title Page for Scrappy-Go-Lucky

This title page is meant to be used for a long overdue Heritage album that I will be making with some old family photos.  I welded four corner elements from the Heritage cartridge to form the frame  The wonderful swirly tree and the words are also from the Heritage cartridge.

This frame would work for many projects.  I think it has an art nouveau look with the stylized swirls.  You can see all of the details and download the free .cut file on the Scrappy-Go-Lucky blog.  Here is a LINK to the post.

The big excitement today was the long awaited release of a major upgrade to the Gypsy.  Here is a LINK to the site where you can get the latest information and download the new Gypsy Sync program.   You can read the press release about the update HERE.

I was able to complete all of the updates successfully and I have been impressed with the upgrades.  The most important addition (in my opinion) is the addition of "hide selected contour" to the Gypsy.  I will definitely be using the Gypsy much more frequently with this feature added.

The price of the Gypsy has fallen drastically - I have seen several places selling it for around $100.  With this latest upgrade I believe that the value of the Gypsy has risen to surpass the cost - the two exclusive cartridges are the icing on the cake (or should I say cupcake!).  I'll be posting more Gypsy information and files to share now that I can use it to create the types of designs I most enjoy making (which nearly always involve "hide selected contour").

Have a wonderful holiday weekend - I started it off with a "Girl's Night Out" at the movies (you can probably guess which movie!).  The weather is supposed to be beautiful here so we'll be doing lots of outdoor activities - but I will test out some Gypsy cuts sometime this weekend).

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  1. This title page is gorgeous! I don't have the Heritage cartridge but love that tree! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I really like this and it has inspired me to make an album with all the details I have collected re my heritage. I much prefer this title page to the swirly one.
    Kim xXx

  3. You know, I should stop looking at your site, everytime I learn, I have to have that cartridge. what a cute family tree cover page you made. My dad loves to do family work, so I think I might as well buy it. Thanks again for the wonderful things you show us. I LOVE IT!!!!

  4. Rita again, everyday I get up a half hour earlier, so I can see your work before I go to work. You rock!!

  5. I downloaded everything last night and at first freaked out because I did something wrong to the SYNC and it wouldnt work. Does anyone understand the picture port...I can tfind anything on it./.

    Have a great week end


  6. Diane, I'm struggling with making the colors show up in preview mode. Can you walk me through the process? I set the preview color, but that does not make anything change except the little pop up box. What do I need to do to see the colors in preview mode?
    Debbie (from Sugar Land)

  7. I love seeing what you do with the Heritage cartridge. Have a nice weekend.

  8. I just got the Heritage cartridge and love what you did with the Family Tree!! I am hosting a family reunion in a mo. at our church with 102 cousins coming and just cut your file out to frame and set on the table where the family scrapbooks wlll be on display. Thank you so much, I love it!!!!

  9. Welding those corners to create this frame is brilliant and beautiful!

    Thanks again for sharing your fantastic ideas!

  10. Hi sugarsherri,

    The photo app on the Gypsy is basically just a photo storage/viewer right now. Some people are using it as a handy way to keep sketches or photos of projects they want to make with their Gypsy.

    I imagine that there will be more functionality added as they continue to update the Gypsy (no inside info - just a guess).

    If you need help uploading photos just let me know.

  11. Debbie,

    Are you trying to see color on items that are welded?

    If you have welded the images, you will see just the dark outline of the cutting path. Color is the clue that you forgot to check weld.

    To see what a welded design will look like in various colors, I duplicate the design on another mat and make sure that weld is not checked on the images (I mark this on the tab PREVIEW ONLY so I don't accidentally cut it and end up with a mess!).

    Please let me know if you are still having trouble.

  12. Thank you so much for that little bit of inspiration...if you have some instructions on uploading the photos i d love to listen. Thanks again for all you do

  13. what a great design! that will look awesome as your title page to your album! Love that tree in the background!

  14. Diane, you are awesome! Yes, I was trying to see it on welded items - and had never tried it on an non-welded cut. As soon as I "un-welded" them, I could see the preview color. Now I just need to play with it a while to get it all figured out. Thanks a bunch, Debbie (from Sugar Land)

  15. I love, love, love the tree on this cartridge! I can't wait to own a gypsy someday and then I'll be on this site constantly trying to figure things out. You have such great info here.

  16. I have always found you so gracious with your help and inspiration. I sure hope it continue because I am waiting on my Silhoutte to arrive and I am so excited about it and I know I eill need HELP. I think that my Cricut(s) and the Silhoutte will get along just fine.


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