Thursday, May 27, 2010

Full Page Eyelet Lace Mesh

I have been spending a lot of time on figuring out technical issues for my new computer and trying to decipher the updates to Design Studio.  I needed to take a break and create something to cut out!  I haven't made any lace cardstock for a while so I decided to make a full page design. 

I used this one element from Ashlyn's Alphabet to create the intricate design.  Some images make wonderful patterns when they are repeated and combined in rows.  Ashlyn's Alphabet has a quite a few interesting medallions and flourishes.  This cartridge has a very European feel and there are welded phrases in several languages.

Here is a better view of the element I used - the keypad image for this is so tiny that it is difficult to see.  This image is not perfectly symmetrical but it is close enough to work for this design.

By creating overlapping rows of this one image, and carefully aligning the rows, an entirely new pattern is formed.  I think of this type of design as a mini-quilt since the same principles apply for the creation of secondary patterns.

I set the file up with four pages.  The first is the actual welded design to cut. The second and third pages have the unwelded design and a plain 12 x 12 square to experiment with various color combinations in preview.  If you leave the preview on the first page, you will see the dark black welded outline.

If you turn off the preview for the first page you will see something closer to the look of the final cut.

 To choose the preview color for a mat and to turn the preview on and off, right click anywhere on the mat and select the appropriate options from the pop up menu.

 My test cut worked perfectly.  Be sure to use a good crisp cardstock that is not too thick.  The design will take a long time to cut since it is so detailed.  When you lift an intricate cut like this it is a good idea to work at a 45 degree angle.  Most of the offcuts will stay on the mat if your mat is sticky enough.  There will be some that you need to remove by hand.

The outer section of the cut cardstock will work as a frame for another page.  You may want to trim the edges to even up the borders.  It is nearly impossible to get the paper perfectly loaded to keep a design that is symmetrical centered on the mat the way it appears on the screen

 You will also have 16 "suns" and 25 little flowers to use for other projects.

 As you can see above and below, the color of the background makes a big difference in the finished look.  You can also cut this design from patterned cardstock for an interesting variation.

I was able to use the new selecting feature in Design Studio to combine all of the rows of images and then checked weld just once for the entire group.  I have been trying to decipher more about the way the update has changed Design Studio and I will add a few more videos if needed to show you the changes.  Thanks to Kate who has been doing some testing with her computer and reporting back (see the comments to yesterday's post HERE). 

Eyelet Lace Full Page

A couple of notes...

The Gypsy Update that was expected to take place on Thursday was put off and now will be available on Friday morning (Utah time).  It sound like many positive improvements have been completed - here is a LINK to the official release by Provo Craft for all of the information.

 Also, I want to remind you about the "Deal of the Month" at Creative Charms.

For a few more days you can purchase this collection of embellishments for only $8.99 - 65% off the regular price of $25.50.  If you tried to purchase this already and found an unusually high shipping charge this was due to an error in their system which has been corrected.  Shipping should be $3.99 or less depending on your location and size of the order. I recently joined the Design Team for Creative Charms and I have really enjoyed working with these beautiful embellishments - they often have given just the right "finishing touch" to a card or project.

I hope you have a safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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  1. This is beautiful - thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Beautiful lace!! I'm glad you were able to find some creative time with your DS. It's amazing how being creative can recharge your batteries!

  3. This lash mesh is beautiful, I love playing around with key characters to see what I can create since I first saw you making thses wonderful things. Another cart to add to my list lol.
    Kim xXx

  4. I love all of your work, Diane! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with me and others who might be creatively challenged!!

  5. This is really beautiful. I love your blog, I learn so much. Thank you.

  6. Okay, now I am curious. I went to the link for your other lace and it talks about Halloween lace. Where can I see that? Love your work.

  7. The Halloween lace was done quite a while ago. I am still working on redoing my labels but if you go to "Halloween" (or "H-Halloween") and scroll down you will find a series of posts with the Halloween mesh. I did it in various sizes and changed some of the cartridges by request do there are files in several posts.

    The Halloween style of mesh with the rows of images is a lot of fun to do.

  8. Thanks Diane,

    I haven't updated my DS hoping all the bugs have been fixed. I don't have a Gypsy, so I can wait a while.

    I love your patience when working with these files!

    Happy cutting!

    Carmen L

  9. Love this idea. Thanks for all you share with us! I have learned so much from you on how to use by DS.

  10. Diane, I love coming to your blog.
    You alway have something fun and interesting on here.
    This mesh is great.
    I think I will use this in pink for a page for my 1 y/o Grandbaby.
    Thanks so much for sharing you hard work.

  11. Beautiful lace page!
    I have a question ... what speed, pressure, and blade depth did you use? Whenever I try to cut an intricate design, my cardstock tears a little bit.
    Thank you for any assistance you might be able to give me.

  12. This is beautiful. I am glad I have this cartridge. Thanks for the tutorial, it is awesome.

  13. Your mesh is stunning. And the leftovers that you have to play with aren't too shabby either. I enjoy seeing what you create. Thanks for sharing

  14. love your meshwork design. I'll have to look into creating something like that with one of my carts!


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