Saturday, May 8, 2010

One more card - and a surprise!

Here is one more quick and easy card.  I made this with another image from the page in the Debbie Mumm Nursery Rhymes stack that I used for the cards I posted yesterday.

I used just the border punch from the Martha Stewart "Double Loop" Punch Around the Page set.

I cut a piece of pink glitter cardstock from the DCWV Spring mat stack from a year ago at 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 and punched two opposite sides, taking care to center the punch on each side.  I trimmed a tiny bit from the final piece to fit the card front perfectly.

For the finishing touch, I added a flower from the Easter Kit from Creative Charms.  That one little flower just finishes off this simple card nicely.

I noticed some new cartridges listed on the Custom Crops site tonight.  This is the first I have heard about these cartridges.  They are available for pre-order and estimated to be in stock 6-4-2010 according to the Custom Crops site.  I saved the images to show you here - for more information visit Custom Crops at this LINK.

The first cartridge is called "Cindy Loo"

There are lots of flourishes and flowers and some lovely lace images.  There are also two beautiful cupcake wrappers that are very ornate (and, of course, an owl!).

On the image of the box you can see that there is a font with a cute eyelet cutout.  There also seems to be a frame option.

The next cartridge is called "Freshly Picked"

This one has gardening images and garden gnomes - love those!  There are also some nice garden tools.

From the box, it appears that there is a sign function and a card and frame.

The third cartridge is called "Mini Monsters"

The images are "Halloween" type images but many of them could be used for other purposes.

On the box you can see lots of layering pieces and what appears to be a shaped card option.

The last cartridge is called "Wall Decor and More"

This cartridge has images with decorative swirls inside the shape.  These have appeared on several cartridges lately.  They are pretty but may be a bit too "trendy" and looked dated in a few years.  However, the shadow versions of the images will continue to work and there is quite an unusual assortment.

From the box, you can see that there are several font choices, borders and a card that might possibly be a pop-up (it is hard to tell from the tiny image).  There also seems to be a word art option that looks interesting.

OK - now it is time to redo the wish list!  Which cartridge do you like the best?


  1. WOW... new carts! I like Wall Decor and Cindy Lou but Mini Monsters is a hoot! It is spring so anything garden is a go. Oh dear more carts!

  2. I love the card, especially the looped edge. Thanks for the heads up on new cartridges!

  3. When I looked at these last night I wasn't too excited. However, Cindy Loo is growing on me. I like the idea of the lace and the other florish(s). I hadn't noticed a new font, it will be interesting to see where that fits with the other fonts. I think my top 10 wish list might get a little longer but none of them speak to me the same as the last release.

    I still want to get Just Because and Create a Critter.

    I'm sure that once folks start demoing these and we see all the options I may be swayed a little bit.

    The only thing I've truly held out against is the cake cartridges. I know they have great cuts but I need to find a place to draw the line.

    I'm just hoping that all these carts won't hold up an update to DS. I still really want to be able to group.

  4. Happy Mother's Day! Precious cards! As for the new cartridges, I think I'll need all of them except Freshly Picked. Hope you have a blessed day.


  5. Oh, no. More new cartridges. Cant keep up. Need a third job just nfor Cricuts.

    Instead of standing on the street with a sign saying WILL WORK FOR FOOD we need to say

    Happy Mothers DAy

    Katy, TX

  6. Love your use of the bear paper. The MS punch really is the finishing touch. New carts again?! My two very favorites are Create a Critter and Forever Young. Storybook is on the top of my "gotta have" list right now for the fonts on it. Looking at the new ones I really like Freshly Picked the best.

  7. i'll have to go with 'freshly picked'. that's right up my alley of gardening veggies and flowers. although, i won't have much time for that anymore with all these new carts coming out. ciny lou is nice and love tha circle scalloped tree/bird. i might have to get this just for this cut.


  8. I'm jumping on the Freshly Picked bandwagon! Thanks for the heads up on the new carts. (:|:)

  9. I like Cindy Loo, it kind of reminds me of Storybook with the flourishes. If it were closer to Halloween I'd probably be tempted by Mini Monsters, such scary, adorable monsters.

  10. Love your baby card! And, thanks for enabling us on the cartridges!

    Happy cutting!

    Carmen L

  11. Yikes! I can't even begin to look at more cartridges. I'm just starting out and I have some "must haves" to get before I branch out into the newer ones!

  12. love the card and that border punch. as for the new carts... well they look like ones already out, mini monsters looks like robotz, freshly picked reminds me of walk in my garden, cindy loo has lots of the same type images as a few other carts. I will stick with what I have but the font on cindy loo does look fun!

  13. Have to say I like the wall decor cartridge! I absolutely LOVE the idea of using those pretty images for quick cards. I have sure used that idea quite a bit. Thanks!

  14. cindy lou. thanks for sharing


  15. surprised cricut didn't announce them first.. anyhoos... thanks for showing us - I have been waiting! They are all cute. hmm.. Cindy loo has those cute boxes that I can't wait to see and I think between mini monster and wall decor - these are my favs right now. I am sure once I see projects made with them - each one will become a MUST...

  16. First off, what a cute card! Love the punched endges! And thanks for the sneak peek! I love the mini monsters one as I love everything to do with Halloween! so much fun with all the kiddies dressing up and going round house to house. So I'll have to add that one to my list. Scratched two off my list yesterday. My hubby got me Storybook and Give a Hoot for Mother's Day. It was a wonderful day!

  17. Oh wow! What a treat you have given us in this post. Thanks!

  18. I like Freshly Picked, but after you pointed out the font, I may have to add Cindy Loo to my list too.


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