Monday, May 3, 2010

Nursery Rhymes - enabling...

One of the newest Cricut cartridges is the Nursery Rhymes cartridge.  It has a great font and charming silhouetted images from many favorite nursery rhymes.  You can get more information and ideas for using the cartridge at this LINK on the Cricut website.  You can download the complete handbook from the link on that page.  I am happy to see the improvements to the website that make it easier to find out all about a cartridge before you buy it.  Most cartridges have much more than you can see in the image on the back of the box.

I am away on a short trip to New Jersey and Pennsylvania - to see my son's concert and to visit with my Dad.  One of the side benefits to a trip to see Dad is a chance to go to a "super Jo-Ann's" just a few miles from where he lives.  The Jo-Ann's stores near my home are all small stores.  I stopped there tonight and saw that they have tons of Nestabilities, the new Cricut Cake and most of the accessories including frosting tubs and sheets and many paper packs that are not at "my" store in Massachusetts.

I have always liked Debbie Mumm's designs and I found a cardstock stack that will be perfect to use with the Nursery Rhymes cartridge.  The sign said that the Debbie Mumm papercrafting supplies were 60% off but when I got to my Dad's I realized that they had charged me 40% off.  I'll have to call in the morning to check on this - it is possible I misunderstood the sign.  (Of course, it would be better if I had noticed this before I left the store...).  I think this is probably an older stack that never made it to my local store.

I took photos of all of the pages so you could see what this stack has to offer.  It is late so I won't give you my usual "commentary" but I will do a review of the Nursery Rhymes cartridge soon after I get home.  So, without further ado,  take a look at a whole lot of cute!

Here is a closer view of the front cover listing the featured nursery rhymes.  12 of the patterns have glitter and 12 are plain.  There are two sheets of each design in the stack.

One more "green" tip - on most of the stacks made by DCWV (they manufacture the Debbie Mumm papers for Jo-Ann's) there are small squares of the papers on the cover.  Don't throw away the cover - these little pieces can be used for projects with a bit of careful trimming.

One last photo from after the concert - I know stripes and plaids don't go together but somehow they work for our son (you should have seen the rest of the outfit!).   The concert was great and now he just has to take his finals and that will be the end of junior year. 


  1. I had seen this stack at the superstore nearby. I have three within 40 miles. I totally agree about the cover. I use the mini samples for cards. You look so proud of your son.
    "See" you tomorrow.


  2. I MUST get that paper pack!! Thanks!!

  3. I love the Humpty Dumpty papers. I have seen this stack before, but couldn't think of a reason to have it - I know what am I thinking.

  4. Great paper stack! Love when I find those great items!

  5. /working on a baby book, maybe 2 AND THIS WOULD BE CUT. tHANKS

    kATY, tx

  6. Hi Diane,

    You look so pleased with your handsome son! After reading your post, there were so many ideas running through my mind, thanks!!

    Now, I have to get the Nursery Rhymes cart and that paper!!

    Happy cutting!

  7. The whole nursery rhyme theme is really becoming envogue! Way to be up on the trends! LOL!

  8. Congrats to your family and son. Our youngest of 5 is just finishing his Junior year at college also. What a great feeling to see them so accomplished. Have a safe trip back. TFS, Mary M

  9. Oh that paper is so sweet. A must for anyone with a baby.
    Thank you
    Linda in Stanwood

  10. Love the stack papers. Now I have to look for it when I go to JA's. Your son reminds me of my grandson...a free spirit!

  11. Joann's online is selling this stack for $5.99!

    PJ(Jessie Adams)

  12. Thanks for the enable! I went to J's online and bought it for $5.99, along with some others. The other stacks were just $9.99 so I picked up a couple of those too. It is 30 miles to my nearest j"s so shipping is a bargain really!
    Thanks again!

  13. Diane, it is an older stack that I bought last summer. Sometimes I still can find it at our Js - have to see if it is on sale here.

  14. Thank you for taking the time to post this - that is an adorable stack !!

  15. What cute paper. Hope you had a great trip!


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